03 April 2010

Caramel Pudding!!!

hey... you know, i have found someone who doesn't know about this caramel pudding. wanna know who? you don't have the right to know who is that person! haha! well, kidding. but still, won't tell ya! XD
It really is delicious you know! it doesn't taste too sweet. *THUMB'S UP* really taste great!
well, wondering about the plate? yea, that's mine...er..no...it's my mom's plate. hehe! ^^ well, i really loves photography. and doesn't get an approval from my father (well, everything i love is always a bad things to him! >n<), but my mother is always by my side. one day i will get a camera that i want! absolutely! pity huh? yea, all of you are rich enough too afford this stuff. i'm not saying that i'm too poor to buy one. as what i've said before, my father doesn't approve it! GRR!!!
huh...whatever... i'm done for today. 'til next time! ^^

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