18 July 2011

For my dear friend...

Friends Are...

As the season changes,
It has been a very long time since that day,
The day where we always laugh and cried together,
Where are you now?

The rain keeps on pouring everyday,
On sunny days it falls,
Thinking of you nonstop,
Do you still remember me?

Friends are together,
Crying, smiling, laughing, and sharing,
Friends are together,
No matter what or where we are…

I can never bare my life anymore,
Calling you never be a difficult thing,
But why it’s so quiet?
Do you hear my voice?

Please shout.
Shout it out when you heard me.
Please at least tell me where you are.
I really need to find you.

Friends are,
Missing each other,
Till the end of life,
Till we close our eyes,

Never forget each other…


  • Music: JYJ - Nine
  • Mood: missing you
  • Location: dorm

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