10 January 2011

A Need To Learn The Foreign Languages. :3

hello guys... do you have a good day today? good.
as usual, i'm not so. but i can still smile and laugh a lot like there's nothing happened. huh... *sigh*
enough, i don't wanna stressed out myself right now. :)

okay. i wanna ask you guys/girls, how many language did you know right now?
one? two? three? or more?
if you have it, what language did you really know?
here, i wanna list down 10 reasons why you have to learn foreign language.
that is:

1. To increase global understanding

2. To improve employment potential
3. To increase native language ability
4. To sharpen cognitive and life skills
5. To improve chances of entry into college or graduate school
6. To appreciate international literature, music, and film
7. To make travel more feasible and enjoyable
8. To expand study abroad options
9. To increase understanding of oneself and one's own culture
10. To make lifelong friends

*source from vistawide.com. :)

i really want to know how many language does my friends learned?
the more language you know, the easier for you to success in this world. believe me. :)
and don't ever say "hey, i know English! i can talk English with them". not all people really know or understand English. so, you have to learn their language instead. ^^
so, Good Luck!

*i was about to learn Korean language. wish me luck! :D

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