03 April 2010

Easter In Gaia

yea, it's about Easter... I don't know much about this event because I'm not celebrating it. well, what am I gonna say is, it seems fun. When I played the zOMG game in Gaia, the Easter eggs is everywhere. it's kinda fun. cuz, when i crack the eggs, there wil be so much gold in there. and I say, "wow! great! gold for free!". haha! I don't know why I feel so happy even though it's only a game... >.> now.. I'm gonna search for the golden eggs, and oh, there's little cute chicks everywhere!! Kawaaaiii!!! >w< they said that if you want the little chicks to follow you everywhere you go, you must click them. when you saw, you click it! any of them. I've try it. but none of the chicks follow me... so sad! am I a so-scary-looking-avi?? T^T maybe. O.O it's because I love Goth fashion. and my avi looks like that. maybe the chicks don't like me. nooooooooooo..... >~<

I guess I'll try it again. until I got a chick! hahaha! you don't care so much about this post? but I do care for it so much you know.. O.o

hey, i present here....My Twin! haha! she's a lovely person. she's nice too! oh oh! she's also.. the one who make my blogger layout for me! hehe! she's really nice... thanks Efa@sweet_purplely (Gaia username)....>>>>

~We're Best Friends!!!~

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