16 May 2010

I really hope that...

aww...! i want more of Kuroshitsuji! i wasn't satisfied with the end of this anime. hm... i don't like sad endings! moreover, Ciel's still a child! uh... he should have more future! gaaaahh!!! huh! i'm about to cry once again... *isk2*
Monoshitsuji... is the 2nd season of Kuroshitsuji.
but, what i'm going to say is, it seems boring... Claude (the butler) has a serious looking face! and Alois... huh... i don't like him! a bit kinda childish, i guess? gaaaahhhH!!! i'm mad plus sad!
hm... at a time like this, i was thinking of something really good about Kuroshitsuji. i really hope that it will come true! but, no one will hear my wish...
after watching Kuroshitsuji the Musical, i really hope that there will be a Live-Action of this anime! i want it! T-T I just don't want to miss Ciel and Sebastian so much, or keeps on remembering that they'll never appear anymore. cuz it hurts a lot to keep on thinking something like that and i will keep on crying! (i'm not making this sentences and this is not a lie! T^T)
just like said before, anime has really entered my heart and my mind! wuu... this topic sounds ridiculous huh? don't comment if you hate this topic. I just typing out all of the thoughts that appear in my mind. and this is my feeling.
hm... i should stop. I'm gonna cry once again! wuuu... T.T
gotta watch the musical once again! i wanna laugh! >n<

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Anonymous said...

Alois looks a lot like Oz from Panadora hearts! Except Alois looks way to gay. Lol!(Wearing high heals! He makes me laugh!) If you havn't watched Panadora hearts, you should! Its great!


Unknown said...

haha! yea! i agree! oh? Pandora Heart... i love to watch it too someday. but maybe now! xDD

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