18 July 2011

For my dear friend...

Friends Are...

As the season changes,
It has been a very long time since that day,
The day where we always laugh and cried together,
Where are you now?

The rain keeps on pouring everyday,
On sunny days it falls,
Thinking of you nonstop,
Do you still remember me?

Friends are together,
Crying, smiling, laughing, and sharing,
Friends are together,
No matter what or where we are…

I can never bare my life anymore,
Calling you never be a difficult thing,
But why it’s so quiet?
Do you hear my voice?

Please shout.
Shout it out when you heard me.
Please at least tell me where you are.
I really need to find you.

Friends are,
Missing each other,
Till the end of life,
Till we close our eyes,

Never forget each other…


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14 July 2011

[News] The Misunderstanding About Kim Jaejoong's Ideal Type

Recently, JYJ member Kim Jaejoong, had started his solo activities as an actor of the SBS drama series “Protect the Boss”, and accepted an interview at Nonhyun-Dong.

In an interview in February 2010, Kim Jaejoong had revealed, “My ideal type would be someone similar to a housewife”, attracting much attention for having made such a statement. After that, he said jokingly, “Please come to me now, I’m really dying”; he created a stir among his fans for having made such a confession jokingly.

When the journalist was surprised to Kim Jaejoong’s confession of having a housewife as his ideal type, Kim jaejoong said, “Maybe I didn't express myself well at that point of time. I just meant, I’d like a girl who can manage household chores and cook well.”

Kim Jaejoong revealed, “Because I love cleaning up and cooking, I would love a girl that could do these with me.”

Because of his identity as an artiste, his personal activities may be restricted as a JYJ member, hence unable to meet up with anyone, not being able to go into a relationship. “Actually, I feel lonely at times. If you know anyone decent, could you introduce her to me?”
Source: [baidutvxq] and [tvdaily]
Shared by: Daily Kpop News

I'm sorry Jae... i won't introduce you to any girls. (.___.) i'm a girl but... i prefer you to be with Yunho forever than any other girl. but if it still happens, maybe i will cry a river. i don't care what people wanna say. i'm a HARDCORE YUNJAE SHIPPER. (.___.)

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11 July 2011

DBSK - Picture of You

suddenly got the urge to post this lyric.
i just miss them so much that i cried so much just for them. T____T
i cried each time i heard this song... T^T

DBSK - Picture of You

Jonyok nouri jigo hana dul kyojinun
Bulbichul taraso noege gago iso

Chagaun barame umchurin ne okaega
Naeryo antgi jone naega gamsajulke

Nal bwa love you
Babogatun gudae
Gu modun goshi naegen da sojunghangol

*gudae wiro toorun taeyangmankum
Nuni bushin I gasumuro
Gidaryojun shiganmankum nol naega jikyojulke

Gidohan modun kumi ganjolhan
Nae hyanggiro nama uril hyanghae iso
More than the air I breathe

Balgaol achime hamke usul su innun
Naui baraemduri irwo jil su itdorok

Naega gidarilke (MICKY)(gidarilke)
Ne son nochi anhulke
Nunmul punira haedo naega dakajulke

Kuchi boiji anhado
Amuri homhan giriljirado yaksokhalke
My my my please be mine

*gudae wiro toorun taeyangmankum
Nuni bushin I gasumuro
Gidaryojun shiganmankum nol naega jikyojulke

Saranghandago ijen gudae punirago

Jo hanul kute sorichyo jonhago shipo

Love you tojildutan gasumi gu
Daerul burugo iso

Apun shiryoni uril chajawado
Gu apume mok meowado
Da orumanjyo jul su innun naega do saranghalke
Tumyonghan usumkochi banjjaginun jo byol
Arumdapge nol nomanul bichwojulke
Gudae wiro toorun taeyangmankum
Nuni bushin I gasumuro
Gidaryojun shiganmankum nol naega jikyojulke
Saranghae nol saranghae
Gajang nunbushin gudae kumgyolgatun

I mam
More than the air I breathe

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/d/dbsk/#share

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Baking~ Baking~ Is my passion! :D

won't post any long story.
just wanna share a picture of my homemade cakes~
i mean... cupcakes. :D

I just simply LOVE baking cakes! :D
especially this rainbow cakes~~ ^^

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10 July 2011

To Heechul~! :D

saeng-il chughahabnida!

hehe... Heedictator RULES!!! XD

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09 July 2011

YUNJAE n their clues... hm... e_e

long time no SEE....? o_o
argh.... today is Saturday, and tomorrow is Sunday.
that means... my holiday is going to over. >___<
yes... it's my mid sem holiday. but only for one week. grrr...
i wish it was longer. :\

i was holding my tears for the whole week.
i just... i miss them. i miss DB5K.
and i just bought a DVD of them that i've searched for it for a very long time now.
i thought that it will be not available anymore now.
but, i was so happy when i found it at a DVD store i've went to. (TwT)
it's an AADBSK1 DVD. i cried when i watch it. (;_____;)
i don't know how long i can hold my feelings anymore.
it's been a very long time now since the lawsuit case.
and there's so many rumors regarding YunJae that i don't know whether it's true or not. I TOTALLY HOPE THAT IT WAS TRUE!

and recently, i read about HoMin's interview on An An Magazine.
they're asked about their future activities, and started to picture each other in 10 years..
Yunho said

"Changmin will have married, and said “He will be a big star outside the house but a strict teacher-like dad at home”"

Then, Changmin said about Yunho
“I can’t anticipate whether he will have married or not because he is quite unpredictable. But I’m sure he will be running flat out, even harder than now”

Do you know how happy am i??? is that a clue??? Changmin??? is THAT A CLUE TO YUNJAE REALNESS??? *_____*
why did i said that? it's because, before this, Yunho said that he probably will get married when he was 27, then he change it to 30, but then now, he said that he don't even sure about getting married in another 10 years. that's weird isn't it???
argh! just get married with Jae already. wae so stubborn??? D:<

haish! if in another several years i have enough money and i can speak korean/japanese, i'll definitely go to korea n work for them. then, another couple of months, you'll heard about them from me. ahahahahahaaha~~~!!!!! lolol. big dream huh? (>.<)

okay... enough with those craps. =___=
before i end my entry, just accept this as an eye candy a gift from me...


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