17 November 2012

@_@ hello there~

omg it has been so fucking long time since i last update my blog!!!
i'm so into twitter and facebook that i didn't find blogging is relevant anymore. LOL to that.
i still miss my blog. it screams DBSK! and yes, i'm an ot5!
there are too many challenges in this fandom.
facing all the stans and all.
and one of our friend is a Palestinians. we are currently so worried about her.
let's pray for Gaza, ne? May Allah saves them and protect them from Israel La'natullah!
even if they died, Israel think that they win this fight? nope. Israelis never win even from the beginning of their life.
because those who syahid, died without regrets. they already saw Jannah in front of them as they close their eyes.

May Allah saves Palestine!

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29 May 2012

Hey!!! Long time no see~

er... well, hello? *awkward*
yea, it's been a very long time since my last post. =_=
i was kinda...busy? yea but no. i don't effing know. OTL
i just... don't have any idea how to write something anymore.
not like before. =.=
maybe i should put the HIATUS sign once again.


BUT! i guess i'm not gonna do that though.
there's so many things happen lately.
i just knew that someone is actually a psycho and she's my friend.
wow. i just... this is just a new experience though. haha!
and now father also met one. =___=
thank God my mom didn't met one too.
geez. i'm really scared if this gonna become like a movie called Roomate. (/°Π°)/~╘═╛
right, screw my life on that!

BUT! there's something that make me really happy~ *w*

'TVXQ Cassiopeia' Headphone!!!!

OMG my life~
first time i show it to my mom, she said it was too expensive. (the price is RM39.90)
the second time, i try my best to ask her to buy it for me and she agreed. XD
i love you, Mommy!!!! >w<

BUT! there are another things that i bought when i go to that store (in BTS) with my friends weeks ago.
that is:

OMG i was like, "my life is...COMPLETE~~~"
haha! but you know, i need more and more of it. *w*

now, i really wanna buy XIΛ Tarantallegra~
it cost at only RM58!!! omg! \(°Δ°\)
i will definitely buy it soon!!!

yosh! Mika, start saving your money from now, okay? *w*
so, i guess that's all for today's craziness. muahahah!!!
i see you later~ toodles~

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06 February 2012

shoutbox changed!! + Tora, have a new fan. XD

hello guys!!!!
erk. i realize that i didn't remove the 'HIATUS' sign yet. ok, whatever!
erm... i just wanna tell you guys that i've change the shoutbox.
now, feel free to leave me message or two~ okay? ^^

and, TORA!!!!!!! you have a new fan!!! XD
okay, i'm not talking about TIGER in here.
Tora in here is Tora from Alice Nine. ^^
don't know him??? aaaa.... here's the pic:

now you know him right? huhuhu
haha! just now i read about Alice Nine and my friend also join me looking at pictures and all.
suddenly, she fall in love with Tora. haha!
she said that Tora looks matured and so handsome with black hair. XD
ikr?? who never love Tora anyway?? :D
and yea... that's it. huhu...
nothing to say anymore.

oh! i forgot!
i just wanna wish:
お誕生日おめでとうございます, ユンホ!!!
"Happy Birthday, YUNHO!!!"
to our DBSK leader, please be strong. never give up!
i will always pray for DBSK's comeback.
i believe DB5K will comeback!

Always Keep The Faith!

oh! and... send my regards to Jaejoong. hehe! XD

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03 February 2012

Layout Case~~~

AGAIN??? yes. again.
i'm thinking of changing my blog layout.
aargh! but i don't know what theme should i use now. D:
any idea guys??? =.=

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