26 September 2011

Happy #MiroticDay !

okay, today is... 26 September 2011 right?
yep. it is.
and do you know what all Cassies celebrate for today?
as you can read the title,
it's a Mirotic Day for us! :D

why? because on this day,
it has been 3 years since DBSK's Mirotic Album were released!
okay, it's already 3 years!
how fast the time goes? amazing yet, it's sad too.

and yesterday,
Junsu tweet something too.
it's... a heartbreaking. i feel so sad as i read his tweet.
he said:

[read from bottom to top]

서로 맘을놓지않고 모두 이겨내겠죠.. Cause you are my everything to me 너무나 좋아했던 이노래..우연히 오랫만에 들었어..근데 이노래가 낯설게 느껴지네...맘 아프게..

[TRANS: Not letting go of each other, we'll make it through everything.. Cause you are my everything to me - A song that I used to like very much. I heard it by chance after a long time..but this song became unfamiliar to me..and it hurts my heart.]

Don't say goodbye...

it's kinda sad to read his tweet. :(
but, all that we can do is keep on waiting and praying,
so that time will change everything back to normal.
i mean, DBSK will be 5 again.
i shall wait for it.

let's wait together!
DB5K hwaitng!
Cassiopeia hwaiting!

lastly, let's relax and enjoy yourself with this smoking HOT video!
okay, this is no porn!
just an MV. Mirotic by DBSK!

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