31 January 2011


hello guys.
as i said before, i'm gonna update the blog layout collection.
but now i wanna post the header.
the first time i made a header. i don't know the actual size of the header suppose to be.
i just made this according to my logical measurement. so, you want to accept it or not, it depends on you...
pls comment. it may help me to adjust it. :)

that's all for now.
i'll upload more later. :)

Long Time No See!!!!! DX

hello guys/girls!!! sorry for the long hiatus and without notice too. uh...
i just paid the bill. haha. >.<"

about the blog background that i made, thanks for the responses that everybody gave to me.
i thought that there's no one will like it. thanks everybody! :'D
i will post some more soon. and hope that you will like all of them!

that's all for now~ bye2!

15 January 2011

Hoping for a greater day. =_=

hello guys/girls/watever!
long time no see, yea?
in about a week i live without any internet connection on my lappy.
and in that week, i was struggling to live and use my lappy without using the internet. haha. T^T
but thank God that i still have so many interesting softwares in my lappy. such as Adobe Photoshop. :D
it's help me at least to live with my lappy when the internet connection was cutted off. (i didn't pay the bill at that time) >.<

hm... recently, i always have a stomach problem. i don't know if there's something wrong with the food i ate or my stomach really have a problem. T-T
sometimes it would hurt like hell i can't even hold it! :'(
help me? somebody? *sobs*

i wish i had a greater day for this year.
i don't want any problems on me again.
please, enough with my health problems! anyone else, please do not disturb me with your problems anymore! i, myself have so many problems on my head already.

i'm so sick of living just like this!
i need a peaceful life!
please understand my problems too.

11 January 2011

Blog Background Layout

hello guys/girls. how are you? :)
at last, i'd finished doing this blogger background layout.
you ca use it if you want. just don't edit it and claim it was your artwork.
i'm sorry that i just don't know how to make a proper HTML code for this background layout.
but i will teach you how to install it (for those who don't know yet).

okay first, find this code;
body {background-color:ffffff;background-image:url(IMAGE URL GOES HERE)
 found it? hehe. then change the 'IMAGE URL GOES HERE' to the real URL code. :)

for those who didn't found the code, or don't even have the code i showed, i'm totally sorry.
i don't know how to do a real HTML code. :(
i'll soon learn how to make the real HTML code.
forgive me. uhuk.

okay, that's all! Enjoy using it~ :3
Visit my DeviantART if you're interested.

10 January 2011

The Gazette - An Unbearable Fact

Japanese lyric:
akari wo otoshi shizumu shisou
aijou no kikei yugamu ketsuen

-The fact-

omoidasenai hohoemi
sou nani mo kikoenai

tsumetaku kaze wa mado wo kezuru
ishiki no soko de hajiketa risoukyou

mou kotoba nado iranai
"shinjitsu" wa taegataku

nodo wo hikisaite
koboredasanu you ni
nokotta no wa setsubou ni kuruu ryoume

mou kotoba nado iranai
"shinjitsu" wa taegataku

nodo wo hikisaite
jihei no yami de mita
burasagatta mama no aizou

shi to mitsumeai "hate" ni fureru
okizari no setsubou ni kuruu ryoume

English translation:
I put out the lights Perishing thoughts
Deformity of love Distorted blood relation

-The fact-

That smile I cannot remember
So I cannot hear anything

The wind blows sharply and coldly against the window
Utopia burst open at the bottom of my consciousness

I don't need anything like words anymore
The "truth" is unbearable

Tearing my throat
So that it doesn't start to overflow
What is left are my eyes that go mad with desire

I don't need anything like words anymore
The "truth" is unbearable

Tearing my throat
I saw it in the darkness of inner seclusion
My likes and dislikes stay suspended midair

I'm touched by the "end" I stare at together with death
My eyes go mad from the deserted desire

A Need To Learn The Foreign Languages. :3

hello guys... do you have a good day today? good.
as usual, i'm not so. but i can still smile and laugh a lot like there's nothing happened. huh... *sigh*
enough, i don't wanna stressed out myself right now. :)

okay. i wanna ask you guys/girls, how many language did you know right now?
one? two? three? or more?
if you have it, what language did you really know?
here, i wanna list down 10 reasons why you have to learn foreign language.
that is:

1. To increase global understanding

2. To improve employment potential
3. To increase native language ability
4. To sharpen cognitive and life skills
5. To improve chances of entry into college or graduate school
6. To appreciate international literature, music, and film
7. To make travel more feasible and enjoyable
8. To expand study abroad options
9. To increase understanding of oneself and one's own culture
10. To make lifelong friends

*source from vistawide.com. :)

i really want to know how many language does my friends learned?
the more language you know, the easier for you to success in this world. believe me. :)
and don't ever say "hey, i know English! i can talk English with them". not all people really know or understand English. so, you have to learn their language instead. ^^
so, Good Luck!

*i was about to learn Korean language. wish me luck! :D

09 January 2011

The Gazette - Naraku

Kakechigau honnou to karada
Myakuutsu "gyaku" wo enjiteta
Shizuka ni sugaritsuku you ni

Futari wa totemo kirei datta
"Kegare" wo shirisugiteta kara

Harahara ni chiru jouyoku no saki ni ai shite iru to kotaete

Azawarau ka no you ni mukidashi no kizu wo hoshigaru
Itami yori mo fukaku anata kanjiteta kara
Enjite yukeru

Kowareteku risei to karada  myakuutsu "gyaku" wo mitsumeteta
Sono te ni oboreru you ni

Futari wa totemo kirei datta ...

Barabara ni chiru jouyoku no saki ni ai shite iru to kotaete

Azawarau ka no you ni mukidashi no kizu wo hoshigaru
Itami ni mi wo shizume anata omou

Kubisuji wo hawaseru sono te sae shinjite itai

Aizou no hazama, yume wo mite ita
Nukumori ga hagarete yuku
Jouyoku ni mamire shinjita ai no owari ni

Naraku wo mita

07 January 2011

They wanna change it??? WTF!!!!


there's something that make me so worried.
the new intake for IPTAs will start in SEPTEMBER????
are you fucking kidding me???? nonsense!
what's the problems are they're facing right now???? D:<
and now, i'm so worried! i have found a new college, and about to enter it for about another 3 months!
and then, the ministry of education wants to change the intake date??? WTFAH!
uh...!!!! this makes me really mad!
what's the point on doing this???? they wanted to torture the students just to do something stupid like following the other countries intake date??? fuck!
WTF!!!! grrrr!!!!!!!!!! SHIT!

okay, now there's so many cursing words in here... don't like it? feels like wanna throw some bad comments??? LEAVE! I WON'T CHANGE MY MIND! D<

02 January 2011

Goodbye 2010, Welcome 2011! I Hope....

  1. I hope that this year will be the best year for me.
  2. I hope that i can go to Japan (maybe i can't)
  3. I hope that i can have a DSLR camera this month (you promised to me, mom)
  4. I hope that i can have a new SE phone (can i have Satio or the one that we saw before?)
  5. I hope that i can have a new headphone (wha? i don't have time to buy it yet)
  6. I hope that i can have a Wacom tablet or anything that the same as it is. (i really need it!)
  7. I hope that i can change myself to be a better person (why does it have to stay at no.6?)
  8. I hope that i can meet my beloved friends (why does it have to be at no.7???)
  9. I hope that i can have new bags (it's 'bags', not 'bag')
  10. I hope that i can sell my craft works that i've made using the paper clay (is there anybody wanna buy it? i guess not)
  11. I hope that my health is getting better and better.
  12. I hope that i can be more like a girl (or maybe not. if i do, that means i've been forced to, nyahaha!)
  13. I hope that i can live happily ever after (this is not a fairytale, you idiot!)
  14. I hope that i know what i'm talking about.
  15. I hope that i know what you're thinking right now.
  16. I hope that you still wanna see me.
  17. I hope that i can stop babbling around like a fool.
  18. You hope that this is the end.
  19. as you wish.
  20. bye bye

01 January 2011

Happy New Year!

konbanwa minna...

Okay, it's gonna be a very short post
i just wanna wish you a Happy New Year, n I really hope this year will be the best year for all of us.
Minna, ganbarimasho! :3


Let's Walk Together