23 December 2011

HIATUS! x___x



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13 November 2011

New layout~

A/n: this won't be long post.

yey! at last!!! after a few times of struggling,
i got my new layout done... haha...
the background!!! DB5K of course...
dun ask me where i got the background.
and please do not steal it... >.>
i dunno if anyone know how to steal the background,
but for me, i know how.
and for those who know, DO NOT STEAL!!!!!

i almost die doing it and you steal for free???
NEVER!!!! D:<
if you steal it, i make sure that you won't live happily after that!
i swear!

huhu... *yawn*
so sleepy already. haha. till next time, guys.
bye2~~~ ZZZzzz...

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05 November 2011


okay, i know there's too many spider webs in here! oh god!
*swipe swipe* phewh!

okay, i don't have time now! just get to the point okay??
well, as you know (if you know), we Cassies are so busy on voting for TVXQ for the MNET Asian Music Award!!!
i don't want to look pathetic but, can i ask you to help us, Cassies to vote for TVXQ??
just vote them for 4 categories that is:

  • Best Male Group
  • Best Dance Performance - Male Group
  • Song of the Year
  • Artist of the Year

THANKS for those who wanna help us!

you can go HERE to vote!

please??? vote for TVXQ please? just for 4 categories! the rest, you can vote other artist that you may like.
well, i know this may sounds kinda rude, but we NEED TO DEFEAT Super Junior!
don't say that i didn't love SuJu! i love them! but... the first priority here is TVXQ!
please!!! help us!!! vote for them everyday. can you? T^T
if i'm telling you the way of me voting for them, you may say that i'm crazy.
but for you, just vote them once a day is enough for us!

Please Vote For TVXQ! if not for TVXQ, just do it for me can???
if you love me, vote for them pls? (lol)
pls pls pls!! T____T

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29 October 2011

[FANVID] JaeHo Tribute - If you're not the one...

i really love this video!!!
it's so beautiful... so... wonderful. ;____;
i really miss YunJae these days.
and of course i miss DB5K too. T^T
this is so hard...
i really need to see them comeback as 5 once again...
seriously... *crying forever*
YunJae is REAL!!!! i don't care what people want to say!
the love is so pure! ;___;
omg. i can't hold this feeling.

Cassies, you with me?
Let's pray so that they'll comeback to us,
in a group of 5 people,
but with one heart that shares everything.

Always Keep The Faith.

a/n: this is just a simple update from me. there are so many things that i wanna share with you guys but, i don't know how to start it. >.>
so, this is okay ne? huhu... jaa~

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23 October 2011

Exam Result! I'm SO Happy!!! XD

hello guys!!!!! :D
yey! i'm so in a good mood today~~
well, not really but, yea. haha!
there's nothing much to say...
just i really wanna share with you about my exam result...
it's not that great.. but still, it saves me from being expelled! thank God.

well, the full CGPA marks is supposed to be 4.00!
i'm not that good enough to get that 4.00 though.
but... at least... 3.70 is not that bad too right? hehe...
yep. that's my result. yey! :D
i'm so happy, chingu!!!
another 0.30 to achieve 4! hurm...
but, i'm so happy that i can still get a great result.
i can't believe myself too. :)
my cousin also said that maybe there's a reward for the result that i get.
but, nah. i don't really need it. i'm not putting my hope so high.
this is enough. ^^

but Allah can give His bless to anyone that He wants.

A?N: well, i demand a Drawing Tablet from mother for this result though. haha! XD

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18 October 2011

Secret Message from TOHOSHINKI 1st~5th ALBUM?

seriously i don't know who's the original owner of the pic!
but all credits goes to the owner! i'm just sharing stuffs >.<

How can i not love TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/HoMinJunJaeChun FOR THIS??
they can still keep their faith strong and it will get stronger from time to time.
but wae fans can't keep their faith as strong as them? waeyo???

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16 October 2011

111016 Maximum -- TVXQ5 DANCE PRACTICE

not gonna write much just...

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15 October 2011

[MAV+Lyrics] A Pink – ( Let Us Just Love) PtB OST.


ttonaegamwol(naegamwol)naegamwol(naegamwol)naegamwol jalmotaenni(ni~iii)
tukhamyeon ppijigo(ppijyeoseo)jichigo(jichineun)naemameul arajwo

(itjanhaBaby)neo ppuningeol naegaseumttwigehaneun hansaram
(aljanhaBaby)nado ojik neoppuningeol

urigeunyang saranghagehaejuseyo durissaujianke haejuseyo
ttaeron uisimhago datujiman geuraedo(geuraedo)geuraedo neol saranghae
ajigeorin najiman(jiman)nareulmideojullae eonjekkajikkajina(neoman saranghallae)
saranghagehaejuseyo yeongwontorok nayaksokhalkke

jjamkkanirado yeollagi andoemyeon dapdaphae dapdaphae dapdaphae dapdaphae waeirae(waeirae )
chingudeul mannareonagamyeon buranhae buranhae buranhae buranhae waeburanhaehae

(itjanhaBaby)Don’t be afraid niga ssuiun kongkkakjittaemune
(aljanhaBaby)neobakke moreuneun geol na nan neoppunya

urigeunyang saranghagehaejuseyo durissaujianke haejuseyo
ttaeron uisimhago datujiman geuraedo(geuraedo)geuraedo neol saranghae
ajigeorin najiman(jiman)nareulmideojullae eonjekkajikkajina(neoman saranghallae)
saranghagehaejuseyo yeongwontorok nayaksokhalkke

Rap>urin hangsang niga deojalhae ani niga deojalhae hangsang ireoke ssaugo neul
hwanaemyeo malhae dasi niga nappeunjit tto naega deo nappeunjit ttajijimalgo jebal uri Yeah~

urigeunyang saranghagehaejuseyo durissaujianke haejuseyo
ttaeron uisimhago datujiman geuraedo(geuraedo)geuraedo neol saranghae
ajigeorin najiman(jiman)nareulmideojullae eonjekkajikkajina(neoman saranghallae)
saranghagehaejuseyo yeongwontorok nayaksokhalkke

urigeunyang saranghagehaejuseyo durissaujianke haejuseyo
ttaeron uisimhago datujiman geuraedo(geuraedo)geuraedo neol saranghae

Just deal with my post okay?
i suddenly come to like this song because it's cute!!! >< not that i like A-pink though.

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08 October 2011

feels like moving. :\

hello guys...or girls... whatever! ahaks!
Good morning~ how do you do?

erm... lately... i was thinking of moving~
i mean, i want to move from blogger to LiveJournal.
but... i don't know.
i've said this several times but it just can't be done. :\
now blogger act seriously so strange! D:
i don't get it! T_____T

owh, i'll stop here.
i don't know what to say actually... =__=

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29 September 2011

[MV] Kim Jang Hoon n Kim Heechul Duet - Breakups Are So Like Me

sorry for the late post~
finally, the MV was released.
i'm late for about 3 days from the date it was released.
i've watch it for i don't know how many times already but i just didn't post it in here. huhu...
watching this makes me happy.
it's funny n i miss Heechul so much. :')

enjoy the video!

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26 September 2011

Happy #MiroticDay !

okay, today is... 26 September 2011 right?
yep. it is.
and do you know what all Cassies celebrate for today?
as you can read the title,
it's a Mirotic Day for us! :D

why? because on this day,
it has been 3 years since DBSK's Mirotic Album were released!
okay, it's already 3 years!
how fast the time goes? amazing yet, it's sad too.

and yesterday,
Junsu tweet something too.
it's... a heartbreaking. i feel so sad as i read his tweet.
he said:

[read from bottom to top]

서로 맘을놓지않고 모두 이겨내겠죠.. Cause you are my everything to me 너무나 좋아했던 이노래..우연히 오랫만에 들었어..근데 이노래가 낯설게 느껴지네...맘 아프게..

[TRANS: Not letting go of each other, we'll make it through everything.. Cause you are my everything to me - A song that I used to like very much. I heard it by chance after a long time..but this song became unfamiliar to me..and it hurts my heart.]

Don't say goodbye...

it's kinda sad to read his tweet. :(
but, all that we can do is keep on waiting and praying,
so that time will change everything back to normal.
i mean, DBSK will be 5 again.
i shall wait for it.

let's wait together!
DB5K hwaitng!
Cassiopeia hwaiting!

lastly, let's relax and enjoy yourself with this smoking HOT video!
okay, this is no porn!
just an MV. Mirotic by DBSK!

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23 September 2011

[Teaser] Kim Jang Hoon and Heechul’s duet

I miss Heechul so much. >.< ararararrarararararaaarararar...... HEECHUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gyaaaaahhhh!!! XD -THE END-

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[!!Cassies!!] An insight to what might Happen to Homin in SMe

okay, i was on twitter just now and someone shared a link to this article on Tumblr.
not an article i guess.
it's just a post by a Chinese-Casie(maybe).
Cassiopeia has to read this!
don't care if you're a stan or hater, hope that you can think about this thoroughly.
no war please. just read and think.


-Back then HoMin only thought about protecting the “DBSK” name. At the beginning of the court case, many of SM’s groups were still very new. SM still doesn’t have a group that could replace DBSK just yet.

Back then, SM HAD to say things like “We miss DBSK” and “We invested a lot of time in to them” and so forth. SM is relying on HoMin’s popularity to create and debut newer groups. JYJ have been banned on all variety shows, but have u noticed? HoMin isn’t on many variety shows either. (SHE PUT MORE THINGS HERE, BUT I’m NOT THAT GOOD AT CHINESE SO I KIND OF DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE SAID)

- Right now, SM is probably using this method: They are using HoMin’s popularity to earn more money to spend on their other groups and to debut new ones. They are using the least amount of money on HoMin while still exploring and exposing HoMin’s greatest potential. I mean, SM could really have concerts for HoMin to perform in right? So why aren’t they producing tours for them? SM also understands this clearly.Many go to the lives just to see TVXQ (HoMin), the red ocean in Tokyo Dome is self-explanatory. The news reports never properly credited them for their efforts. So those of you who did not attend the live show (I believe that she’s referring to Music Bank in Tokyo Dome)would naturally believe in what KBS said.

First they [SM] would not talk about HoMin’s popularity on TV, so that the Korean fans would slowly believe that their idols are not popular anymore, and when they’re introducing TVXQ, they would just say it quickly in one take. The goal? It’s to let TVXQ’s popularity and dominance to quietly fade away.

Do you still not see it?
They’re banning JYJ because of the lawsuit, but they’re also quietly blocking HoMin because they want to debut and promote newer groups (who in turn, will help SM earn even MORE money). IF one day, there might be a group that have reached TVXQ’S status,who knows? SME MIGHT REALLY KICK HOMIN OUT. THey will single-handedly pull down TVXQ.Whatever they said about “picking out the best of the best to form this group” and “we invested a lot of time in to them” will all be rubbish at that point.SM ONLY CARES ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY A GROUP CAN EARN THEM RIGHT NOW. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT HOW MANY #1’S THAT GROUP HAS EVER ACHIEVED . ONCE THAT GROUP LOSES THEIR POPULARITY,THEY WON’T CARE ABOUT HOW ‘LEGENDARY’ THE GROUP WAS BEFORE. AS LONG AS THE GROUP STARTS TO EARN LESS MONEY FOR THEM,THE GROUP WILL BE TRASH IN SM’S EYES.Remember the legendary H.O.T? Weren’t they the top group back then? And then what happened to them?

The Fourth Album came out on September 24, 2008. They also went on the Mirotic tour around the same time. They spent about 5-6 months advertising this album. They also came out with the 4th Japanese album during their Korean promotions.They came out with The Secret Code on March 25th.HoMin’s come back album was released January 5, 2011. Didn’t you guys think that DBSK was SM’s money tree? I also thought like that too.The two years and three months were surely enough time off to make sm go crazy over money right? So crazy that they can’t wait to produce a concert for Homin to earn more money? So why aren’t they doing it? If you count from the fourth album till now, that’s already MORE than 6 months. Isn’t it the perfect time to hold a concert now? But why is it that SM doesn’t seem to care about earning more money that way? And why are they still spending MORE money for Homin to go on shows to advertise?

Also, why didn’t they first release a KOREAN SINGLE and THEN release a Japanese single after a month or two? Instead, they released a fifth album for both Japan AND Korea in the same month. If sm says that it’s to keep their popularity up in Japan, then I want to say one thing.According to SM’s way of doing things,shouldn’t they release a new single then promote it with a tour? Isn’t that the most direct way to promote the new single?They’re extremely popular in Japan, there’s no doubt about that. If I remember correctly, AREN’T THEY THE FIRST KOREAN ARTISTS TO STEP ON THE TOKYO DOME STAGE AND HOLD A TOUR THERE? Actually, SM doesn’t even worry about their popularity in Japan. So why would they release two albums at once?

Maybe I thought of this a bit before the time when Changmin was injured. I always felt that JYJ’s departure would leave SM wondering if they (SM) did the right thing or not.I was so naive that I even believed that SM would treasure the current DBSK.But what really happened? Yunho’s leg got injured, remember?How long ago was his injury? Yet there are still scars of it.It must be such a deep injury that even after such a long time, it still hasn’t healed properly.They said that it was a “light” injury, but it still had to be wrapped. As far as I know, only BONE FRACTURES need to be wrapped as well as ligaments. If it was a ligament, then external heat would’ve healed it faster. Anyhow, SM has not been clearly explaining about Changmin’s wrist injury. I just want to say that we are NOT experts, but we can still ANALYZE THESE TYPE OF THINGS.

I don’t want to be so naive as to actually believe in what SM says. SM is trying to cover up many many things by saying that they are very happy right now.SM will never change.They are still treating HoMin the same way as they did before. As for Yunho & Changmin, I could only say that they got used to it. also, when you guys say that Yunho and Changmin are traitors,have you used your heads to think? Think of what Park Yoochun said in his lyrics in the “Untitled Song”. “ “At last, I never imagined us being so big over seas, so I stepped up and joined the company. Then, the results came out negative of what we saw it as. I thought it was stated wrong so I re-checked the matters of it all. Damn, I fell to all the ‘expenses’ of everything. What kind of freaking expenses were paid off on so much money? I remember the company saying if we left it would be difficult for us. You’re just like the rest of the sunbaes. Did you expect us to stay and earn you money?”

When they were a five membered group, why do you think they stayed in SM and experienced all that was mentioned in Yoochun’s song? Easy. It was for us, fans and for the members themselves. If homin left too, then we would never be able to scream out the name “DONG BANG SHIN KI” out to the members. I always thought that HoMin were at a safe place, and that SM would change their ways. Yunho and Changmin look like they’re having it easy, don’t they? But really, they have many many responsibilities upon their backs and many tears that they’re trying to hold back.

It is easy to realize that the five have gone through many obstacles during this period. Yunho forced himself to who knows what level in order to skate perfectly on Kiss&Cry.Falling down and then getting back up and then falling and getting up again.After skating practice, he has to go up on stage and put on a perfect singing and dancing performance. I think, that it might not be what he wanted to do? Being the leader IS that difficult.When they go on shows, he has to say a few things. Even if they’re just a few words, he has to constantly remember and practice in his head what to say, and whether or not it’s suitable to say it.

CHANGMIN. Think of how hard was it for him to wear a cast in such hot weather.That’s all we could see, as fans, but really how much pain has he had to endure? How many times has this happened before? Changmin is speaking less now. Many people will argue that he speaks more NOW than when they were a 5 membered group. I noticed that one time on a show, all he did was just smile.Maybe what they were saying were really that funny?He’s really simple. So simple that he just wants to stand on stage and sing.

YOOCHUN- Why do you think that he felt the need to write “Untitled Song”?( I’m not sure what she put here since I really don’t know that much chinese) When this song came out, SM blocked JYJ even MORE.He wrote this song and expressed all the painful experiences they had during the 7 years together as a debuted group. A 7 minute song that expresses to us how much pain they had to endure. Sungkyung kwan Scandal, the first drama that you starred in, but you weren’t able to promote properly. In the end, you prevailed and was awarded.

JAEJOONG- was forced to personally contact their sponsors for their concert tour. He had to endure all the insults and criticisms for whenever he mentions anything about missing DB5K and for changing his twitter to “JYJ from TVXQ”.He loves them so much. He loves them so much that he even says that the songs he wrote all belong to the five members of TVXQ or at this point, he’s not afraid anymore.Actually, they can all stand on stage together. Even he said that he never thought that he would be blocked from promoting in his own country.All he could do is upload pictures of Jeju island on his twitter while carrying many sorrows in his heart.

JUNSU- The most innocent and honest one. Like Changmin, he quietly completes his work.Do you all still remember the time when a group of anti’s were deliberately attacking him on twitter?He’s so innocent and helpless.It breaks my heart, but I never know what to do for him.Even if it’s just a practice session he’s a perfectionist.You all don’t know what happened. Junho stopped promoting in Korea, so there was Japan left.Why do you think he stopped promoting in Korea?Hey, you anti’s can’t even leave his brother alone!Then afterwards, all Junsu could do was say very poetic but very depressing things.

THE FIVE: Ever since their debut, they’ve fought for their dream.Fighting for that one ending that they all dreamed of.There’s always us (Cassiopeia). Without us, they would not know who to sing to.They don’t seem to say that because of us, that they’re very happy anymore.At this moment, I don’t hope for anything complicated. I just hope that they are all very well.

Maybe they’ve all found their own reasons? As for me, I haven’t found a reason just yet. All I know is that I still love them.I already said to myself that “If they are not TVXQ, then they should just be Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho,Park Yoochun and Shim Changmin.Maybe that’s how mysterious my heart is? I can accept the entire world, but yet I can only accept the Five of you.

i cried as i read this.
how about you? have you ever think of all of this?
Cassiopeia is for them. without us, they will not as strong as now.
whether it's JYJ or HoMin (i rather call them as HoMin rather than TVXQ cuz JYJ is also TVXQ),
they need us.
and Cassies, why became seriously selfish nowadays???
did you know everything and every single things deep inside their heart when you're bashing JYJ or HoMin?
that wasn't Cassiopeia is all about! Cassiopeia is all about getting together and support 5 of them!
not just two or three of them!
sometimes, i miss the old Cassiopeia.
whoever you are right now, stans or haters, i believe that you're once part of Cassiopeia.
why changed so much??? don't be so selfish by only think about what you want and how you feel without even think about how the boys are feeling!

i'm so proud of some fans that still love all 5 of them.
never give up will you?
keep on praying so that they can be together again.
keep in your mind that, if there's no Yunho, Jaejoong, Junsu, Changmin and Yoochun,
there will be no TVXQ! and when there's no TVXQ,
there'll be no a fandom called as CASSIOPEIA that is where you're standing now!


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I'm So Sad... :((

hello guys... *sigh
actually, i don't know how to say this but.... *sigh
Cassiopeia...is all about loving all of the members of DB5K.
that means, loving Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin.
still keep the faith, and will wait for them to comeback even it means forever.

but... In Youtube, as i read most of the comments,
my heart...just can't bare with the comments. :(
okay, i am a YunJae shipper.
of course if someone called YunJae shippers as delusional,
i feel so angry(sad). i feel like i wanna cry.
and i cried.

and when someone said that:
in my mind, i said "JYJ is still TVXQ"
so what's with the separation???
omg. i dunno but
i hate it when people said something like that!

hurm.... when will all of this end???
i hope, it will soon. i can't stand this anymore.
but i'll stay strong.
i'll always wait for them. :'(
oh God. pls give me strength!

a/n: erm... well, i just remember something about JYJ's new MV, 'GET OUT'.
hehe. there's a part where Yoochun dance is kinda familiar to me.
i tried to remember from where was it.
but then, it suddenly appeared in my mind.
it was a dance step from Yoochun's song, 'The Way You Are'!
oh god! this makes me happy for a bit! hehe. ^^

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19 September 2011

[audiovid+lyric] Why - Ayumi Hamasaki ft. JUNO

From Ayumi's Album; FIVE. :)

W/N: the song in this vid ended badly. i don't know why. >.<

Lyric Romaji:

Are kara toki wa tachi nani ga kawatta n darou
Kyori wa nani o toozaketa n darou
Kizutsuke nai you ni sukoshi hanareta no wa
Kizutsuka nai tame datta no kana

Hanarete ite mo kikoete iru yo
Boku no namae yobu koe
Doko ni ite mo sagashite shimau yo
Kimi no ushirosugata

* Ai tai yo toka samishii yo toka
Doushite motto tsutae nakatta n darou
Yasashisa to wagamama no chigai
Sore sae wakara zu ni

Taisetsu datta no wa me o awaseru koto de
Kawasu kotoba no kazu ja nakkata

Pride nante sutete shimae ba
Ima wa chigatte ita kana

** Aishite ru tte nando ii kakete
Ie nakute tte kurikaeshita n darou
Dono kurai ato tsuyoku nare ba
Bokura wa yokatta no

Futari egaita yume wa chikai atta mirai wa
Ano hi kara sukoshizutsu boyake dashite miushinatta
Te o nobashite mita kedo doko ni mo todoka nai yo
Why... wow

* (repeat)
** (repeat)


Time has passed since then, what has changed?
What did the distance keep away from me?
I moved a little away so as not to hurt you
But was it actually because I didn't want to be hurt?

Though we are apart, I can hear
The voice calling my name
Wherever I may be, I seek for
Your back

* Why didn't I tell you more often
Like "I want to see you" and "I feel lonely"?
I didn't even know the difference
Between tenderness and selfishness

The important thing was to meet our eyes
And not the number of the words we exchanged

If I had thrown away my pride
Are the things different now?

** How many times did I try to say, "I love you"
And couldn't I say so again and again?
How much stronger should we have been
To make it better?

The dream we pictured and the future we promised each other
Have faded little by little since that day and I lost sight of them
I try to reach out, but can reach nowhere
Why... wow

* (repeat)
** (repeat)

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17 September 2011

JYJ - In Heaven [MV+Lyric]

JYJ - In Heaven


Jigeum waseo malhal sudo eobseo
Neoui gijeok geu modeun ge heosang gata
Majimak geu moseubdo seoseohi gieok sogeman
Jamgyeojyeo ganeun geotman gata

Eodinga-eseo nal bogoisseulkka
Huhwehaedo neujeobeoryeo bol su eobseo

Chueoge geurimja-e chokchokhan nae nunmulman
Geu jaril jigyeobogo isseo

Nan mothae jeongmal mothae
Niga nae gyeothe isseul ttae mankeum
Mianhande geuge andwae
Ijen modeun ge tteolryeowa

Jogeum deo gidarida
Kkum sokeul hemaeida (hemaeida)
Gyeolguk ni aneseo nuneul gameulkkabwa

Kajima tteo najima
Nae gyeothe isseojul suneun eobtni
Geojitmal da geojitmal
Jeonhyeo deulijiga anha

Saranghae neol saranghae
Han madi boyeojul suneun eobtni
Saranghae neol saranghae
Tto dashi saranghae jugettni

Byeolsseo ireon gyeojeol jinawasseo
Neoui heunjeok chajabwado jiwojyeosseo
Majimak ni gieokdo nunmure teoneol sokeuro
Jamgyeojyeoganeun geotmal gata

Naneun mollae kkumeul kkullae
Nega neo yeope ittjireul anha
Mianhande iman galke
Ijen neoui gireul ttara

Kkeuteobneun gireul ttara neol chaja hemaeida (hemaeida)
Geunyeoreul irghoseo seulpeomanhalkkabwa

Kajima tteo najima
Nae gyeothe isseojul suneun eobtni
Geojitmal da geojitmal
Jeonhyeo deulijiga anha
Saranghae neol saranghae
Han madi boyeojul suneun eobtni

Kajima kajima isseojeul su ittni
Geojitmal geojitmal deulrijiga anha
Saranghae saranghae boyeojul su ittni
Saranghae saranghae saranghae jugettni

Kajima kajima isseojeul su ittni
Geojitmal geojitmal deulijiga anha
Saranghae saranghae boyeojul su ittni
Jebal dorawajweo...

Kajima tteo najima
Nae gyeothe isseojul suneun eobtni
Geojitmal da geojitmal
Jeonhyeo deuliji anha

Saranghae neol saranghae
Han madi boyeojul suneun eobtni
Saranghae neol saranghae
Tto dashi saranghae jugettni

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14 September 2011

YUNJAE news! NEW!!! :) [EDITTED]



how's your day? it's been a very long time ne?
there's lots of webs on my blog already! *swept all the webs*
today there's no exams so i'm kinda relax a bit. ;)
well, tomorrow there's English exam. guuuhhh... dunno what to read act.
nothing to read, maybe. :P

okay! enough with those ridiculous conversations~
today i'm gonna update something about YUNJAE! XD
seriously... YUNJAE's love still goes on! ^^


Yunho signed the picture on 9/9/11 in NYC! :D
he even added two HEARTS!!!! *_*
and well, he also signed the picture where Jaejoong also signed it on 11/11/10!
oh god...oh god... i can't be more happy than this!

that's for Yunho's part.
the second one! XD
Jae also signed a YunJae pictures on 10/9/11!
and he circled Yunho's armpit~ pfft. (=w=)
he's so cute!!!

i got the feeling. a very good feeling about all of these!
i don't know but... this made me so happy as a Cassie and a YunJae shipper. ^^
oh god... this month is a great month for me.
even though it wasn't that great when i have to answer all exam questions in the exam hall. >_>

Next, it wasn't about YunJae but JYJ.
i found it on a fanaccount.
it's about Hayato's blog post about them.

"Because more than anything, they want to come meet JYJ’s Japanese fans..

15th and 16th of October, to people who will go and to people who will not go, it will become a day that cannot be forgotten.

An UNFORGETABLE day in Japan… the value of that, it can not be bought with money… there is no doubt that it will give an emotional value that is worth so much more.

That is JYJ."

about what he said... actually, it looks like something big will happen.
i just... i don't know. but _/10/11 seems to keep on reminding me of something.
he even said that, "it will become a day that cannot be forgotten"
i know that he was talking about JYJ. but... who knows?
maybe... on that day... TVXQ will be 5 once again? who knows?
if that really happens, yea... those moments are not going to be forgotten.
even if it wasn't going to happen, it still can't be forgotten.
it will never fade from our minds whether it was DB5K, JYJ or HOMIN.
somehow... i won't give up on my hope.
i'll always keep on waiting for them. let other people says anything to me.
who cares? as long as i won't become a stan or a hater...


the source of those info, i ain't gonna post it here.
afraid if stans or haters start to bash the owner sites.
if you want to bash me, you can. but not to the true owner.
if you know the owner, shhh. don't tell.
keep it to yourself. and thanks to the owner of those great infos.
i'm just sharing some of it. ^^~

Good Night! Oyasumi! ;D

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02 August 2011

Yunho Talking To Jae by Phone In JAPAN??? :D

Source: kpopsecrets
shared by: BOBOYUNJAE


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18 July 2011

For my dear friend...

Friends Are...

As the season changes,
It has been a very long time since that day,
The day where we always laugh and cried together,
Where are you now?

The rain keeps on pouring everyday,
On sunny days it falls,
Thinking of you nonstop,
Do you still remember me?

Friends are together,
Crying, smiling, laughing, and sharing,
Friends are together,
No matter what or where we are…

I can never bare my life anymore,
Calling you never be a difficult thing,
But why it’s so quiet?
Do you hear my voice?

Please shout.
Shout it out when you heard me.
Please at least tell me where you are.
I really need to find you.

Friends are,
Missing each other,
Till the end of life,
Till we close our eyes,

Never forget each other…


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14 July 2011

[News] The Misunderstanding About Kim Jaejoong's Ideal Type

Recently, JYJ member Kim Jaejoong, had started his solo activities as an actor of the SBS drama series “Protect the Boss”, and accepted an interview at Nonhyun-Dong.

In an interview in February 2010, Kim Jaejoong had revealed, “My ideal type would be someone similar to a housewife”, attracting much attention for having made such a statement. After that, he said jokingly, “Please come to me now, I’m really dying”; he created a stir among his fans for having made such a confession jokingly.

When the journalist was surprised to Kim Jaejoong’s confession of having a housewife as his ideal type, Kim jaejoong said, “Maybe I didn't express myself well at that point of time. I just meant, I’d like a girl who can manage household chores and cook well.”

Kim Jaejoong revealed, “Because I love cleaning up and cooking, I would love a girl that could do these with me.”

Because of his identity as an artiste, his personal activities may be restricted as a JYJ member, hence unable to meet up with anyone, not being able to go into a relationship. “Actually, I feel lonely at times. If you know anyone decent, could you introduce her to me?”
Source: [baidutvxq] and [tvdaily]
Shared by: Daily Kpop News

I'm sorry Jae... i won't introduce you to any girls. (.___.) i'm a girl but... i prefer you to be with Yunho forever than any other girl. but if it still happens, maybe i will cry a river. i don't care what people wanna say. i'm a HARDCORE YUNJAE SHIPPER. (.___.)

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11 July 2011

DBSK - Picture of You

suddenly got the urge to post this lyric.
i just miss them so much that i cried so much just for them. T____T
i cried each time i heard this song... T^T

DBSK - Picture of You

Jonyok nouri jigo hana dul kyojinun
Bulbichul taraso noege gago iso

Chagaun barame umchurin ne okaega
Naeryo antgi jone naega gamsajulke

Nal bwa love you
Babogatun gudae
Gu modun goshi naegen da sojunghangol

*gudae wiro toorun taeyangmankum
Nuni bushin I gasumuro
Gidaryojun shiganmankum nol naega jikyojulke

Gidohan modun kumi ganjolhan
Nae hyanggiro nama uril hyanghae iso
More than the air I breathe

Balgaol achime hamke usul su innun
Naui baraemduri irwo jil su itdorok

Naega gidarilke (MICKY)(gidarilke)
Ne son nochi anhulke
Nunmul punira haedo naega dakajulke

Kuchi boiji anhado
Amuri homhan giriljirado yaksokhalke
My my my please be mine

*gudae wiro toorun taeyangmankum
Nuni bushin I gasumuro
Gidaryojun shiganmankum nol naega jikyojulke

Saranghandago ijen gudae punirago

Jo hanul kute sorichyo jonhago shipo

Love you tojildutan gasumi gu
Daerul burugo iso

Apun shiryoni uril chajawado
Gu apume mok meowado
Da orumanjyo jul su innun naega do saranghalke
Tumyonghan usumkochi banjjaginun jo byol
Arumdapge nol nomanul bichwojulke
Gudae wiro toorun taeyangmankum
Nuni bushin I gasumuro
Gidaryojun shiganmankum nol naega jikyojulke
Saranghae nol saranghae
Gajang nunbushin gudae kumgyolgatun

I mam
More than the air I breathe

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/d/dbsk/#share

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Baking~ Baking~ Is my passion! :D

won't post any long story.
just wanna share a picture of my homemade cakes~
i mean... cupcakes. :D

I just simply LOVE baking cakes! :D
especially this rainbow cakes~~ ^^

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10 July 2011

To Heechul~! :D

saeng-il chughahabnida!

hehe... Heedictator RULES!!! XD

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09 July 2011

YUNJAE n their clues... hm... e_e

long time no SEE....? o_o
argh.... today is Saturday, and tomorrow is Sunday.
that means... my holiday is going to over. >___<
yes... it's my mid sem holiday. but only for one week. grrr...
i wish it was longer. :\

i was holding my tears for the whole week.
i just... i miss them. i miss DB5K.
and i just bought a DVD of them that i've searched for it for a very long time now.
i thought that it will be not available anymore now.
but, i was so happy when i found it at a DVD store i've went to. (TwT)
it's an AADBSK1 DVD. i cried when i watch it. (;_____;)
i don't know how long i can hold my feelings anymore.
it's been a very long time now since the lawsuit case.
and there's so many rumors regarding YunJae that i don't know whether it's true or not. I TOTALLY HOPE THAT IT WAS TRUE!

and recently, i read about HoMin's interview on An An Magazine.
they're asked about their future activities, and started to picture each other in 10 years..
Yunho said

"Changmin will have married, and said “He will be a big star outside the house but a strict teacher-like dad at home”"

Then, Changmin said about Yunho
“I can’t anticipate whether he will have married or not because he is quite unpredictable. But I’m sure he will be running flat out, even harder than now”

Do you know how happy am i??? is that a clue??? Changmin??? is THAT A CLUE TO YUNJAE REALNESS??? *_____*
why did i said that? it's because, before this, Yunho said that he probably will get married when he was 27, then he change it to 30, but then now, he said that he don't even sure about getting married in another 10 years. that's weird isn't it???
argh! just get married with Jae already. wae so stubborn??? D:<

haish! if in another several years i have enough money and i can speak korean/japanese, i'll definitely go to korea n work for them. then, another couple of months, you'll heard about them from me. ahahahahahaaha~~~!!!!! lolol. big dream huh? (>.<)

okay... enough with those craps. =___=
before i end my entry, just accept this as an eye candy a gift from me...


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24 June 2011


Assignments came after one and another!!!
Can I SCREAM now???!!!

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21 May 2011

Silent Doesn't Mean Gone.

yea, i'm talking about myself. =.=
college is killing.
and i can't online so much.
it kills me when i can only shares one of my friend's broadband with my other 3 roommates! D:
hm.... it's boring actually. the first week is kinda boring.
our class just keep on dropping subjects and most of the class ended without any lecturers teaching us. e_e
it's tiring. seriously, what the fish! =_=

hm... whatever! now i'm not in a mood to write something long.
so, bye!

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05 May 2011


.click the picture for the full size.
CREDITS: @saelovedbsk on Twitter

i was so happy back then until i forgot about her.
but now, i have to be serious.
she's our friend in CASSIOPEIA.
read the article made by one of the Cassie then you'll understand her story.
i can't help it but to cry.
she's a strong girl. she still hope that she can meet Changmin-ssi even once!
please Cassiopeia! don't keep on stay happy while our dear friend right here needs your supports and helps!
pls spread this even you're not one of the CASSIOPEIA!
i'm begging you to PLEASE SPREAD THIS not for CASSIOPEIA, but for her!
i don't care if you're Asian people or Western people! whoever that came into my blog and accidentally read this post of mine, please!
help her to fulfill her last wish before she go.
PLEASE! i don't ask you to do anything else, just spread this article around by posting it on your blog!
Please. Help us to fulfill our friend last wish.


[PIC] + Random Quote.

Even if today is full of darkness, sadness, and sorrow. The future will always stay bright. that's why i won't give up. that's why, i will always keep my faith...

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01 May 2011

110429 JYJ song on TVXQ! Press Conference


In the first video, you may not hear the ringtone sound that loud. but, just look at Changmin's reaction. he's kinda speechless when he heard it! XD
and Yunho too... argh! just watch it! :D

Here's the second video...~ you can hear the song clearly. huhu... not that clear, but still... :D

what is the ringtone's song? it is, JYJ - Be My Girl remix.

Video Credit: HeavensWine5

30 April 2011

kecewa... tapi...

memang aku rasa cam nak tumbuk je muka-muka orang yang aku benci.
aku tak tau la aku bengang kat sape yang sebenarnye.
tapi aku makin lama makin bengang biler orang cakap buruk tentang Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK).
bukan tu je. aku pun naik bengang dengan DBSK sendiri.
aku sendiri pun tak tau kenapa aku leh jadi bengang dengan diorang.
dengan orang sekeliling diorang, GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm MAD!!!!
I HATE THIS! WHY???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay. sori.
jangan salah anggap biler aku cakap yang aku bengang dengan DBSK.
aku masih sayang sangat dengan diorang. aku rindu diorang giler-giler!
aku rasa kalo nak kira tangisan aku ni mana yang lagi banyak, antara untuk diri aku sendiri atau untuk diorang, jawapannye untuk diorang la.
asal aku dengar je lagu diorang, aku nangis.
asal aku tengok gambar diorang, aku nangis.
asal aku tengok video diorang aku nangis.
asal aku teringat kat diorang, aku nangis.
asal aku tengok keadaan diorang sekarang and compare dengan yang masa dulu, aku nangis.
sampai tahap aku rasa kecewa sangat!
aku rasa aku dah tak boleh tahan lagi dah.

aku tertanya-tanya, boleh ke aku tunggu diorang lagi?
tunggu sampai diorang dapat bersama semula dalam satu kumpulan?
boleh ke?
aku jadi runsing dengan perkara yang mungkin sekarang korang cakap, perkara REMEH.
tapi hanya aku je yang tahu tentang perasaan ni.
orang lain nak cakap ape, cakap la. aku tak kisah.

tapi, apabila diri ini telah mengecap diri sendiri sebagai salah seorang daripada CASSIOPEIA,
aku dah berjanji yang aku akan tetap sokong diorang tak kira ape pun.
ape pun yang terjadi, aku tetap akan bersama-sama dengan diorang walaupun diorang tak tahu aku ni sape, dan aku kat mana.
tapi yang pastinye diorang tahu yang CASSIOPEIA selalu dengan diorang.
PEMBENCI boleh berkata apa-apa yang diorang inginkan.
tapi diorang tak boleh ubah pendirian kami semua.

dah la. aku dah merapu meraban dah ni.
kenapa aku tiba-tiba pakai bahasa melayu?
entah. nak cuba lepaskan perasaan dalam bahasa kebangsaan pulak.
jangan cakap aku ni tiba-tiba ade jiwa patriotisme lak.
tak akan ade. serius aku cakap. nak marah, marah la... tak heran aku!
dah la. nak blah! baik aku main HS5 lagi bez. =_=


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27 April 2011

Haters are my New Entertainer~ XD

well, i tell you what, i have a hater in Youtube.
well, she's a hater to YunJae n JYJ too.
she said that she's a CASSIE. but for the true Cassie, she's nothing but a TRASH.
how dare a true Cassie hates JYJ but only love HoMin?
and don't she feels ashame of herself when she said that?
i bet that she doesn't know that Cassiopeia was made up by these 5 beautiful singers.
Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin n Yunho.
that's it. it's 5. not 2, or 3. but 5.
even though there's 5 of them, but their heart is 1.
that means, hating 1 or 2 of them, and you will be considered as hating all of them.

haish... haters this days...
when she ends up doesn't know what to say anymore, she used bad words.
cursing on us, the True Cassies n also JYJ. and she still considered herself as a Cassie?
lol. she's funny! i told you, she's seriously funny! XD
she called me a dummy, but she's the true dummy~ she just never realize it.
cute isn't she? lolol.
haters are my new entertainers right now~ XD
when they're gone, my life is empty. ahahaks!!

but i feel really sad that she didn't respect her favorite artist's wishes. (well, she said that she loves HoMin *sigh*)
Yunho said that "no matter how far we're separated (HoMin n JYJ), we'll come back together one day".
but this girl, who called herself a 'fan' doesn't respect Yunho's wishes.
poor HoMin for having this kind of 'fan'.

but, no worries.
the true Cassiopeians will always respect the boys' wishes!
we will never let them down! we love them! all of them 5!

Cassiopeia, fighting!
DB5K, fighting!

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26 April 2011


And she ask me to ask my mom to drag me off from Youtube. lolol. XDD
well... haters gonna hate. but i love my hater. *winks*
they're cute n funny when they tried to fight me back.
lol. A true Cassies won't give up and get angry so easily.
we use good and soft words instead of saying something like, "FUCK OFF BITCH!" or "SHUT YOU SHITTY MOUTH UP!" or "GO TO HELL, YOU DUMBASS!". nope. i won't.
in the end, she's really out of her words to fight me back.
she can only said something short n simple. n she's calling me a DUMBO? lololol!!! XD
well, i wonder if she's talking about herself? :P
i love it when she ask me to retreat but in the end, she's the one who gave up first.
because she's dumb and lack of ideas on how to fight us, the YunJae lovers.

i can only laugh at her. XD

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24 April 2011

imma putting my blog on HIATUS again... =_=

i've ABANDONED my blog for so long ne?
i'm sorry my blog. but i'm busy on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, n Tumblr.
and also, i'm busy reading some FANFICS. *smirk*
nothing to SHARE on blogger anymore.
i'm OUT of IDEA. and it's boring in here. *wink*
so, GOODBYE for now i guess? i will be back if i want to.
JAA minna~~!!

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21 April 2011

Congrats to Matsuyama Kanichi n Koyuki! ^^

It has been revealed that actor Matsuyama Kenichi and Koyuki already tied the knot on April 1st. According to both of their agencies, the couple delayed the announcement to the public under the consideration of the Japan disaster victims.

Back in the year 2008, the two first met when they both starred in the movie, Kamui Gaiden and since then their relationship grew.

Congratulations to the new wedded couple!
Credits: Rekuru
Source: Tokyohive.com
Shared by: MikaYJlover


w/n: i wonder what will happen if my friend know this. hehe. she really love Kenichi since he was the one who played 'L' role in Death Note the movie.
you have to bless them, okay my friend? lol. XDD
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19 April 2011

To My Beloved Blog Visitors... I'm sorry.

firstly, i wanna say thanks for coming to my blog.
i really appreciate it. even though you didn't leave any comments on any of my posts, but still, i am happy. thanks once again.
i always check my Shoutbox. i love it when people keep on leaving their traces in my shoutbox.

but please, as an owner of my own dear beloved blog, i really hate to see any kind of ads like "please come and see what I'm selling", and all of that.
I'm sorry but, i don't like it. more over if it was about babies/kids clothes.
I'm sorry once again but, i don't like it.
and once again, I'm sorry but it's annoying.

I am truly sorry if any of you feels kinda... hurt with this message.
but please. please at least, respect me as this blog owner ne?
I'm sorry. you can hate me. but don't annoy me.

I'm sorry once again.

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No Words Can Describe Their Love...

it's been a very long time ne?
i was on TUMBLR for too long until i was so tired from reblogging posts in there. >.< then, i changed to Twitter, and Youtube. in Twitter, i just knew that HeavensWine (HW) has uploaded a new YunJae vid!

there's some notes from HW too...:

@mjjeje's birthday message to Yunho {through his iple account}

"I wanted to ask (someone). Why I was lost in the woods... Why I followed such difficult love... Why I could not find such happiness in my life... Now I know.. That I'm happy to have someone who understands me and cares about me..."

To: Yunho

Are you tired recently? My Yunho, whenever I see your fatigue body, I think the reason you became the leader is because you have to tolerate all the hardship. I want to help shoulder some burden but am always unable to. Yunho, there would not be me if not for you. My other half, Yunho, I love you.

From: Kim Jae Joong

(Jaejoong's letter to TVXQ members)

is that not enough to show that YunJae are seriously, REAL?!
i was wondering why haters keep on bashing us, the YunJae lovers. they keep on saying that we're delusional.
but one of the haters changed his/her point of view and had a comment posted too:
I must confess. Until a while ago, I always believed YunJae fans are just being delusional. But after watching this, screw it. I thought, for the very first time, 'Oh no! YunJae must be real.'

I'm not saying that I'm a fan now but I want to apologize to all YunJae fans for thinking you're all crazy delusional beings, selfish and scared beings who does not pay attention to TVXQ as a whole, who cares only about YunJae.

Now, I realize, I must be the one not paying attention the whole time. Sorry.
To this person, all of YunJae fans will love you too like we love our friends.

anybody wanna deny this? is there? come out here! we have to face each other like a real girl! lol. okay, i'm not kidding. *stares* and of course, pulling each other's hair is not my thing.
ugh! just forget about it already!

i'm not gonna say so much. to YunJae lovers, enjoy!
and i've said this before,
we may have the same eyes that can see.
but we can never have the same heart that can feel
so haters, say what you want to say, waste your energy, your voice, your time, and your everything, but we will never change our mind about YunJae.
because YunJae is REAL. we see it with our eyes. and we also feel it with our heart. :)

YunJae lovers,
Always Keep The Faith!

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11 April 2011

Yesterday was a Heart Breaking Time. =.=

don't ask me why. because i will not tell you about it in detail.
but enough if i just say that, watching Yunho doing photoshoot with another woman, pergh.... makes me go all around my room screaming silently (because it's 1:00a.m at that time) like a crazy girl. =.=
i can never think about that. don't wanna think about that.
it makes me sad too. because he's doing it while Jaejoong was so far from him.
okay, as i said, I am a HARDCORE YunJae lover. so, deal with it. =_=

i don't know what will happen to him IF Jaejoong was with him at that time.
dang it! i hate those women. posing happily with Yunho and Minnie.

grrrrr....!!!! GAAAAHHHHH!!!!!
i don't need anything else. ;____;

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09 April 2011

Bye2 Blogger... hiks.

I feel sorry for my blogger lately...
i've been abandoning it for a long time just for TUMBLR.
well..., i have least friends there but all of them are just the same as me.
i mean, we have the same interest.
in Blogger... hm... maybe my interest are the reason why people hate me.
i'm sorry folks. but this is just me and myself life.
i won't blame anyone.
feeling upset? haha! no~ of course i'm not. don't worry too much.
i have other places that i can go in this so-called-world-wide-web.
so, i don't have to worry. :)
oh yea, and.. i love Yaoi. so, i support YunJae.
wanna bash me? leave me? go on.
i won't be effected. because there's thousands of my friends out there called Cassiopeia are just the same as me.
we love DBSK, we believe in them while other people called us delusional.
we don't care what other people say. delusional? crazy?? mentally disorder???
who cares ne? Cassiopeians are strong enough to fight all of those bad impression that been thrown to us.
and I always said that HATERS are just like ONE against THOUSANDS or MILLIONS or TRILLIONS of LOVERS.
so, we Cassies just don't have to worry. if one of the Cassie nearly fell down, thousands of other Cassies will come and help until that Cassie stood up again no matter how hard it is.
because we believe that, DBSK will always be with us. they trust us. they love us.
we don't need anything else other than that.

now i'm blabbering too long ne? just want to send some reminders to the haters out there.
i don't mean any harm. :)
jaa, Blogger. maybe i will be back here if i have the time and mood.

wanna know my activities? just go to my TUMBLR account. thanks.

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08 April 2011


aaaaahh!!!!! it's been a long time!!!
hello there!!! i miss my blog so much but i just found a new thing to post in here~!!
ahaks! don't worry. this won't be a K-pop entry.
this will be a J-rock entry! XD
i just knew about this band. credit goes to Edohsama
and thanks to Edohsama because making me totally shocked with this band!

okay!!!! let's check it out!!! XD

lots of PINK ne...? o___o
hehe... oops. sorry guys.
but they're women MEN.
ahahahahaha!!! XD

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07 April 2011

Omo. Jaejoong as a GIRL! XD

Okay, I know this is OLD.
but... yea, it's not a wrong thing to share something ne??? XD
look how Jaejoong really looks like a girl in here?!
he's so BEAUTIFUL! *_*

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Me, Mom, and DB5K

I'm watching TV with my mom just now.

me: *keep on switching the channels from cooking to music*

mom: don't have the bands that you like?

me: hm... nah. wait for a bit longer. there must be.

*waiting for about 3 or 5 mins*

me: *switching to music channel and there's Yunho!* OMG!!! asdfghjkl!!! DBSK!!! (;A;)

(p/s: yea, it's the DB5K. Jae is still with his raven black hair)

mom: owh, the one that you mentioned and show me before? you like which one? that one? *pointing to Yunho*

me: all actually but yep!!! ;___; and that one too!! *pointing to Jae* (Yea... a YunJae minded me)

mom: owh... he's married right?

me: WHAT??!! MOM! if he's married, than I'll die in front of my laptop for a long time ago! >A<!

mom: oops. my mistake.

(okay, i forgot about this at that time. yes, he's married. to YUNHO. ahaks!)

hehe... this is what happened to me just a while ago. XD
my mom's really understands me so well~
glad that my appa is already asleep. =_=

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06 April 2011


And so, eventually, we realized that we can’t trust anybody else but the boys. I feel betrayed, for I had trusted Avex to protect the boys… But I guess I was too naive.

My heart hurts thinking about what these guys have done to deserve all these. Why is the world so cruel to them? What wrong have they done? Just as things were looking bright from outside, the ugly truth from beneath got exposed. And I really can’t believe that all along, I was really thinking that things were moving in a positive direction. It has been really hard on the guys. They just want to do what they enjoy doing most… They just want to sing and perform, liberated from all the binding contract clauses that hinder them. And all along, they’ve been trying so hard, too hard, to the extent that just to fulfil their promises to us fans, they gritted their teeth and did what the agency asked them to do although the terms of contract are unfair, only to get this kind of treatment. This is absolutely too much for them to bear.

We always call them Gods, but they’re like us too… Human beings, with flesh and blood, and emotions. It’s too much on their mental health.I just want them to stop for a while. Rest. Forget for the time being.

And because of this, I find myself wanting to love them even more now… Because eventually, nobody is going to be on our boys’ sides, other than us.

To the boys… Have you grown skeptical of the real world? It’s alright if you have. But just remember that, when others abandoned you, played you around, CASSIOPEIA IS WITH YOU. We’ll be the ones which you can put your trust in. We’ll go through this together. BE STRONG. Such beautiful voices musn’t remain silent. You guys MUST sing on. Hold on. Overturn the ugliness in this industry. Beautify it. Come back stronger than ever, and show those who treated you like some play thing that you’re capable of doing things yourself.

Remember that you’re never far from home, this pearl red ocean. We will always be your sanctuary. #BeStrongTVXQ


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[LYRIC] DBSK - Survivor

Everytime, everyday
Ima dare mo ga Survivor
Looking for every way
Kono jitai ni Don't give up

Koko kara tachiagatte
Hikari sagashite
Chance ni kaeyo
Issho ni Let's try
(Oh baby, let's try)

Kokoro ni One smile
Mitsuke tara Shine on me
Two smile
Kasane tara Shine on you
Sekai ga kagayaku youni
Smile, smile
Ikinuku Survivor

Kimi ga ireba
Mawari michi demo Not so bad
Taisetsu na mono Remember

Hitori dewa dek'inai
Koto demo kimochi o awasete hajimereba We can
(Oh baby, we can)

Doko kani One dream
Itsu no hika Sail on
Two dreams
Ugokidasu Brand new world
Dareka o aisuru youni
Dream, dream
Dakishimete ikiyou

Kokoro ni One love
Ashita nara So easy
Two love
Tsunaidara Be happy
Jibun wo shinjiru youni
Love, love
Ikinuku Survivor

Dare mo ga Survivor
Tomo ni yuku Survivor
Smile and dream and love
Everybody, everybody now

Kokoro ni One smile
Mitsuke tara Shine on me
Two smile
Kasane tara
Sekai ga kagayaku youni
Smile, smile
Dakishimete ikiyou

Kokoro ni One love
Ashita nara So easy
Two love
Tsunaidara Be happy
Jibun wo shinjiru youni
Love, love
Ikinuku Survivor

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/d/dbsk/#share

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05 April 2011

040511-TVXQ to reveal all in their interview with tvN’s “Taxi”

On April 5th, TVXQ attended the press conference for tvN’s newly reformed talk show, “Taxi“, and completed their filming as the first guests of the show.

Before getting in the taxi for their interview, Yunho stated, “I want to show sides to myself that express who I am as a 20-year-old man. I’m sure that a lot of people are curious about what’s going on with our team, so we’ll be revealing everything inside of us. Please watch on with a generous attitude.”

Changmin added, “We did not disturb society, nor did we commit a crime. I believe we have the right to speak as honestly and as thoughtfully as we can.”

Their full in-taxi interview can be seen on April 14th at 12 AM KST.

For those familiar with the old “Taxi”, the only changes made to the show are an upgrade in the car used and the addition of interior HD cameras. The MCs remain the same.

Credit: AllKpop.com
Source: Sports Chosun
Shared by: MikaYJ

w/n: I'm waiting for it Minnie-oppa, Yunnie-oppa. don't disappoint us, the DBSK lovers. :)
but... i started to worried about so many things when i read this. hm... we shall wait and see... >.<

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What Is Your Korean Name? :D

I. Surname : Korean surname is the last number in your year of birth.

- 0: Park
- 1: Kim
- 2: Shin
- 3: Choi
- 4: Song
- 5: Kang
- 6: Han
- 7: Lee
- 8: Sung
- 9: Jung

II. Middle name : is your month of birth.

- 1: Yong
- 2: Ji
- 3: Je
- 4: Hye
- 5: Dong
- 6: Sang
- 7: Ha
- 8: Hyo
- 9: Soo
- 10: Eun
- 11: Hyun
- 12: Rae

III. Name : is your date of birth .

- 1: Hwa
- 2: Woo
- 3: Joon
- 4: Hee
- 5: Kyo
- 6: Kyung
- 7: Wook
- 8: Jin
- 9: Jae
- 10: Hoon
- 11: Ra
- 12: Bin
- 13: Sun
- 14: Ri
- 15: Soo
- 16: Rim
- 17: Ah
- 18: Ae
- 19: Neul
- 20: Mun
- 21: In
- 22: Mi
- 23: Ki
- 24: Sang
- 25: Byung
- 26: Seok
- 27: Gun
- 28: Yoo
- 29: Sup
- 30: Won
- 31: Sub

hehe... my name is Shin Ji-Ki.
it sounds like a guy's name to me. =_="
how about yours? :D

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I love Shoes But...

But... who wanna wear these kind of shoes though???

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My Entry : Triple Hottie. o.o

hello guys.
what cha doin'?
i was thinking about writing a fanfic since last month.
but i end up doing nothing since i was so busy editing my blogger layout, for about 3-4 days straight! nonstop! phewh. >.<
and i'm satisfied with it more than everrrr! XD

owh, and i've just checked my blog stats. i checked the post stats.
and actually, i was a bit surprised that my entry titled Triple Hottie was so *cough*FAMOUS*cough*. >///<
not that *cough*famous*cough* la...
but still, i'm kinda shocked!!! >A<

and when i Google search the word 'triple hottie', the link was on the rank number 4!!!
and i was like, "O___O OMG! Seriously???" lol.
i was thinking that..."owh, so people really love to search for the words 'triple hottie' ne?
haha! i don't know but... yea, that's what i think. >.<

i'm not trying to show off right here.
i'm just sharing something that i found interesting or shocked to me.
and this, it is SHOCKING to the infamous me. so, pls don't throw shits on me.
have mercy... *puppy eyes*
i know, people out there are much more famous than me.

who am i anyway? haish. emo. lol! XD

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04 April 2011

Visitors In The Middle Of Night

yep. i just realize this.
no. more to i have realized this for a long time now.
my blog keep on getting it's visitors when it was in the middle of night like this.
it's 3:52a.m. right here in my place. and there's bunch of visitors in it. >.< huuu...vampires? XD

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Please Don't Cry.

I'll Cry Too.

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03 April 2011

Again... YunJae Anti's... =_=

*sigh* hm... =_=
I'm getting tired over all of these arguments!
Anti's just can't stay quiet huh?
they even call us, YunJae lovers 'DELUSIONAL'
hellooo~ c'mon... we don't even bother you to believe in them but why do you have to bother US???
if you want to believe it or not, it's up to you.
but please don't disturb us, the believers!

and some of them said something like, "hey, Jaejoong even says that his parents want him to get married faster and they even ask for a grandchild!"
ehem. but Junsu have said something like "Jaejoong’s dad asked him if he has a girlfriend, and because he said that he didn’t, then forget about the girl, just bring me the grandchild first".
what does it mean huh? his Dad says something like that.
you're free to think like whatever you want but pls, don't disturb YunJae lovers.

and geez... we are DELUSIONAL???
how many more evidences that you need to believe in them???
"owh, that was just a coincidence you know!"
and how many coincidences that YunJae needs???
there's tons of COINCIDENCES!
How can that be just a COINCIDENCE???

But to me, if they wanna be with whoever that they,
it's up to them and we, their fans, will always support them.
no matter what happen, we will keep on believe in them.

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what am i gonna say is...
I'm already satisfied with my blog layout!
haha!!! XD
eventhough there's so much thing that i wanted to discover just for my blog.
but the more i search for it, the more i'm getting a headache. @___@
so, this is enough i guess. ^^ and so happy with it~
YunJae Hwaiting!

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02 April 2011


finish editing my blog!!!!
guh! =_=
so tired....!!!!
two days straight! just for my blog!!! ((O____O))
not just with the HTML codes.
but also with Adobe!
making some graphics, and even a cursor just for my blog.
i don't know if i have any courage to change my blog template again. >.<
er... agh!!! whatever!
my mom keeps on bugging me.
i forgot what am i supposed to write. =_=
w/n: I miss DBSK. is there any sign for them to be together again??? please let me know.
I really need them... all of them... 5 of them...
Never Stop Believing!!!

why can't I???

i want to change the newer-home-older link to an image.
but i can't!
when i change it, there will be an error!
why??? T___T
help me please...
W/N: not finish revamping yet >.<

01 April 2011


yeah!!! much more better now ne?
much more cleaner! much more safer! ahaha!
now it looks like LiveJournal. :D
love it~~ but... still, hm... not satisfied yet.
but i will edit it later. ^^
argh. so tired.
spending half of the day just for this silly blog. -_-
owh yea, and now i can use my blogger page again! XD
i hate using the Auto Read More la.
it ruins my pages. ergh.

i should rest now!

w/n: even in Tumblr, they're busy talking about what happened to Jaejoong at Thailand.


it's just... awww.... i love my LiveJournal layout more than Blogger. :T
it's simple but also cute. but my blogger... gaaahhh!!!
I'm gonna revamp my blog once again!

AKTF Wallpaper. :)

yey! wallpapers for DBSK lovers! XD
also for some other random people. :)

i'm so in live with DBSK.
and i miss them so much.
i wish that they will be together as 5 again.
i believe, they will! sooner or later, they will be together again. ^^

hope that you will like this wallpaper.
i'm a beginner on making this kind of thing.
so, forgive me if it's damn so ugly.
i'll try my best to do the best!

pls leave a comment or two if you're taking this.
i'm glad if you do so

Was Thinking About Writing A Fanfic... XD

oops. hello guys... hehe
today's mood is so much better than yesterday's mood!
because i have DBSK n YunJae accompany me until now. XD

i was thinking of writing some fanfic about YunJae or DBSK.
hm... i already have the ideas.
just need to write it down.
but... hm....
just wait and see~ XD

and it won't be released on my blog.
but on my LiveJournal! (^^)v
hehehe *laughing like a retard*


31 March 2011

Please Take Me Away?

i don't want to live in this house anymore.
i've became a victim in this place since i was a kid.
i hate this.
i feel like crying. but i can't.
i am worried.
i don't know what that monster will do to my mom if i wasn't here anymore.

mom, i'm sorry. i know that you're sad. but i'm not a nice daughter that can comfort your heart. i'm getting worried about so many things. including you. you deserves someone that much more better than that monster! why do you have to face this??? i can't stand it anymore! it's no use to have a father that consider himself as someone that was so 'ALIM' but actually a cruel human who never try to care about his daughter and wife feelings! it's not money that we want! we want your gentleness towards us! please treat us like your family! not slaves!

now, how can i leave my mom like this??? i have to continue my study no matter what, but how??? how am i gonna continue if my mom continuously being treated as a slave in this house by her own husband??? please help me.
please help us facing this obstacle in this life. what should i do??? maybe i'm the one who will die first before them. i'm not that strong to face all of this.

what am i supposed to do???


stupid fans who believe 'TVXQ', 'Yunho', 'YunJae' n 'Changmin' will make Jae feel upset...
come here...
this the second time i'm placing this picture on my blog.
you know what?
i think maybe TVXQ is a SENSITIVE topic for Jaejoong ne? hm???
it is SENSITIVE huh???
then if it is SENSITIVE, why does Jaejoong change his bio to "JYJ from TVXQ"???
*crossing her hands*
can you please EXPLAIN to me???

Let's Walk Together