23 October 2011

Exam Result! I'm SO Happy!!! XD

hello guys!!!!! :D
yey! i'm so in a good mood today~~
well, not really but, yea. haha!
there's nothing much to say...
just i really wanna share with you about my exam result...
it's not that great.. but still, it saves me from being expelled! thank God.

well, the full CGPA marks is supposed to be 4.00!
i'm not that good enough to get that 4.00 though.
but... at least... 3.70 is not that bad too right? hehe...
yep. that's my result. yey! :D
i'm so happy, chingu!!!
another 0.30 to achieve 4! hurm...
but, i'm so happy that i can still get a great result.
i can't believe myself too. :)
my cousin also said that maybe there's a reward for the result that i get.
but, nah. i don't really need it. i'm not putting my hope so high.
this is enough. ^^

but Allah can give His bless to anyone that He wants.

A?N: well, i demand a Drawing Tablet from mother for this result though. haha! XD

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