16 August 2014

Good Day~ :')

Good day, everyone~
yes, i know, i know... it's been a long time actually...
i keep on coming to this blog to write something but then i went off without leaving any traces behind at all. hehee
i've been busy with my study and moreover, i got 1 1/2 year more to finish my study and i'm getting busy finishing my final year project which makes me seriously scared and nervous and....idk how to tell you about the feelings that i had now. huhu...

as i checked each of my old posts, i read all of the comments,
seriously, i missed those who spent their time to read my rants, blabbers and stuff.
suddenly i feel like, why didn't i being active as a blogger anymore?
why did i leave this blog untouched? why did i leave this blogging activity? *le sigh*

i'm always on my FB nowadays... since there are lots of important things right there...
every thing regarding my projects were posted in FB,
my friends are active on FB...and other things too.

i'm writing in here, right now, is because i suddenly miss everyone in here.
i know, i got just a few followers, and some are just silent readers.
but those who comment on my posts, give me support, encourage me to do better in life,
i really miss you guys.
and some of them even had already stop blogging, and i can't find their blogs anymore.

so to those who know me, to those who i had talked to,
to those who still remember me, to those who's still active and read this post of mine,
thank you so much much much!!! XD
i know, some of people that i know may had forgotten about me, and i may had forgotten about you guys too (i'm sorry ;_;),
or maybe you guys changed your name or something, it makes me wonder who's this and who's that. lol
i'm sorry but, know this, i missed you guys and thanks a lot for spending your time reading my posts and give your comments on it. i really appreciate it. ^^

LOVE you~! :3

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