14 July 2011

[News] The Misunderstanding About Kim Jaejoong's Ideal Type

Recently, JYJ member Kim Jaejoong, had started his solo activities as an actor of the SBS drama series “Protect the Boss”, and accepted an interview at Nonhyun-Dong.

In an interview in February 2010, Kim Jaejoong had revealed, “My ideal type would be someone similar to a housewife”, attracting much attention for having made such a statement. After that, he said jokingly, “Please come to me now, I’m really dying”; he created a stir among his fans for having made such a confession jokingly.

When the journalist was surprised to Kim Jaejoong’s confession of having a housewife as his ideal type, Kim jaejoong said, “Maybe I didn't express myself well at that point of time. I just meant, I’d like a girl who can manage household chores and cook well.”

Kim Jaejoong revealed, “Because I love cleaning up and cooking, I would love a girl that could do these with me.”

Because of his identity as an artiste, his personal activities may be restricted as a JYJ member, hence unable to meet up with anyone, not being able to go into a relationship. “Actually, I feel lonely at times. If you know anyone decent, could you introduce her to me?”
Source: [baidutvxq] and [tvdaily]
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I'm sorry Jae... i won't introduce you to any girls. (.___.) i'm a girl but... i prefer you to be with Yunho forever than any other girl. but if it still happens, maybe i will cry a river. i don't care what people wanna say. i'm a HARDCORE YUNJAE SHIPPER. (.___.)

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