27 February 2011

Yesterday Is a Great Day! :D

hello guys! it's been a longtime time since my last update ne? uh... maybe. huhu

as you know, yea, i'm still so into SuJu right now. i want to forget sad news!
but... you know what... i became so shocked+happy+sad+miserable+dying when i heard a news, which is... JYJ, is coming to Malaysia.......*DIED*
*wake up* on 30 April?! *shocked* *DIED once again*
*wake up again* WTFH?! waaaaa!!!!!! i wanna cry!!!! i absolutely can't go to KLIA to see them arrive at here!!! (T^T) just if my father is a sporting guy... and if he approved me to go.... i will surely go there! even though it means i have to go there alone!
i really want to know where they will held a concert. and what time... but... if i know more than the news i got, i guess....i will seriously die. (T_T) i can't even go to see them. it's hurting me. but seeing them also makes me hurt. :'(
just....maybe... just forget about it....forget...forget.... i can't. (T___T)

erm.... yea, we've started with a sad news. now... it's time for a happy news. :')
as you know, 23 feb is my birthday... huhu... (are you trying to show off??) lol.
but me and my friend celebrate it yesterday. haha. what a belated birthday party am i had? XD
it's not that big party. just, we go on an outing, i have my hair cut once again... haha. :P
and...we eat at Secret Recipe. o my god sun! i really love it there! and... oh. i didn't order any cake for my birthday lol. but... it's okay. the food that we eat is much more enough than a slice of cake. lol. (i really miss it right now. -_-)

yesterday, i had a food that was so... mmm~~~ YUMMY! the name is Chicken Cordon Bleu. sounds like Italian food. huhu... i don't know how to explain how does it looks like. but a picture can. :D
 Chicken Cordon Bleu! :D
it's cheese wrapped with the chicken meat. yum! (>w<)
and... i had my cappuccino ice-blended drink...huhu... :9

and my friend, she's having a dish that... i don't even know the name lol.
but it some kind of black pepper grilled chicken and some rice. the rice taste so wonderful! so delicious! x9
my friend doesn't order any other special drink. she only drink 7-UP. huhu...

haha. what a great day was yesterday... :3
i ate something that i never ate before. XP
whatever. haha!
hm.... now... i feel so dizzy.
sorry for any language n grammar mistakes.
i'm feeling really dizzy right now. @_@
have to rest.

24 February 2011

wow...I Never Knew...

did you know what band is this? it doesn't looks like a Japanese band. and yea. it's not.
haha! i better take back the words that i said i won't be in love with any English songs. :P
okay! the band name is Late Night Alumni. and i really love their songs. it's much more better than any other English songs out there. it's soft, and also sound kinda...erm... mysterious? love it! you gotta try listen to it! it's great! i'm not lying!
haha! thanks to Michelle Phan who use their music in her make-up videos. i heard to it and i fall in love straight away with this band's songs.
their songs like "beautiful", "sun comes out too soon", "rainy days", n "eros" are the first songs i heard for the first time i knew about them and i really love all of them! :D
i think...you should try listen to them! they're great! i mean the songs. (>w<) want to know more about them? search by yourself! don't be so lazy! lol... :P that's all for now i guess. ^^ jaa~!

23 February 2011

Happy Birthday To ME~!

me: haha... i wish i can celebrate my birthday with them. XD
you: DREAM ON!
me: (;_;) cruel...

HAHA! am i crazy or what? wishing my own self a happy birthday??? XD
well, yea. today is my birthday. and now... I'm a 19-year old girl~! lol.
wow! unbelievable! lol. XD
yesterday, i was so sad about something. i cried a lot. no. not just yesterday, i mean, from the end of 2010 until now, i cried so much! i couldn't bare it anymore.
my heart hurts a lot, torn apart, bleed so much! but, i try to keep on believing n hold my feelings.
yesterday, yea, i felt really sad and i cried once again.
but then....
thanks to my best friend for wishing me a happy birthday on FB... huhu...
she wish me a happy birthday on 12:00a.m. i'm so happy! thank you girl~! *muahx*
She really made my day. love you~ huhu... ^^

22 February 2011

CAN I...


I'm An ISFP??? o.o

just now, i read a friend's blog about personality quiz.
well, i really love this kind of quiz ya know. hehe...
you can take it at HERE
and my result is... wanna know?

You Are An ISFP

The Artist

You are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).
You enjoy spending your free time in nature. You are good with animals and children.
Simply put, you enjoy beauty in all its forms. You live for the simple pleasures in life.
Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate - you are good at recognizing people's unspoken needs.

In love, you are quiet and sweet yet very passionate. You love easily.
You have an underlying love for all living things, and it's easy for you to accept someone into your heart.

At work, you do best in an unconventional position. You express yourself well and can work with almost anyone.
You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.

How you see yourself: Sympathetic, kind, and communicative
When other people don't get you, they see you as: Incompetent, insecure, and overly sensitive


Tomorrow... Will it be a great day?
Tomorrow... Will i be happy more than yesterday?
Tomorrow... Will i live in this world for some more times?
Tomorrow... Will I ever believe in Love once again?
Tomorrow... Am i ready to face the other day of my life?
Tomorrow... Will i be loved by my beloved persons?
Tomorrow... Will they even remember who am i?
Tomorrow... Is the day, we keep on wonders about the old days.
Tomorrow... Is the day, where i will close my old books once again.
Tomorrow... IS the day, where i will use a new book for my life.
Tomorrow... I will keep on waiting for someone.
Tomorrow... Will be full of wonders.
Tomorrow... Nobody knows what will happen.
Tomorrow... Let's never stop believing.
Let's just wait. Miracles will happen. Keep on believing...

Cinderella = Heechul?? XD

What do you think? (>w<)
he really looks like a girl right??? cute right???
the third picture really shows his cute face lerr!!! XD
omo! i love him so much! ahahaha!!!
p/s: i just started to love SuJu right now...because, i don't want to cry anymore. ^^
watching SuJu makes me laugh like there's no tomorrow! lol! XD
glad that there's still SuJu to heal my sadness. :)

21 February 2011

Aku, Dia & Vintage Photo Contest!

hello guys/girls~! how do you do?
glad that you're fine. hm... it's been a very long time since i last entered a contest made by dear bloggers.
and now, i was tagged by Miss Bunneh to enter this vintage photo contest.

hm... i won't deny that i really love photography, and it's one of my hobby. but sadly, i don't have an actual camera like DSLR or digital camera that everybody use. sad huh? huhu. i only use my phone camera. T^T
okay, stop blabbering, Mika! get on to the contest!

for more details of this contest, just click the picture above. ^^

I have followed this blog, of course.
and.. i would like to tag... Sis NanaSenyum-Senyum n Heartfilia.

closing date is... 25 February.
hurm... i don't really have such a pretty pictures for this contest actually.
but, i'll try my best. hope that it's okay to enter with pictures that doesn't have me in it. (>.<")
kay, let's get started!

my first picture. haha. it's about fungus. :P
it's focus on the big fungus and small fungus on a blue wood plank.
it's rare for me to find this view. i'm glad i found it! (^w^)

my second picture... overly done i guess? o_o;
erm... whatever! i don't care. haha!
i love this picture so much because it looks really old. i mean the view.
it's kinda nostalgic to me. :D

and... this is the last picture. it's really precious to me.
it reminds me of the last day for us, the seniors at school.
i miss my school time so much. :')

okay! that's it! 3 pictures for this contest! :D
i don't know whether those pictures considered as vintage or not.
but, whatever. huhuahua. XD

"you can stop the time with your camera"
-inspired by my beloved uncle-

jaa ne!

20 February 2011

Kim Heechul's red hair

Can you sense the visual-kei essence in his hairstyle? i can. and... i'm in love. *_*
how can he have such a perfect hair! even the color! ouh!!! i envied him!!! can i have his hair??
the answer is...obviously "NO". if i do my hair just like him, i will be killed by my appa n umma~ (>~<)

19 February 2011

Live Journal! :D

Hello everyone!!! i'm so happy right now!
hehe~~ because, I just made a Live Journal account! yey! and after this maybe.... i will... stop using blogger? nah! i won't! i love my blogger more... *muahx* o(^ω^o)
and not just because of that. the more important is, i have a lot of friends in here. i'm so happy to be in here. even though there's so many people that didn't even know me, i will be so happy if you're reading and comment on my entries.
thanks for all your supports until now. and of course, thanks to my best friend who help me with this blog when i first knew about this site. thank you so much!
and why does it sound like i'm doing a speech ofter taking some award? LOL. XDD
don't mind me and my craziness! just don't mind it okay? huhu.
owh, and if you want to search me on Live Journal, just click here. and that's my site. (^ω^)

Happy Belated Birthday To You~ :)

although this is kinda sad. but, you know, i will still support both of them and three of them even though they're not in the same group anymore (they will be together again someday! AKTF!) i'm will never got to see them celebrating their birthday with other members anymore... *cries*
but, whatever it is, i will always wish all of you the best for your life. :')
so, what i want to wish at here is...

Happy Belated Birthday to dear, Changmin oppa.
i wish you all the best!
i will keep on supporting you and Yunho oppa. and also JYJ.
if there's some fans who keep on mocking and blaming you and Yunho oppa, remember, there's still so many fans out there that will support both of you and also JYJ.
because we believe, HoMin and JYJ will be in one group again someday...
all we need now is, the FAITH.
!Always Keep The Faith!

Homemade Lipbalm!!! XD

hello guys! yo! how are you doing?? haha!
I'm currently craving for a pizza! anyone cares to treat me? *sobs*
and i'm currently listening to ViViD songs after going crazy for DBSK(old) and The Gazette. but i still love them..okay? don't get me wrong. i miss the old DBSK. don't you? do you even know them??? owh, sorry than.

actually, i don't have much idea how to write this entry. i love writing but it seems like my mind doesn't going right. =_=

okay. back to the topic. it's about a homemade lip balm...yey~
i guess, many of girls out there love to use lip balm right? it can moisturized your lips.
there are so many kinds of lip balm nowadays. many designs have been made for these lip balms.
i'll show some of the pictures.
E.O.S, and Majex Majolica Majorca (i love this one because it has honey which is really good for your lips)

can we eat this? lol. it's a lip balm and of course you can eat them. but, do you dare to eat it all at once? :P

but all of those lip balms up there are manufactured by er... factory? i don't know but still, we have to buy it at the store. right? ^^
okay, let me teach you how to make your own lip balm at home!
all you need to do is:
1. you must have Vaseline (can be found in pharmacies)
2. eyeshadow (to add color. but you can replace it with your lipstick)
3. a container for mixing the lip balm mixture
4. a clean contact lens case or any container that you want (to store the lip balm you've made)

first, all you need to do is take a bit of the Vaseline and eyeshadow (color of your choice) put them together in a container.
then, if you're using a microwave heating container (i don't know the exact word. >.<), it would be great enough. just go and put the mixture in the microwave for about 2-3 mins? i don't know. huahuahua. i just use my hair dryer which it helps a lot. :P
after that, you could see that the mixture have melted and easy to work with. just mix them together throughly. (i'm getting dizzy with the words. hope that you'll understand. >A<)
finished? done mixing them? now, come to the "hardest" part ever!
you have to place the mixture in an actual container to store the lip balm. then go to the fridge, put the mixture in there, wait for about 15-30 mins until it's froze. took it out and....it's DONE! 
you can use it in your daily life time~
if my explanation wasn't good enough, just go to Youtube and watch it by yourself. haha~
Good Luck! o(^w^o)

below is the lip balm that I've made by myself~


looks the same huh? but it's not.
the one on the right is made by only Vaseline and eyeshadow.
but on the left, i made it using Vaseline, eye shadow and chocolate flavor essence. it smells yummy~! (>w<)
after this i want to make lip balm using honey and cocoa powder too. huhuhu~


17 February 2011

Blood Type. O_O

hello guys. how are you?
i'm (not so) fine. i just read some info about blood types and the personality.
yea, i'm not into this kind of thing lol. but i just curious about my blood type personality.
i will only said about mine, the rest, you can read it at Issendai
it's not that i'm so diligent to explain it with my own words. so, i will copy and paste it in here. lol. XD
okay before that, i'm an AB blood typed person. have you ever heard that people with this type of blood will act...weirdly? sometimes they said that, this person have two or more different personalities. is that true? i guess, it's true. erm... i'll quit talking. just read below.

Type AB
People with blood type AB are hard to categorize. They can have characteristics on both ends of the spectrum at the same time. For instance, they are both shy and outgoing. They easily switch from one opposite to another. AB people are trustworthy and responsible, but can't handle it when too much is asked of them. They don't mind doing favors or helping out, as long as its on their own conditions. People with this blood type are interested in art and metaphysics.
AB is considered the worst blood type. In predictability-loving Japan, they're loose cannons. They also like to set their own conditions and reserve the right to drop out when things don't meet their expectations. They're known to be sensitive and considerate—at times—but it just isn't enough to balance out the flaws in this blood type. For a while, some companies tried dividing their employees into work groups based on blood type, and no one wanted to work with the AB group. Anime villains are likely to be type AB; Uchiha Sasuke, Hongo Yui, Tomo, Trowa Barton, Kenshin.

That's it! and just now, i watch SuJu Full House program videos on Youtube. and there's Siwon who said that he will be a bodyguard to 2 foreign girls (Anya, n Eva) and he said he will protect them from Heechul. and Heechul was like, "what? why???". and Siwon said he's AB. the blood type. and then again Heechul, "why? why AB? (why with AB?)". and Eva said, "weird...".
and then, it's my turn to become like, "what?? why??" lol. xD
but seriously, maybe i should believe in it. AB person seriously is weird. and i admit it that, i'm just the same as what they said above there.

hurm... so, maybe...you should be careful with me. maybe i'm sometimes looks like an angel (i mean, a good person). but, i can turn to become a devil if you don't take care of your steps.
huhuhuhuhuahahahahahaha!!! LOL. ignore me. huhu. but i'm dead serious.

15 February 2011

am i....

lost or something??? i keep on writing things but end up erased all of it. wtf? (=_=) sorry for the long absence. i don't have a mood to update my blog lately. i always on Twitter right now. i really miss DBSK. shit! i was about to cry again! maybe, i should stop here.


13 February 2011


もう一度日本語を使って起動する...がんばります! これからもっと日本語を勉強したい. しばらくの間、韓国の学習を停止します。... はい、がんばります!

11 February 2011

From The Beginning...

i really want to live in that place.
alone in a snowy field.
so that there's no one will hurt me.
nor i will hurt them...

pic by: me...

Just Made A Tumblr acc, and...

hello guys!!! yo! *jumping up and down*
I'm kinda happy right now!
okay! now i have a tumblr account. not a big deal~
this is gonna be a really short post!
I promised! yeah!
just look at the picture below~~~
i found that in Tumlr!
it made my day! is this true??? was that status update of JJ true?
kyaaa!!! i'm so happy! YunJae~~ >w<
owh, before i forgot,
Happy Belated Birthday for Yun n Jae~
AKTF! i believe that both of you will be together again one day~
huhu... jaa! ^^


i can't hold my feelings anymore.

let me cry now. so that i will never cry again on that day.
the day where the memories will be created once again.
the day where love will be spread once again.
the day where we could celebrate it together.
the day, where we will be together, forever and ever.
the day where we could see those happiness in your eyes once again.
the day where we could share the pain together again.
the day where we could cry together once again.
let me know when the day has come.
because i don't want to live in past time forever.
although the memories of the past always makes me smiled and forgot about today,
but I can't forget about it like there's nothing happened.
the tears will fall, the tears of missing you.
we will keep on waiting for you.
keep on supporting you from behind.
we won't stop no matter what happen.
because we believe in you.
because we will always keep the faith.

please come back soon.

10 February 2011

May I?

may I be on HIATUS once again?

i don't have any mood to write or post anything lately.
i just can't bear this feeling anymore.
it hurts! I really wanted to rip off my heart from my chest!
take a knife, and stab it as many time as i want!
why does it gave me such a big impact???
it even forces me to search for a fortune teller (online)!
and i got some stupid answers from them! i won't believe it of course!
please let me forget about this feeling? please?
how? may i cast a spell on them? so that i will be happy again?
no. don't be stupid. it won't work!
maybe i should write a poem now.
i have to. it's the only way now.
may i have a guitar? i want it.
uh whatever. i'm getting confused now.


seriously... i don't have any mood to post any new entry or story for today. =_=

my head keep on thinking on DBSK. i couldn't stop myself.
gonna hit myself right now.
*hit her head on the table*

Miss you.

07 February 2011


dammit! damn damn damn!
Shit! i hate this kind of weather! why does it have to be so hot???
gaaahhhh!!! hurm... it's not a good time for me to continue writing the story. =_=
so hot. urgh... damn!

now i'm craving for a Boba Tea!
dang! who wants to buy it for me?

06 February 2011

Why am i crying so hard over a fanfic???!!!

hello guys. konbanwa. :)
how do you do? i'm fine thanks.
but today weather is just too hot for me. i hate hot weather. =_=
and my stomach hurt so much it makes me wanna vomit. urgh.

urm... have you ever read a fanfic? a story written by fans about their favorite artist life? i mean, it's a fake story. but, whatever. have you read it? you should try and read it sometimes. huhuhu...
recently, i was so into DBSK. i love them! i miss them damn so much! i want them to come back soon! i want them to be together again!
i always watch videos about them on Youtube. i love them more and more.
and of course, guess what? i'm a YunJae fan too. :3
i love YunJae forever! YunJae is Real! i believe that! i gonna believe that forever!
i will always support them no matter what!
you know how i suffered for about 2 weeks without the internet? how i can't watch their videos? it hurts! my heart hurt so much! i really miss them!

and just yesterday, i read a fanfic about them. (it's YunJae actually)
the story was so good at the beginning, but it ended with a sad ending! and you know what??? I cried so hard over it! it makes me missed them even more now!
can you believe that??? it's just a fanfic! but i cried so much like it was the truth!
i miss them so much my heart aches! help me!
i know, DBSK fans, all of them, including me, really miss them so much it hurts!
i hate SM! i hate SM so much for doing this to them! i want them to be together again!
i couldn't help myself but to cry when i watch their videos. they were so happy back then in old days... i could see there was happiness in their eyes back then.
but now, i didn't see that kind of eyes anymore. i can't find the happiness in their eyes anymore. it's dull. i know, they were suffering too.
but what we can do right now is, pray for them so that they will be together again.
always keep the faith! always support them forever! never let your hope down!
DBSK will be together again one day!!! keep on believing! never give up!!!


05 February 2011

When The Love Can't Be Shown

hello everyone! are you having a nice day today? :3
for me, i'm NOT! it's too hot to make me feel comfortable with the weather! i want RAIN! RAIN!!!! not 'that' RAIN (korean artist). =_=

hurm... nobody wants to talk to me anymore. i'm so lonely...
even though i hate guys (i'm not lesbian!), but i'm wondering how do you feel when you're having a lover? hm...
it's not like me at all to become this 'Jiwang'. lol.
but, i just keep on wondering on that.
maybe they said the right thing. when you hate that person, you will love that person one day.
the same happened to me. but, it's a bit different i guess. >.<

i was in love with this boy when i was in form1 in my high school.
but i never told him that. it's a one sided love... sadly. T-T
but there's so many things happened in between us. (okay, i'm blushing!!!! >////<)
maybe at that time, luck always by my side.
when our class were asked to do a group project, we always in a same group. since my friend were close to that boy's friend. (i'm so lucky at that time i guess. huahaha)
and sometimes, maybe it was too obvious that i was blushing when we were doing a group discussion.
i couldn't even look up, i'm blushing like crazy, and i can't stop smiling (but i tried to hold it as much as i can!) lol!!! >////<
it was so embarrassing to sit in the same row with the one you like (in my opinion).

but, the happy moment (for me) stopped when i was in Form 2.
my hidden feeling was exposed to the class when one of my so-called-'friend' leak the secret. *annoyed*
at that time, i feel like i wanted to jump from the upper level of my school! i want to runaway from the school!
started from that moment, i said to my friends that, i hate that boy. i really hate him.
it's not like it was his fault. but, i just wanted to forget about my feeling towards him! what a horrible nightmare for me! huh! x(

after that, i tried as much as i could to avoid meeting with that boy at anywhere! except for in the class... i can't do anything about that. =_=
but, the more i try to avoid him, the more we met.
we almost bumped to each other at the staircase, in front of the class door, at the canteen, at anywhere! D:
i even walked behind him when i was about to enter the school in the morning. all i can do is to keep my head down and looked at my own feet as i walked, prayed so that he didn't looked behind him (me). >~<

and it goes on until we graduated from our high school...
i keep on telling myself that i hate him. but, the more i said that, the more my heart hurts. i lied to my own heart am i? sadly but i can't show my own feeling towards the one i love (it's a one sided love, so what to expect more from that??)
(but it turned out to become like, "love-hate-miss", you know)
it hurt when your love can't be shown right? yea, i know. but at least, we have someone that we cared so much even though he/she didn't know that, we can still prayed for his/her happiness. prayed so that he/she will live a better life out there, somewhere in this world. :)

what am i blabbering about??? ugh! hurm...
readers: shut up now, Mika! you're so annoying!
Me: wut? uuhukk... T^T okay, bye2...

03 February 2011

I Still Demanding For A Guitar!

hello everyone...
Gong Xi Fa Cai to all of the people who celebrate it. :)
hope that this year is the best year for all of you.
i love rabbits! (/>3<)/~♥

hm... I still can't forget about that 'lucky' kid.
it's still a good thing that i didn't end up telling it to other people except my close friends. =_=
you're still lucky, kid. don't mess with me anymore or i'll sue you.

*sigh* i'm bored. so bored.
and yea, i still demanding for a guitar. i want it. but my mom doesn't take it seriously.
i seriously want a guitar! hm.... anybody wanna give it to me as my birthday present this month?
if you do, I swear i'll love you forever! huhu... :D
no one? so sad. nobody loves me... uhuk. :'(  (LOL)

uh... i guess, i have to be patient. just wait and see. :\
*sigh* jaa. bye2...

02 February 2011

Budak Terlebih Ajar

hello my friends... hari ni cuaca mmg...PANAS!!! grr... =_="
haih... sabar jela... dugaan. >_<

ok, ari ni entry in bahasa Malaysia. huahuahua.
ni kes nk mlpskan geram n sumpah seranah aku kat ssorg (xla kot?).
mmg mood aku baik ni. tp bler tringat psl hal tu, adeh... PANAS!!! *kipas2*

cternye bgini, adela sorg hamba Allah ni...
Mika tegur la die. bukannye tujuan nk cari gaduh.
hrpn Mika supaya die akan tanye Mika, "ape mksud ko?", cmtu.
then, Mika nk terangkanla amende yg Mika ckpkan.
ni x. trus2 die kata, "aku tau la aku ni sape... ko nk cari gaduh ke?!"
eh eh... org ckp prlhn2, baik2, die pulak yg nk mula gaduh. ape pnye manusia??? o_O
haih... susah kalo nk ckp dgn budak terlebih ajar ni.
lps tu Mika ckpla yg Mika xnk gduh. buat2 lwk utk lupakan psl tu.
then die post kt wall die, "aku tau aku sape. tau la ko x keje! dok umah je! umur dh bape! tp prngai mcm budak2! matang la skit!"
die x bgtau la sape "ko" tu. tp Mika taula.
sorila. ye, Mika tau Mika xkeje. die dh keje. n Mika ckp thniah kt die. brtrima kasih la kan? nk brlagak plak.
xpe la tu. x kesah. tp die ckp Mika x matang? sape yg mula nk cari gaduh tu? die, or Mika?
die yg mula. die kata Mika x matang?? haha! lucu btul... kalo die tu matang, die akan dgr ape yg Mika smpaikan until habis. ni x. blom abih ckp lg dh, "ko nk gduh ke???"
hm... ntah ape jnis punye manusia pun Mika x tau la... pelik.
tp kin sbb mulut Mika 'ter'lezer ckit kot... sorila ea.
org yg suka cari gaduh ni la org yg x ade fikiran matang. cermin diri dlu la.

bnde ini terjadi kat .... Mika xnak bgtau terperinci sgtla ea.
ms tu, Mika leh thn lg. tp x lm tu, Mika amik kputusan utk close FB Mika tu n wat yg baru...
n Mika add sape2 yg Mika rs nk add. of coz, bukan die la.
tu la jln mudah utk Mika lupakan prsaan mrh ni. senangkan? xyah berdepan dgn die lg.
senang hati ni. aman. :)

hm... ade org terasa ke? oops! alamak... sori... xku sgka diriku telah menyakiti hatimu yg busuk itu.
nk tinggalkan komen yg ganas? nk marah Mika balik? silakan la. Mika x kesah. sbb Mika xkan publish komen yg teruk2... Mika dh bagi warning kan? baca betul2. or i will ban you from my blog~

hm... dh la kot? pnjg lebar dah ni. huhu.

When A Skull Started To Look Like A Candy...

yes! it turn to become SKULLCANDY! XD

Hello everyone!!! how are you doing?
i'm fine thanks. but I'm in a mood to boycott everybody that make me angry over them. ^_^
don't mess with me babe~ i won't tell you that i hate you. but i'll just delete you or just make a new life (account) without telling you~ i did that already... huhu. :)
okay, i don't want to bring bad omen in here. it's bad. really bad if my mood changed.

as you (don't) know, i really love headphones. instead of wearing earphone, headphone is better to me and it's COOL! :D
when i browse some headphones at the store, i saw so many types of headphone. and i like almost all of them! o.o
the price is around RM25-RM40.
I bought a Mix-Style headphone for only RM25. lucky me they have promotions at that time! :D
the first Mix-Style headphone i bought was broken (split into two. >_<").
then i went to the mall, i saw another Mix-Style headphone that i really like. if before this i bought the red color, now i bought the white color. cool! :D
it's the same as the one that Shou's wearing in his photoshoot~
spot the headphone? :D
huahuahua... i'm a sick person. huks.
but whatever it is, i really love this headphone. :3

owh, about Skullcandy! yea, it's a headphone brand.
it has a lot cool design! i saw it on their main website and i fell in love with the headphones. (*~*)
wanna buy it but... it's kinda expensive. >.<
uh... better save the money till my current headphone is broken again. haha.
owh! the website! just go to www.skullcandy.com
there you can browse all of their products and of course, their cool headphones! >:D

erm..... i guess, that's all for today.
i'm sleepy already. haha.
jaa! ^^

01 February 2011

Lovely Girl Blogger Background

hello everyone!
yey! finally!
i just made a new FB account, n i'm feeling so happy even though there's still nothing in it yet. :)
i hate sick people in my FB. i don't want to delete them. so, I delete myself. huahaha. coward huh? but that's how i get mad.
okay, not gonna talk so much.

here is another blogger background i made.
hope you like it~ ^^

how to install it?
check this entry.

enjoy! :)

Let's Walk Together