29 September 2011

[MV] Kim Jang Hoon n Kim Heechul Duet - Breakups Are So Like Me

sorry for the late post~
finally, the MV was released.
i'm late for about 3 days from the date it was released.
i've watch it for i don't know how many times already but i just didn't post it in here. huhu...
watching this makes me happy.
it's funny n i miss Heechul so much. :')

enjoy the video!

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26 September 2011

Happy #MiroticDay !

okay, today is... 26 September 2011 right?
yep. it is.
and do you know what all Cassies celebrate for today?
as you can read the title,
it's a Mirotic Day for us! :D

why? because on this day,
it has been 3 years since DBSK's Mirotic Album were released!
okay, it's already 3 years!
how fast the time goes? amazing yet, it's sad too.

and yesterday,
Junsu tweet something too.
it's... a heartbreaking. i feel so sad as i read his tweet.
he said:

[read from bottom to top]

서로 맘을놓지않고 모두 이겨내겠죠.. Cause you are my everything to me 너무나 좋아했던 이노래..우연히 오랫만에 들었어..근데 이노래가 낯설게 느껴지네...맘 아프게..

[TRANS: Not letting go of each other, we'll make it through everything.. Cause you are my everything to me - A song that I used to like very much. I heard it by chance after a long time..but this song became unfamiliar to me..and it hurts my heart.]

Don't say goodbye...

it's kinda sad to read his tweet. :(
but, all that we can do is keep on waiting and praying,
so that time will change everything back to normal.
i mean, DBSK will be 5 again.
i shall wait for it.

let's wait together!
DB5K hwaitng!
Cassiopeia hwaiting!

lastly, let's relax and enjoy yourself with this smoking HOT video!
okay, this is no porn!
just an MV. Mirotic by DBSK!

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23 September 2011

[Teaser] Kim Jang Hoon and Heechul’s duet

I miss Heechul so much. >.< ararararrarararararaaarararar...... HEECHUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gyaaaaahhhh!!! XD -THE END-

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[!!Cassies!!] An insight to what might Happen to Homin in SMe

okay, i was on twitter just now and someone shared a link to this article on Tumblr.
not an article i guess.
it's just a post by a Chinese-Casie(maybe).
Cassiopeia has to read this!
don't care if you're a stan or hater, hope that you can think about this thoroughly.
no war please. just read and think.


-Back then HoMin only thought about protecting the “DBSK” name. At the beginning of the court case, many of SM’s groups were still very new. SM still doesn’t have a group that could replace DBSK just yet.

Back then, SM HAD to say things like “We miss DBSK” and “We invested a lot of time in to them” and so forth. SM is relying on HoMin’s popularity to create and debut newer groups. JYJ have been banned on all variety shows, but have u noticed? HoMin isn’t on many variety shows either. (SHE PUT MORE THINGS HERE, BUT I’m NOT THAT GOOD AT CHINESE SO I KIND OF DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE SAID)

- Right now, SM is probably using this method: They are using HoMin’s popularity to earn more money to spend on their other groups and to debut new ones. They are using the least amount of money on HoMin while still exploring and exposing HoMin’s greatest potential. I mean, SM could really have concerts for HoMin to perform in right? So why aren’t they producing tours for them? SM also understands this clearly.Many go to the lives just to see TVXQ (HoMin), the red ocean in Tokyo Dome is self-explanatory. The news reports never properly credited them for their efforts. So those of you who did not attend the live show (I believe that she’s referring to Music Bank in Tokyo Dome)would naturally believe in what KBS said.

First they [SM] would not talk about HoMin’s popularity on TV, so that the Korean fans would slowly believe that their idols are not popular anymore, and when they’re introducing TVXQ, they would just say it quickly in one take. The goal? It’s to let TVXQ’s popularity and dominance to quietly fade away.

Do you still not see it?
They’re banning JYJ because of the lawsuit, but they’re also quietly blocking HoMin because they want to debut and promote newer groups (who in turn, will help SM earn even MORE money). IF one day, there might be a group that have reached TVXQ’S status,who knows? SME MIGHT REALLY KICK HOMIN OUT. THey will single-handedly pull down TVXQ.Whatever they said about “picking out the best of the best to form this group” and “we invested a lot of time in to them” will all be rubbish at that point.SM ONLY CARES ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY A GROUP CAN EARN THEM RIGHT NOW. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT HOW MANY #1’S THAT GROUP HAS EVER ACHIEVED . ONCE THAT GROUP LOSES THEIR POPULARITY,THEY WON’T CARE ABOUT HOW ‘LEGENDARY’ THE GROUP WAS BEFORE. AS LONG AS THE GROUP STARTS TO EARN LESS MONEY FOR THEM,THE GROUP WILL BE TRASH IN SM’S EYES.Remember the legendary H.O.T? Weren’t they the top group back then? And then what happened to them?

The Fourth Album came out on September 24, 2008. They also went on the Mirotic tour around the same time. They spent about 5-6 months advertising this album. They also came out with the 4th Japanese album during their Korean promotions.They came out with The Secret Code on March 25th.HoMin’s come back album was released January 5, 2011. Didn’t you guys think that DBSK was SM’s money tree? I also thought like that too.The two years and three months were surely enough time off to make sm go crazy over money right? So crazy that they can’t wait to produce a concert for Homin to earn more money? So why aren’t they doing it? If you count from the fourth album till now, that’s already MORE than 6 months. Isn’t it the perfect time to hold a concert now? But why is it that SM doesn’t seem to care about earning more money that way? And why are they still spending MORE money for Homin to go on shows to advertise?

Also, why didn’t they first release a KOREAN SINGLE and THEN release a Japanese single after a month or two? Instead, they released a fifth album for both Japan AND Korea in the same month. If sm says that it’s to keep their popularity up in Japan, then I want to say one thing.According to SM’s way of doing things,shouldn’t they release a new single then promote it with a tour? Isn’t that the most direct way to promote the new single?They’re extremely popular in Japan, there’s no doubt about that. If I remember correctly, AREN’T THEY THE FIRST KOREAN ARTISTS TO STEP ON THE TOKYO DOME STAGE AND HOLD A TOUR THERE? Actually, SM doesn’t even worry about their popularity in Japan. So why would they release two albums at once?

Maybe I thought of this a bit before the time when Changmin was injured. I always felt that JYJ’s departure would leave SM wondering if they (SM) did the right thing or not.I was so naive that I even believed that SM would treasure the current DBSK.But what really happened? Yunho’s leg got injured, remember?How long ago was his injury? Yet there are still scars of it.It must be such a deep injury that even after such a long time, it still hasn’t healed properly.They said that it was a “light” injury, but it still had to be wrapped. As far as I know, only BONE FRACTURES need to be wrapped as well as ligaments. If it was a ligament, then external heat would’ve healed it faster. Anyhow, SM has not been clearly explaining about Changmin’s wrist injury. I just want to say that we are NOT experts, but we can still ANALYZE THESE TYPE OF THINGS.

I don’t want to be so naive as to actually believe in what SM says. SM is trying to cover up many many things by saying that they are very happy right now.SM will never change.They are still treating HoMin the same way as they did before. As for Yunho & Changmin, I could only say that they got used to it. also, when you guys say that Yunho and Changmin are traitors,have you used your heads to think? Think of what Park Yoochun said in his lyrics in the “Untitled Song”. “ “At last, I never imagined us being so big over seas, so I stepped up and joined the company. Then, the results came out negative of what we saw it as. I thought it was stated wrong so I re-checked the matters of it all. Damn, I fell to all the ‘expenses’ of everything. What kind of freaking expenses were paid off on so much money? I remember the company saying if we left it would be difficult for us. You’re just like the rest of the sunbaes. Did you expect us to stay and earn you money?”

When they were a five membered group, why do you think they stayed in SM and experienced all that was mentioned in Yoochun’s song? Easy. It was for us, fans and for the members themselves. If homin left too, then we would never be able to scream out the name “DONG BANG SHIN KI” out to the members. I always thought that HoMin were at a safe place, and that SM would change their ways. Yunho and Changmin look like they’re having it easy, don’t they? But really, they have many many responsibilities upon their backs and many tears that they’re trying to hold back.

It is easy to realize that the five have gone through many obstacles during this period. Yunho forced himself to who knows what level in order to skate perfectly on Kiss&Cry.Falling down and then getting back up and then falling and getting up again.After skating practice, he has to go up on stage and put on a perfect singing and dancing performance. I think, that it might not be what he wanted to do? Being the leader IS that difficult.When they go on shows, he has to say a few things. Even if they’re just a few words, he has to constantly remember and practice in his head what to say, and whether or not it’s suitable to say it.

CHANGMIN. Think of how hard was it for him to wear a cast in such hot weather.That’s all we could see, as fans, but really how much pain has he had to endure? How many times has this happened before? Changmin is speaking less now. Many people will argue that he speaks more NOW than when they were a 5 membered group. I noticed that one time on a show, all he did was just smile.Maybe what they were saying were really that funny?He’s really simple. So simple that he just wants to stand on stage and sing.

YOOCHUN- Why do you think that he felt the need to write “Untitled Song”?( I’m not sure what she put here since I really don’t know that much chinese) When this song came out, SM blocked JYJ even MORE.He wrote this song and expressed all the painful experiences they had during the 7 years together as a debuted group. A 7 minute song that expresses to us how much pain they had to endure. Sungkyung kwan Scandal, the first drama that you starred in, but you weren’t able to promote properly. In the end, you prevailed and was awarded.

JAEJOONG- was forced to personally contact their sponsors for their concert tour. He had to endure all the insults and criticisms for whenever he mentions anything about missing DB5K and for changing his twitter to “JYJ from TVXQ”.He loves them so much. He loves them so much that he even says that the songs he wrote all belong to the five members of TVXQ or at this point, he’s not afraid anymore.Actually, they can all stand on stage together. Even he said that he never thought that he would be blocked from promoting in his own country.All he could do is upload pictures of Jeju island on his twitter while carrying many sorrows in his heart.

JUNSU- The most innocent and honest one. Like Changmin, he quietly completes his work.Do you all still remember the time when a group of anti’s were deliberately attacking him on twitter?He’s so innocent and helpless.It breaks my heart, but I never know what to do for him.Even if it’s just a practice session he’s a perfectionist.You all don’t know what happened. Junho stopped promoting in Korea, so there was Japan left.Why do you think he stopped promoting in Korea?Hey, you anti’s can’t even leave his brother alone!Then afterwards, all Junsu could do was say very poetic but very depressing things.

THE FIVE: Ever since their debut, they’ve fought for their dream.Fighting for that one ending that they all dreamed of.There’s always us (Cassiopeia). Without us, they would not know who to sing to.They don’t seem to say that because of us, that they’re very happy anymore.At this moment, I don’t hope for anything complicated. I just hope that they are all very well.

Maybe they’ve all found their own reasons? As for me, I haven’t found a reason just yet. All I know is that I still love them.I already said to myself that “If they are not TVXQ, then they should just be Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho,Park Yoochun and Shim Changmin.Maybe that’s how mysterious my heart is? I can accept the entire world, but yet I can only accept the Five of you.

i cried as i read this.
how about you? have you ever think of all of this?
Cassiopeia is for them. without us, they will not as strong as now.
whether it's JYJ or HoMin (i rather call them as HoMin rather than TVXQ cuz JYJ is also TVXQ),
they need us.
and Cassies, why became seriously selfish nowadays???
did you know everything and every single things deep inside their heart when you're bashing JYJ or HoMin?
that wasn't Cassiopeia is all about! Cassiopeia is all about getting together and support 5 of them!
not just two or three of them!
sometimes, i miss the old Cassiopeia.
whoever you are right now, stans or haters, i believe that you're once part of Cassiopeia.
why changed so much??? don't be so selfish by only think about what you want and how you feel without even think about how the boys are feeling!

i'm so proud of some fans that still love all 5 of them.
never give up will you?
keep on praying so that they can be together again.
keep in your mind that, if there's no Yunho, Jaejoong, Junsu, Changmin and Yoochun,
there will be no TVXQ! and when there's no TVXQ,
there'll be no a fandom called as CASSIOPEIA that is where you're standing now!


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I'm So Sad... :((

hello guys... *sigh
actually, i don't know how to say this but.... *sigh
Cassiopeia...is all about loving all of the members of DB5K.
that means, loving Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin.
still keep the faith, and will wait for them to comeback even it means forever.

but... In Youtube, as i read most of the comments,
my heart...just can't bare with the comments. :(
okay, i am a YunJae shipper.
of course if someone called YunJae shippers as delusional,
i feel so angry(sad). i feel like i wanna cry.
and i cried.

and when someone said that:
in my mind, i said "JYJ is still TVXQ"
so what's with the separation???
omg. i dunno but
i hate it when people said something like that!

hurm.... when will all of this end???
i hope, it will soon. i can't stand this anymore.
but i'll stay strong.
i'll always wait for them. :'(
oh God. pls give me strength!

a/n: erm... well, i just remember something about JYJ's new MV, 'GET OUT'.
hehe. there's a part where Yoochun dance is kinda familiar to me.
i tried to remember from where was it.
but then, it suddenly appeared in my mind.
it was a dance step from Yoochun's song, 'The Way You Are'!
oh god! this makes me happy for a bit! hehe. ^^

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19 September 2011

[audiovid+lyric] Why - Ayumi Hamasaki ft. JUNO

From Ayumi's Album; FIVE. :)

W/N: the song in this vid ended badly. i don't know why. >.<

Lyric Romaji:

Are kara toki wa tachi nani ga kawatta n darou
Kyori wa nani o toozaketa n darou
Kizutsuke nai you ni sukoshi hanareta no wa
Kizutsuka nai tame datta no kana

Hanarete ite mo kikoete iru yo
Boku no namae yobu koe
Doko ni ite mo sagashite shimau yo
Kimi no ushirosugata

* Ai tai yo toka samishii yo toka
Doushite motto tsutae nakatta n darou
Yasashisa to wagamama no chigai
Sore sae wakara zu ni

Taisetsu datta no wa me o awaseru koto de
Kawasu kotoba no kazu ja nakkata

Pride nante sutete shimae ba
Ima wa chigatte ita kana

** Aishite ru tte nando ii kakete
Ie nakute tte kurikaeshita n darou
Dono kurai ato tsuyoku nare ba
Bokura wa yokatta no

Futari egaita yume wa chikai atta mirai wa
Ano hi kara sukoshizutsu boyake dashite miushinatta
Te o nobashite mita kedo doko ni mo todoka nai yo
Why... wow

* (repeat)
** (repeat)


Time has passed since then, what has changed?
What did the distance keep away from me?
I moved a little away so as not to hurt you
But was it actually because I didn't want to be hurt?

Though we are apart, I can hear
The voice calling my name
Wherever I may be, I seek for
Your back

* Why didn't I tell you more often
Like "I want to see you" and "I feel lonely"?
I didn't even know the difference
Between tenderness and selfishness

The important thing was to meet our eyes
And not the number of the words we exchanged

If I had thrown away my pride
Are the things different now?

** How many times did I try to say, "I love you"
And couldn't I say so again and again?
How much stronger should we have been
To make it better?

The dream we pictured and the future we promised each other
Have faded little by little since that day and I lost sight of them
I try to reach out, but can reach nowhere
Why... wow

* (repeat)
** (repeat)

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17 September 2011

JYJ - In Heaven [MV+Lyric]

JYJ - In Heaven


Jigeum waseo malhal sudo eobseo
Neoui gijeok geu modeun ge heosang gata
Majimak geu moseubdo seoseohi gieok sogeman
Jamgyeojyeo ganeun geotman gata

Eodinga-eseo nal bogoisseulkka
Huhwehaedo neujeobeoryeo bol su eobseo

Chueoge geurimja-e chokchokhan nae nunmulman
Geu jaril jigyeobogo isseo

Nan mothae jeongmal mothae
Niga nae gyeothe isseul ttae mankeum
Mianhande geuge andwae
Ijen modeun ge tteolryeowa

Jogeum deo gidarida
Kkum sokeul hemaeida (hemaeida)
Gyeolguk ni aneseo nuneul gameulkkabwa

Kajima tteo najima
Nae gyeothe isseojul suneun eobtni
Geojitmal da geojitmal
Jeonhyeo deulijiga anha

Saranghae neol saranghae
Han madi boyeojul suneun eobtni
Saranghae neol saranghae
Tto dashi saranghae jugettni

Byeolsseo ireon gyeojeol jinawasseo
Neoui heunjeok chajabwado jiwojyeosseo
Majimak ni gieokdo nunmure teoneol sokeuro
Jamgyeojyeoganeun geotmal gata

Naneun mollae kkumeul kkullae
Nega neo yeope ittjireul anha
Mianhande iman galke
Ijen neoui gireul ttara

Kkeuteobneun gireul ttara neol chaja hemaeida (hemaeida)
Geunyeoreul irghoseo seulpeomanhalkkabwa

Kajima tteo najima
Nae gyeothe isseojul suneun eobtni
Geojitmal da geojitmal
Jeonhyeo deulijiga anha
Saranghae neol saranghae
Han madi boyeojul suneun eobtni

Kajima kajima isseojeul su ittni
Geojitmal geojitmal deulrijiga anha
Saranghae saranghae boyeojul su ittni
Saranghae saranghae saranghae jugettni

Kajima kajima isseojeul su ittni
Geojitmal geojitmal deulijiga anha
Saranghae saranghae boyeojul su ittni
Jebal dorawajweo...

Kajima tteo najima
Nae gyeothe isseojul suneun eobtni
Geojitmal da geojitmal
Jeonhyeo deuliji anha

Saranghae neol saranghae
Han madi boyeojul suneun eobtni
Saranghae neol saranghae
Tto dashi saranghae jugettni

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14 September 2011

YUNJAE news! NEW!!! :) [EDITTED]



how's your day? it's been a very long time ne?
there's lots of webs on my blog already! *swept all the webs*
today there's no exams so i'm kinda relax a bit. ;)
well, tomorrow there's English exam. guuuhhh... dunno what to read act.
nothing to read, maybe. :P

okay! enough with those ridiculous conversations~
today i'm gonna update something about YUNJAE! XD
seriously... YUNJAE's love still goes on! ^^


Yunho signed the picture on 9/9/11 in NYC! :D
he even added two HEARTS!!!! *_*
and well, he also signed the picture where Jaejoong also signed it on 11/11/10!
oh god...oh god... i can't be more happy than this!

that's for Yunho's part.
the second one! XD
Jae also signed a YunJae pictures on 10/9/11!
and he circled Yunho's armpit~ pfft. (=w=)
he's so cute!!!

i got the feeling. a very good feeling about all of these!
i don't know but... this made me so happy as a Cassie and a YunJae shipper. ^^
oh god... this month is a great month for me.
even though it wasn't that great when i have to answer all exam questions in the exam hall. >_>

Next, it wasn't about YunJae but JYJ.
i found it on a fanaccount.
it's about Hayato's blog post about them.

"Because more than anything, they want to come meet JYJ’s Japanese fans..

15th and 16th of October, to people who will go and to people who will not go, it will become a day that cannot be forgotten.

An UNFORGETABLE day in Japan… the value of that, it can not be bought with money… there is no doubt that it will give an emotional value that is worth so much more.

That is JYJ."

about what he said... actually, it looks like something big will happen.
i just... i don't know. but _/10/11 seems to keep on reminding me of something.
he even said that, "it will become a day that cannot be forgotten"
i know that he was talking about JYJ. but... who knows?
maybe... on that day... TVXQ will be 5 once again? who knows?
if that really happens, yea... those moments are not going to be forgotten.
even if it wasn't going to happen, it still can't be forgotten.
it will never fade from our minds whether it was DB5K, JYJ or HOMIN.
somehow... i won't give up on my hope.
i'll always keep on waiting for them. let other people says anything to me.
who cares? as long as i won't become a stan or a hater...


the source of those info, i ain't gonna post it here.
afraid if stans or haters start to bash the owner sites.
if you want to bash me, you can. but not to the true owner.
if you know the owner, shhh. don't tell.
keep it to yourself. and thanks to the owner of those great infos.
i'm just sharing some of it. ^^~

Good Night! Oyasumi! ;D

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Let's Walk Together