29 May 2012

Hey!!! Long time no see~

er... well, hello? *awkward*
yea, it's been a very long time since my last post. =_=
i was kinda...busy? yea but no. i don't effing know. OTL
i just... don't have any idea how to write something anymore.
not like before. =.=
maybe i should put the HIATUS sign once again.


BUT! i guess i'm not gonna do that though.
there's so many things happen lately.
i just knew that someone is actually a psycho and she's my friend.
wow. i just... this is just a new experience though. haha!
and now father also met one. =___=
thank God my mom didn't met one too.
geez. i'm really scared if this gonna become like a movie called Roomate. (/°Π°)/~╘═╛
right, screw my life on that!

BUT! there's something that make me really happy~ *w*

'TVXQ Cassiopeia' Headphone!!!!

OMG my life~
first time i show it to my mom, she said it was too expensive. (the price is RM39.90)
the second time, i try my best to ask her to buy it for me and she agreed. XD
i love you, Mommy!!!! >w<

BUT! there are another things that i bought when i go to that store (in BTS) with my friends weeks ago.
that is:

OMG i was like, "my life is...COMPLETE~~~"
haha! but you know, i need more and more of it. *w*

now, i really wanna buy XIΛ Tarantallegra~
it cost at only RM58!!! omg! \(°Δ°\)
i will definitely buy it soon!!!

yosh! Mika, start saving your money from now, okay? *w*
so, i guess that's all for today's craziness. muahahah!!!
i see you later~ toodles~

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