30 May 2010

Oishii... desu ne?

ergh... I'm getting hungry~ i was thinking about Japanese food right now... so yummy! look over here! which one do you prefer? :D








oh no!!! i'm almost fainted! xD
it's so dangerous yet so funny! hahaha!!
now, i'm loving DBSK more than before. moreover, Yunho and Jaejoong!
kyaaa!!! everybody, scream now!! xDD
haha! i don't wanna talk too much about this. go and watch it on Youtube for yourself!
that's all for Dangerous Love!
bye2!~ xD

Goth: Love of Death

Maybe some of you already know about this movie. i also know about it for along time now. but, i still didn't have a chance to watch it yet! T^T

This movie was so awesome! hehe... there's Hongo Kanata in there~! xD
i love him! everybody loves Hongo Kanata! he's so cute and cool! haha! lol xD
okay, enough talking!

this movie already been shown in cinema on 2008 (but i didn't have the opportunity to watch this movie 'til now!!! T^T)... if anyone out there know where can i found its DVD or VCD, please tell me....!!! In Malaysia pls. if you tell me the store out of this country, i can't reach to it lol. xD

this movie is an adaptation from an award-winning novel by Otsuichi, which had previously been adapted into a popular manga by artist Kendi Oiwa, and which has apparently been optioned for a Hollywood version. (picked some of the info from beyondhollywood.com~ ^^)

 *the movie~~*

*the cover of the manga*

I've already read the manga. it's great! i love the main character, Kamiyama Itsuki! huhu... he's cool! and Takahashi Gen (the director of this live-action movie) is a genius person who had picked Hongo Kanata as Kamiyama! so perfect! xD
yep. i love it! huhu...
*somehow, i really love this picture. it's so beautiful*
for the actor who act as Morino, she's okay. hehe... i'll not gonna go all the way too excited about a girl character though. e_e

whoever haven't read the manga, you should read it.
but, i warn you, there will be organs of human body scattered everywhere and if you're scared of those things, better don't read it.
hahahahahaha! lol.

 that's all for now
~bye bye~

29 May 2010

Tohoshinki - Mirotic

gyaahahaha!!! xDD I'm getting so excited once again!! for the first time i heard this song in korean (it's when i watch the original music video), i can't watch it any longer because... it was too much!! they're too sexy!!!
I almost fainted...
i love Jaejoong! so sexy~ (*w*)

but, instead the korean version, i really love it when they sang this song in Japanese version.
i can't stop watching it over and over again! this song is awesome! xD





YAYYY!!!!! I have a new Love!!!! xDDD

hahahaha!! well, they have been known by all of the people out there for a long time now.
but, i will just post it in here since I really have fell in love with them! xDD
you know, DBSK?? yes, DBSK!!! hahahaha!! xDDD

i'm getting crazy about this group when i just heard they sang 'Why Did I Fall In Love With You' just now. This song was in Japanese language and somehow it makes me really love this song~ (=w=)

Hero looks just like Raito from Death Note in this video. haha! xD
I really want to place the video in here.
and, this is it! (=w=)

this song makes me wanna cry... :'D
it's so wonderful... TwT
DBSK makes it more beautiful with their apperance! xD
kyaaaa!!!! now I will get really crazy about them!!
okay, that's all for today's craziness!


28 May 2010

Overview of Secret Of Solstice...

Secret of The Solstice Overview

Secret of the Solstice is a 3D (with 2D Sprites) Fantasy MMORPG by Outspark. Like most MMORPGs, the game has anime-inspired graphics, but the game’s overall look is certainly unique.  The game’s graphics  and gameplay were certainly inspired by similar titles like like Ragnarok Online and Angels Online, but Secret of the Solstice still has its own unique features as well.

If you’re looking for a new game to play, Secret of the Solstice is certainly worth checking out. Players start their adventure in the game’s world as a classless Xenian and can advance to one of the game’s four job advancements at level 16.  The game’s four first job advancements are:

Squire - Squires are the generic ‘warrior’ class in Secret of the Solstice. They have strong melee attacks and high defensive capabilities but have weaker skills than the other classes. Squires can become Knights at level 66, Warriors at level 96 and Warlords at level 131.

- Apprentices are the generic offensive spell casting class in Secret of the Solstice. They can deal massive damage with their spells, but are vulnerable in melee combat as they have low armor and hit points. Apprentices can become Mages at level 66, Wizards at level 96 and ArcMages at level 131.

- Neophytes are the generic ‘Thief’ class in Secret of the Solstice. They have powerful attacks but tend to have low hit points and defense. Neophytes, unlike Squires and Apprentices, have two job promotion trees they can choose. They can become melee oriented Thieves or ranged Archers. Each of the trees have their own respective job promotions.

Acolyte -
Acolytes are the generic Priest/Paladin-like class in Secret of the Solstice. They have powerful healing and supportive magic, as well as decent melee skills. Like the Neophyte they also have two job promotion trees they can pursue. They can choose to become all-out ‘healers’, or opt to become more melee-oriented Holy Avengers.

These are some of the overview of this game. if you want to know more about it (of course i can't tell you so much thing since I'm not that expert. xD) just go to the link I provided below:


Secret Of Solstice (SoS)!!

I've waited for a long time since i was in form 4 in high school to download this online game! xD
yep, i am addicted to online games!! and this one is almost the same as Ragnarok Online (RO).

I just download this last night...not night but morning. yea, 2a.m! ( once again, i slept really late! xD )
but you know what? it takes almost 5 or 6 hours to complete the download.
i only start playing this game this morning on 9a.m. i guess. o_o
it's long. i know. but, i love this game as how i love Ragnarok.

i don't play RO on online mode, but playing it on offline mode. it's boring i know...but i really wanted to play it! so, i bought a CD ( well, of course not the original one... ). it's a tested server called Sakray.
I've played the game until I've leveled up to become a mage! but... I've told you about what happened to my computer right? my computer's down and crashed and everything's lost!! T^T after that, i can't play RO anymore... sad...

but, just a few days ago I've tried to download the game. i mean, the RO game. but, it's stopped in the middle! not complete!
i don't know why but it always happen! i guess it's the internet fault!
after that, I gave up! Dx
now i'm playing 3 online games. zOMG (Gaia Online), Godswar Online(GO) (igg.com. has another games too.), and SoS (outspark.com also has another games)...

all of them are great! but, i like zOMG and Secret of Solstice more than the GO. and then, zOMG is much better than SoS. ^^

hm... i guess, that's all for today. so sleepy~ @_@
i don't wanna sleep either.
i even haven't eat my breakfast yet! xD
so, bye2!


26 May 2010

Yesh!! 3a.m.'s entry~ xD

hahahaha!! cube la tgk pd pkul brp Mika wat post baru ni?
dh nk dekat kul 3 tp x tdo2 lg! xD

yesh!! bukan hepi sbb x tdo lg... tp hepi sbb Mika dh brjaya siapkan krje Mika yg satu ni... xD
tak brapa cntik pun sbb Mika msih belajar dlm Pixel Doll making ni...
of course base die bukan Mika yg wat.
leh nmpk name empunye base tu.
Mika just wat rambut, baju n kasut tu je... ^^

ugh...tp Mika nk kne cari website asal die smula.
(tula, simpan lain kali siapkan folder die asing2...)
^^" salah Mika gak...

ade yg tnye knp nk kne cari site die?
hm... sbb Mika x nk dituduh sebagai pencuri la...
wlpun die kate xyah link back, tp... uh... Mika nak cari link base ni gak! Dx

tp skang dh agak susah utk dicari sbb byk sgt link utk Pixel Art yg Mika simpan kt bookmark ni. dh giler Pixel Art dh Mika ni... >:D

hm... oh! satu lg. mntak mn2 yg bc entry ni, jgn gatal2kn tgn yg pegang ttikus tu bwk die nyer cursor lps tu pg kat doll Mika tu n then right-click pastu save doll ni! senang cter, jgn curi doll ni! ok??

walaupun doll tu mmg xde yg nak, tp Mika saja2 bg amaran ni.
sbb stngah org tu, cntik ke x cntik hasil krja sseorg tu, die ttp curi n then die claim sbg die punyer! D:<
i hate art thieves!

kalo nk gak, bgtau Mika. jgn sdp2 je amik tnpe kbnran!
if you still want the doll up there, tell me first!
don't ever take it without any permission!
Understand class...?
"yes, Mika..." xD

That all for today's entry on 3a.m...
er...not exactly 3a.m. but still 3a.m.!

okay2! gonna get out from here!
~mata ne~

Where am I...?

duh... yea, as it says, 'where am i...?'. yea, where am i??
gaaaahhh!!! I'm in the middle of nowhere!!! Dx
i have to get back to work on my work! practice! practice!!!
but i have done nothing! D<
huh... I'm screaming in my heart right now...
can't screams loudly cuz it's midnight right now... huhu...
what am i supposed to do?
sleep? not sleepy yet.
play? what game should i play? (don't think of something else you DUMB!)
eat? nah... I'm not hungry!
anything else? yea, finish off your work, Mika! you're in the middle of nowhere!
yea, that's right...
huh... I guess, this is last entry for today...


25 May 2010

Practice! Practice! Dx

waaaarghh!!!! so many things to do!!! I didn't edit the page yet and I'm so busy on nothing! Dx

huh... I'm feeling so sick right now... don't have enough energy to do anything except sitting in front of my beloved laptop. :D

who said that i don't have a lover?! D:<
i have it! this laptop is my lover! xD

er... O_O this is not my topic!! Dx
ok2.. cool down...
hm... yea, i have to keep on practicing to make a better pixel art soon!

why does it so important??
because i love it! >:D
now i really feel that it was a part of my life right now. xD
i'm so happy!

uh... gaaaahhh!!! stop babbling around, Mika!!!
you have so much thing to do now!!! hurry up!!! Dx

that's it for today. I'm doomed! bye guys! :D

Edit Edit Edit~

waaaa!!! byknye bnde yg Mika nk kne edit!!! Dx
pning kpala nk mmikirkan cmne nk edit itu dan ini...
hm... Mika ni jnis yg cerewet. nmpk cm x kne skit je, mula la Mika wat blk dari mula smpai abis! n kkdg smpai Mika give up!
uh... mmg nk kne edit blk page Mika tuh.
x puas ati! D:<

Mika, Ganbarimasu!!
xde mood la nk jd happy-go-lucky skang ni... =_=

24 May 2010


uh... hm... adeh... kpl ni sakit je dr pagi td. tp stil gak aku online. huhu..
so, shawl ek? ade la sorg shbt ni, huhu...die tnye la aku. baru je td die tnye. 
"Mika, xnk pkai shawl ke?"

hm... Mika jwb trus terang la ye...
mmg Mika tgk org lain pkai shawl sumenye lawa2.

ye, Mika ngaku shawl mmg lawa. tp, bg Mika, rsnye x sesuai la kot.
Mika ni x cntik mn pun. so, xnk la kot? lgpun Mika xnah cube nk pkai shawl.

mmg Mika ade shawl pashmina, n mmg lawa. tp Mika x pakai cam tudung.
wat selimut dlm kapal trbang ade la! xDD

Mika pkai tudung sulam tu je. xpun yg jnis labuh tu.
ayah Mika x bg kot pkai shawl tu... mmg ade keinginan nk pkai... tp... uh...byk tp nye.

lgpun Mika xpandai la nk pkai shawl... nk kne lilit sana cni... huhu...
but, (kali ni pkai 'but' plak.. xD) kin, Mika akan cube la kot...

hehe... satu ari nti. xtau bler. ^^"
that's my answer wahai si pelangi~


23 May 2010

GAAAAHHH!!!! WHY??!!! WHY??!!!

from all of my experiences... from all of my dreams that never come true...(er...is there any relationship with this topic?) WHO CARES?!! I hate... i hate it... I HATE THE ENDING OF ANIME THAT HAS 24 EPISODES!!!!! WHY DOES THESE ANIME KEEPS ON MAKE ME CRY??!!!! GAAAAAHHH!!!!!! Dx
but...it can't be helped right? T^T
why does it always have to be my favorite anime... T-T

Anime : Kobato (part 2)

are are are!!! whoah!!! now i really am shocked!!!  OnO
t-t-th-there's Shaoran and Fai and Kurogane!!! and... and... Moko-chan!!! ^w^
well, yea, maybe some of you will say, "huh? don't you know that? =_=". i just knew about it! is that wrong?? T^T
i'm so excited when i saw them in Kobato!! er... i mean, in this anime. >.<
i thought that i will never meet them again... TwT
and... i can't wait to see what will happen between Kiyokazu and Kobato~~
haha! okay, that's all.
bye2! >w<


yesterday is totally a happy day for me! (not that i always happy)... but it's related to my obsession on Pixel Arts!! yey!! as you can see on my blog's sidebar, there's something looks like eggs right? yes. it's a PokePlushies that still in an egg form.

but that's not my topic in here. when i was looking around in the PokePlushie's site, something popped out from my mind. "why don't i try searching for something else? >w<", just like that.

I tried searching for something that can be adopted. i used "Pixel Arts" as the keyword. it sure took me a long time to search cuz Google is so stupid. After that, i tried search it again by using "Adoptable Pixel Arts" as the keyword, and it WORKS!! Yey!! xD

I'm so happy! huhu... er... it's not that so important though. i just love to see the Pixel Arts that had been made by others. they're good. not just like mine... hehe... but, when i look at it, i feel so excited to start working on my unfinished Pixel Arts again!

just like what Kobato always said to herself, "Kobato, Ganbarimasu!!" but for me, it will be, "Mika, Ganbarimasu!!" ne? >w<

Mika, Ganbarimasu!!!

P/S: sorry for the bad English... ^^"


Readers: O.O is it Roliana have another series?
Mika: nope. there isn't. that was just a title ok...? it means, post number 2! =_=
Readers: oh.. >.<

hm...i've survey this online community site, but, really, I'm a bit kinda disappointed by it.
if this Gaia Online and Roliana Online was placed side by side, i guess, i'll choose Gaia Online.
i can't seem to like it because, it's boring. the games was lame and old. i was just like, "WTF?? >A<"...

Gaia Online game is the best. 'zOMG' is the title of the game. if you're new to Gaia and don't know whether you want to enter it or not, but in the same time you want to try the game, you can play it as a guess. try the game without joining the site.

but, joining the site is much more better as you can customize your avatar, buy items, join a guild and much more! you can get gold easily by playing games, post a comment on profile, post something in forum, even when you're browsing from pages to another pages, you can get some gold! it's easy!

to Leah, it's better for you to enter Gaia Online. it's much better that Roliana. but, it's up to you to choose which one you want to enter or you don't want to enter. ^^

that's all for today. have any question about Gaia Online? you can ask me.
I will try my best to answer your questions.
...Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu...

*oh, i forgot...er...nvm. i'll write about it in the next post. xD*

21 May 2010

!!Roliana Online!!

hahaha!! after Gaia Online and GodsWar Online, I'm now joining ROLIANA ONLINE!
it's almost the same as Gaia Online. but i don't know if it was as great as Gaia Online. xD
i'm so excited to try it right now! kyaaa!! Mika, Ganbarimasu!!

reader: (=_=")
Mika: what??
reader: err... nothing. just that, you dont have to be that excited on those kind of things.
Mika: what if i'm excited? is that a wrong thing to do?
reader: er... (-_-)
Mika: what's wrong? no answer? so i guess, the answer is "it's not a wrong thing!" then. (^w^)
reader: ano...
Mika: haik soudesu! ganbarimasu!! xD
reader: er...haik... (=_='')


hm... my friend was totally down because of me. hontou ni gomennasai efa-chan... T^T gome!!
she really want her Gundam Seed's CDs back. i promise i will give it to you. just forget about my CDs. it will be really mess if you want to search for it right now.
but, i have read her new post on her blog. i don't quite understand it well but, i really think that she's talking about how damn it was to watch anime online (or are you angry because of me? T^T). moreover if the frame was Megavideo or Veoh. it makes me really angry! Dx
oh!!! if it was Megavideo, i can't watch the video more than 72 mins! and if i want to watch it without time limit, i must pay for premium whatsoever thing it is! Veoh?? Region limits! Hate it so much!!! D:

but what can i do? i have no money to buy those expensive anime DVDs or CDs. even though i do have money, but it's not mine. it's my father's or my mother's money duh. T^T so sad. i wish i have my own money... =_=

Anime : Kobato

"Kobato is a sweet and perky girl, but also extremely naive about the world around her. She has a "mission" to fill her mysterious bottle with people's hearts she heals so her wish to go a certain place can be granted. However, the restriction is that she is not allowed to fall in love with any person whose heart she heals.
As Kobato attempts to fulfill her mission, she is accompanied by Ioryogi, a spirit in the form of a dog plushie. Because Ioryogi is responsible for a punishment that has been applied to him and his friends from the spiritual world, he must guide Kobato and ensure that she succeeds her mission so he and his friends might return to their true form."
*source from wikipedia*

It's a fun story to watch. i suggest you to watch it! xD
even though it has been aired for a long time now, but, maybe there's some of the fans don't know about this CLAMP's anime.

even though I'm a bit kind of annoyed by Kobato's actions (she's so stupid! Dx), but this anime is worth watching.
Happy Watching!
~mata ne...!~



After Gaia Online's zOMG, i'm now playing GodsWar Online (GWO). it seems fun. and it's easy to get gold with cash in here. not just like Gaia (limited).
but, maybe GWO will be a bit kinda...expensive. cuz, it only tell us to get gold with cash. that sucks! but, the game is great i think. i'm still new in the GWO world. the game wasn't so bad.
it reminds me of Ragnarok Online... huh... i think, that's all i want to say. just click th elink below to join GodsWar Online.
It's easy, just that, you need to download the client. then, you can start playing it.
Have A Nice Day! xD

Virtual Piano...

 O.O sah2 aku dh xde idea or xde keje nk mnulis blog nih.
hm... psl virtual piano yea... dulu aku ni kmaruk gler nk main Piano. nk blaja. tp, ayah aku mn bg. aku nk blaja piano je, bukan aku nk jd pnyanyi!
suara aku yg trlebih sedap ni kalo ade yg dengar, msti die pengsan x bgun2 blk.  xDD
kang aku gak yg kne saman... T^T
aku ade la nyanyi, tp, bukan depan org la... depan teddy2 aku jew...

knp aku rs tb2 nk main? sbb cter Nodame la!
Tau Nodame Cantabile? xtau? kalo xtau n nk tau, search la sndri... xD
aku ade gak tulis serba sdikit ttg Nodame Cantabile ni.
kalo nk tgk, g kt link ni : Nodame Dtg Lg~~
link tu akan mnuju ke blog aku yg lg satu...(bukan nk promote ea... blog tu x aktif sgt)

err...smpai mn td? *baca blik*
oh!! pasal piano... ok2. hm...
aku ade mntak gak kt mak aku supaya blikan keyboard.
bukan keyboard kmputer la! keyboard...ala...piano electric uh.. (btul ke ni? lntak la.)
tu lg murah dr piano sbnr. dlm RM500 ke bwh pun dh ade dh.
kalo nk yg lg high quality, bli yg RM500 ke atas la.
hm.. mak aku kate je nk bli tp, die x bli2... sdih... T-T

tp, skrg ni kalo die nk blikn pun, rsnye xyah la kot.
dh hilang minat nk main.
tu la kn? mmg bnde cm ni biase brlaku.
sm je cam budak pintar yg x di gilap bakatnye, akhirnye die akan khilgn bkt trsebut.
aku bukan nk kate aku pintar, pandai , bijak or watever. just contoh je.
minat tu kalo dh lm trpendam sgt2 n x dikeluar2kan langsung, akn hilang jgak akhirnye...

hm...tp, nsib baik la aku ni ade laptop. n bruntung sbb ade internet.
x prlu lg la aku sibuk2 mntak mak aku blikan piano or keyboard.
leh gak aku main piano. crnye, download la software or play la scr virtual...
dua2 pun aku wat. tp software tu sume dh lesap sbb ari tu laptop aku down!
ingat dh xleh diselamatkan lg dh... upe2nye ok...xD
 okla, aku nk bhnti mngarut n merapu.
kpd sape2 yg nk main Virtual Piano uh, Ganbatte! (siot je) xDD

byk gak link utk Virtual piano ni.
hmpir sume nye kne tggu die loading... jd, sabar la ea?
Link2 trsebut adalah...:

Vitual Piano 3

Virtual piano yg aku bg tu adalah yg plg bgus antara yg lain2.
top 5 in google. so, cube2 la ea...
Have a nice day~

19 May 2010


I hope that you'll hear this song and read the story below of this video. seriously, understand the story, and the song. Douzo...

The Lonely Cat:
A stray cat, in the streets, shivering because of the cold night dreaming for a place to live. He was lonely all his entire life, the cat never saw his family or the owner that took care of him when he was still a kitten. He was wondering through the streets looking for a place to stay but he can never find one. He had a cold because of the cold night, he was in a corner of a street just watching people walk by. When he was nearly dead, someone saved him, but it was too late...

Mika is a boy???

today is a perfect day for me. just came back from an outing with a friend and also with my mom. so great! we eat at Nando's. the food, is okay. not so good but still okay. i love Kenny Roger's Roaster more than Nando's. haha! xD

during that time, i told her about Seigaku Game on how to play, and what the rules are. but, really, just by talking about the rules won't get anyone understand it. so, Efa, you have to watch the video by yourself. so that you can understand it better. ^^

okay, whoever have read her blog titiled 'promote-promote', yea, that's about me (didn't mean to show off about my blog)... thanks Efa. but, just now, she said that there's someone comment on this topic and say, "hehe... is Mika a boy...? huhu...", i just translate it, of course she said it in Bahasa Malaysia. I say, "what?? T^T"... i ask her, "who is that person (the one who left that comment)?". and she say, "it's ----". Dx

i'm not that sad. just in Malaysia, Mika is a name for guys. not all but, it's majority. but in Japan, Mika is always been used by girls. only some of the guys will use it. whatever it is, Mika is a girl. not a boy. I'm a girl. not a boy. T-T

Anime or Cartoon?

hm.... what should i do now? *sigh* it's getting boring and boring. everyday is the same. gaaahhh!! what am i talking about?? hm... i'm just too bored. i guess, i wanna go and and watch anime right now. haha...

er... talking about anime, i do believe that there's so many people will said that, "eh...cartoon?? no way! c'mon, be an adult! cartoon is for children only...". hey, pls... i'm talking about the japanese animation (sorry but i hate the word, 'CARTOON' or 'KARTUN' when it comes to Anime), not a Malaysian cartoons! i bet, now, even a 10 year's-old kid will never watch them for example; Bola Kampung, or Keluang Man. they prefer to watch something like Naruto, Shin Chan, Doraemon, and many others.

if you want to compare the Malaysian cartoons with the Japanese or English animations, nah! Malaysian cartoons are much more cheeeaaaaperr than Japanese or English animations! why am i saying it's cheaper? because they're stingy and don't want to spend too much money on something that only children will watch. then, why does Japanese animation can attract so many people? even people above 20 year's-old love to watch it? cuz they make it wholeheartedly! their anime was beautifully done. the movement of the characters looks real, and when it comes to do the voice of the anime characters, they know how to enhance their voice.

okay, dubbing. i don't like dubbed anime. it's okay if the voice was good. but, most of the dubbed anime are not good enough. moreover, if it was dubbed into Malaysian language. ergh! what can i say is, "eeeewww!". that's it. the mood of the characters has changed so much! if the character was supposed to be angry, it has ruined by the Malaysian dubbing artist! it will become so flat and don't have any feelings in their voices! if i was there in the dubbing studio, i swear, i will take a knife and cut their throat, and say "is that all you have as a dubbing artist??!! just shut up and get lost!".

I'm not saying that i hate Malaysian language. it's my language anyway. what i'm about to say is how worst is the Malaysian dubbing artist are. maybe some of you will say that, "hey, who are you to complain about them?". I will proudly say that, I am an Anime fan! so what?? huh! this makes me sick!

okay, i will stop complaining now. lastly, want to say congratulation to the Les' Copaque group. 'Upin dan Ipin' is a cartoon that they produce, and it was great. they have made a movie for this cartoon called "Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula!" or in English, "Geng: The Journey Begins!" is the one and only Malaysian cartoon that has been shown in the cinema. It's the best Malaysian cartoon ever! Congratulation once again. hope that Malaysian animation industries will keep on improving their qualities... that's all for today.

18 May 2010


when it comes to 6:30, everyone was shocked! I'm not saying that i hate it, but it was so unexpected to happen! i was just like, "WTH??!!". yea, it was so unexpected to happen in front of my eyes! and it happened! OnO
don't ask me what happened. i can't explain it. so unbelievable! i can't stop laughing! haik, just like what Inui will say, "Rikutsu janai!". yep. i agree with him! xDD

17 May 2010

x jadi g Perak...

haha! bgus gler! aku pun mmg x nk g Perak uh. sbb ape?
sbb bler aku dgr mak kwn aku cter yg kt Perak tu kmudhnnye agak susah n tmpt die cam in the middle of nowhere, aku dh mula risau! 
pagi td, dgn mata yg tgh mngantuk, n aku baru nk tdo kjap, ade plak org yg tepon. mule2 pk, xyahla angkat.
tapi, tkut2 kang bnde pnting lak. angkat jela. hm...aku angkat. nasib baik aku angkat!
rupe2nye org dr bhg. pmlihan pljr tu yg tepon aku.
die kate yg aku kne tukar dr kampus Sri Iskandar ke Kampus Alor Gajah, Melaka. sonok gak.
tp, yela, xde sdra kt sn. adik angkat aku pun xde gak. T^T sdih.
tp ok la kot drpd yg kt Perak uh?
ntah la. hm... kte tgk je la nti...
hahahahaha..... aku dh brdebar2 gler dh ni!

Tenimyu, backstage!!!

hahaha...now i really love to watch a backstage video! jitsu wa, Tenimyu is a title of The Prince Of Tennis (TPOT) the musical. i don't know why they call it as Tenimyu but this video is so funny! have you watch TPOT live-action movie? if you don't, just go and watch it, NOW! haha... i wont force you... To whoever had watch the movie, you'll know that in this musical there's some of the actors from TPOT live-action! maybe not some, almost all of them except Hongo Kanata. maybe it's because of, he doesn't know how to sing? but, most of them, Aiba Hiroki is the one that participate in almost all of the musical show. of course he's playing as Fuji Shuusuke. hm...i love to see when they're playing games at the backstage. they're all cute and funny! just a like a happy family! Hey, do you remember who's the one that playing as Ciel Phantomhive in the Kuroshitsuji the musical?? yea, it's Sakamoto Shougo desu!! and he's in this musical! you can see him appear in the last part of these videos. yep. part 4! ARGH!! okay2! sutoppu!! now, watch the videos!! Adios! Happy Watching! xD

~PART 1~
Seigaku Game! and...Poor Aiba...been bullied by others. Kawaii! xD

~PART 2~
Yuu Shirota as Tezuka! hehe... You're Funny! xD

~PART 3~
Kawaii no Aiba Hiroki desu~~ (=w=)

~PART 4~
Here comes the bocchan desu!!! Clap clap clap! xD

erk! okay, i decided to write this down after the last video. ehem! okay...cool down... i want you to watch the part 4 closely, and tell me, who did you see in the video in between 6:36-6:49? who is that person?! he said, "nya~"!! and who is that??!! if you didn't know who's that person, go and watch Kuroshitsuji The Musical video. watch the backstage! i'm so excited when i recognize who is that person really is! watch watch watch! okay, enough! i'm getting crazy due to the maximum of excitement! xD
jaa ne~~

16 May 2010

I really hope that...

aww...! i want more of Kuroshitsuji! i wasn't satisfied with the end of this anime. hm... i don't like sad endings! moreover, Ciel's still a child! uh... he should have more future! gaaaahh!!! huh! i'm about to cry once again... *isk2*
Monoshitsuji... is the 2nd season of Kuroshitsuji.
but, what i'm going to say is, it seems boring... Claude (the butler) has a serious looking face! and Alois... huh... i don't like him! a bit kinda childish, i guess? gaaaahhhH!!! i'm mad plus sad!
hm... at a time like this, i was thinking of something really good about Kuroshitsuji. i really hope that it will come true! but, no one will hear my wish...
after watching Kuroshitsuji the Musical, i really hope that there will be a Live-Action of this anime! i want it! T-T I just don't want to miss Ciel and Sebastian so much, or keeps on remembering that they'll never appear anymore. cuz it hurts a lot to keep on thinking something like that and i will keep on crying! (i'm not making this sentences and this is not a lie! T^T)
just like said before, anime has really entered my heart and my mind! wuu... this topic sounds ridiculous huh? don't comment if you hate this topic. I just typing out all of the thoughts that appear in my mind. and this is my feeling.
hm... i should stop. I'm gonna cry once again! wuuu... T.T
gotta watch the musical once again! i wanna laugh! >n<

15 May 2010


Hye2!! yes!! now i wanted to laugh and laugh and laugh once again!! xD
here you can see Grell and others too. i like the beginning of this backstage video. Sakamoto Shougo is so cute when he's saying, "ne?" haha!
okay, there's two videos. i'm gonna put it at here! haha! i'm so excited! I just love their musical show! in these videos, you can see how perfect is the voice of Uehara who's playing as Grell! he's awesome! and he looks exactly like Grell! hahaha!!

okay, i know that the 2nd video has no subs. but, even without subs, it will make you laugh from the beginning of the video til the end! er... i'm not so sure if you gonna laugh or not. but, these two videos are so funny! in the second video too, you can hear that Agni says, "Ouji baka desu" at Soma! xDD
kyaa!! i just love this team!! don't forget, look at behind Sebastian when he was interviewed! don't forget! xD
Happy Watching!

14 May 2010

Yay! Kuroshitsuji no Musical desu!! xD

I'm thinking of placing the part 2 of this musical. but, it may looks hanged. and the 1st part is great too. ^^
Abberline is a funny no hito desu! xD
yey! huhu... there's another part of this video. below are subbed. so, that's why i'm putting it in here. the part 2 is my favorite part. guess why? ^^
maybe, in these videos, there's no Grell in it. but, you know what? Euhara Takuya is so Grell! you know what i mean? ^^ a very good acting! Good job Euhara!

~Part 1~

~Part 2~
look! look!! Sebastian is so cool!! xD
even though the voice was a bit too soft for Sebastian, but, he's a total cool!
kyaaa!!! *w*

well, for now, there's only 2 videos of this musical that has English subtitle. (i'm glad that my favorite part of this video was subbed. ^^)  i hope there will be more in the future... pls enjoy watching this video... yoroshiku onegaishimasu nee..

*psst* i recommend for you to watch the backstage of this musical. you know, i can't stop laughing when i was watching all of this videos... To Teha, have you finish watching the anime? nvm, watch this! it's fun! so, have anice day, minna san. yoroshiku ne...

Matsushita Yuya as Sebastian
Sakamoto Shougo as Ciel Phantomhive
Koyama Tsuyoshi as Bard
Minami Shota as Finnie
Igari Atsuko as Maylene
Uehara Takuya as Grell Sutcliff
Ryuuya as Lau
Izumi Shuuhei as Undertaker
Ise Naohiro as Fred Abberline
Aoyagi Ruito as Yuuki
Miyashita Yuya as Kirito
Oshino Daichi as Kai

13 May 2010

Kuroshitsuji...A Dark Memory That Can't Be Forgotten....

I've finish watching this anime... and you know what...? I'm crying when this anime comes to an end!!! waaaa!!! T^T 
now, even hearing the songs make me wanna cry once again!! my heart's hurt when i'm writing this! can you believe it?? truly, anime has gotten into my heart as deep as it can! anime seems much more real for me rather than any drama or true-human-acting-story! sometimes, i can't forget about the anime i watch for about 7 days! moreover, if that anime's ending is so sad... i can't hold myself! now i wanna cry once again! don't complain about my attitude now... i'm a weirdo. i've said it once. and i won't say it anymore...

12 May 2010


I've made some new pixel food. but... hm... not so good i think. yep. I'm new in this stuff... what do you think of it? ^^
here it is!

how do you think about it? O.O


hehe.. it's a long time since i last open this blog... well, maybe i've already cured from the yesterday's phobia... ^^ er...it's not like there's something happen yesterday. that was just a...what we call that... uh...gaaahhh!!! just forget about it!
uh... i really don't know what i should say for today. maybe, i was just too bored right now. hm... so, bye2. xD

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