23 September 2011

I'm So Sad... :((

hello guys... *sigh
actually, i don't know how to say this but.... *sigh
Cassiopeia...is all about loving all of the members of DB5K.
that means, loving Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin.
still keep the faith, and will wait for them to comeback even it means forever.

but... In Youtube, as i read most of the comments,
my heart...just can't bare with the comments. :(
okay, i am a YunJae shipper.
of course if someone called YunJae shippers as delusional,
i feel so angry(sad). i feel like i wanna cry.
and i cried.

and when someone said that:
in my mind, i said "JYJ is still TVXQ"
so what's with the separation???
omg. i dunno but
i hate it when people said something like that!

hurm.... when will all of this end???
i hope, it will soon. i can't stand this anymore.
but i'll stay strong.
i'll always wait for them. :'(
oh God. pls give me strength!

a/n: erm... well, i just remember something about JYJ's new MV, 'GET OUT'.
hehe. there's a part where Yoochun dance is kinda familiar to me.
i tried to remember from where was it.
but then, it suddenly appeared in my mind.
it was a dance step from Yoochun's song, 'The Way You Are'!
oh god! this makes me happy for a bit! hehe. ^^

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