05 January 2010

My Life...

well... there's nothing much about me though. I won't tell anyone about myself either. its just that, I wanted to tell about how my life is going on. I believe, my life is different than anyone else. everyone believe that too. (just what am I talking about?) that doesn't matter at all. I just think that this life that I lead is being hated by everyone that stay by my side. they hate my life. That's what I'm thinking all this time... sometimes, I do feel that death is the only way to run from this problem. but, death doesn't mean everything will end.

I just don't know what am I saying actually. but what passed in my mind, its all passed to this words. this is something that I'm thinking all this time.
" I lead a weird life. I love my own life although others hate it. I'm not living under someone else rules. my life is mine alone. Leave or stay, is up to you to decide it. As I said, I'm not living under someone else rules. so do you. You're not living under my rules. So do as you pleased... I'm ready to give you your way. Although I know that its going to hurt me a bit, but that doesn't matter. as long as you didn't find me anymore, it's kinda relieve to me."

Let's Walk Together