13 November 2011

New layout~

A/n: this won't be long post.

yey! at last!!! after a few times of struggling,
i got my new layout done... haha...
the background!!! DB5K of course...
dun ask me where i got the background.
and please do not steal it... >.>
i dunno if anyone know how to steal the background,
but for me, i know how.
and for those who know, DO NOT STEAL!!!!!

i almost die doing it and you steal for free???
NEVER!!!! D:<
if you steal it, i make sure that you won't live happily after that!
i swear!

huhu... *yawn*
so sleepy already. haha. till next time, guys.
bye2~~~ ZZZzzz...

  • Music: HoMin - B.U.T
  • Mood: sleepy. =_=
  • Location: YunJae dreamland

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