13 November 2011

New layout~

A/n: this won't be long post.

yey! at last!!! after a few times of struggling,
i got my new layout done... haha...
the background!!! DB5K of course...
dun ask me where i got the background.
and please do not steal it... >.>
i dunno if anyone know how to steal the background,
but for me, i know how.
and for those who know, DO NOT STEAL!!!!!

i almost die doing it and you steal for free???
NEVER!!!! D:<
if you steal it, i make sure that you won't live happily after that!
i swear!

huhu... *yawn*
so sleepy already. haha. till next time, guys.
bye2~~~ ZZZzzz...

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05 November 2011


okay, i know there's too many spider webs in here! oh god!
*swipe swipe* phewh!

okay, i don't have time now! just get to the point okay??
well, as you know (if you know), we Cassies are so busy on voting for TVXQ for the MNET Asian Music Award!!!
i don't want to look pathetic but, can i ask you to help us, Cassies to vote for TVXQ??
just vote them for 4 categories that is:

  • Best Male Group
  • Best Dance Performance - Male Group
  • Song of the Year
  • Artist of the Year

THANKS for those who wanna help us!

you can go HERE to vote!

please??? vote for TVXQ please? just for 4 categories! the rest, you can vote other artist that you may like.
well, i know this may sounds kinda rude, but we NEED TO DEFEAT Super Junior!
don't say that i didn't love SuJu! i love them! but... the first priority here is TVXQ!
please!!! help us!!! vote for them everyday. can you? T^T
if i'm telling you the way of me voting for them, you may say that i'm crazy.
but for you, just vote them once a day is enough for us!

Please Vote For TVXQ! if not for TVXQ, just do it for me can???
if you love me, vote for them pls? (lol)
pls pls pls!! T____T

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