29 October 2011

[FANVID] JaeHo Tribute - If you're not the one...

i really love this video!!!
it's so beautiful... so... wonderful. ;____;
i really miss YunJae these days.
and of course i miss DB5K too. T^T
this is so hard...
i really need to see them comeback as 5 once again...
seriously... *crying forever*
YunJae is REAL!!!! i don't care what people want to say!
the love is so pure! ;___;
omg. i can't hold this feeling.

Cassies, you with me?
Let's pray so that they'll comeback to us,
in a group of 5 people,
but with one heart that shares everything.

Always Keep The Faith.

a/n: this is just a simple update from me. there are so many things that i wanna share with you guys but, i don't know how to start it. >.>
so, this is okay ne? huhu... jaa~

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