17 November 2012

@_@ hello there~

omg it has been so fucking long time since i last update my blog!!!
i'm so into twitter and facebook that i didn't find blogging is relevant anymore. LOL to that.
i still miss my blog. it screams DBSK! and yes, i'm an ot5!
there are too many challenges in this fandom.
facing all the stans and all.
and one of our friend is a Palestinians. we are currently so worried about her.
let's pray for Gaza, ne? May Allah saves them and protect them from Israel La'natullah!
even if they died, Israel think that they win this fight? nope. Israelis never win even from the beginning of their life.
because those who syahid, died without regrets. they already saw Jannah in front of them as they close their eyes.

May Allah saves Palestine!

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Farah Zahid said...

masih ingat kat akak, mika-chan?


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