15 January 2011

Hoping for a greater day. =_=

hello guys/girls/watever!
long time no see, yea?
in about a week i live without any internet connection on my lappy.
and in that week, i was struggling to live and use my lappy without using the internet. haha. T^T
but thank God that i still have so many interesting softwares in my lappy. such as Adobe Photoshop. :D
it's help me at least to live with my lappy when the internet connection was cutted off. (i didn't pay the bill at that time) >.<

hm... recently, i always have a stomach problem. i don't know if there's something wrong with the food i ate or my stomach really have a problem. T-T
sometimes it would hurt like hell i can't even hold it! :'(
help me? somebody? *sobs*

i wish i had a greater day for this year.
i don't want any problems on me again.
please, enough with my health problems! anyone else, please do not disturb me with your problems anymore! i, myself have so many problems on my head already.

i'm so sick of living just like this!
i need a peaceful life!
please understand my problems too.

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