11 January 2011

Blog Background Layout

hello guys/girls. how are you? :)
at last, i'd finished doing this blogger background layout.
you ca use it if you want. just don't edit it and claim it was your artwork.
i'm sorry that i just don't know how to make a proper HTML code for this background layout.
but i will teach you how to install it (for those who don't know yet).

okay first, find this code;
body {background-color:ffffff;background-image:url(IMAGE URL GOES HERE)
 found it? hehe. then change the 'IMAGE URL GOES HERE' to the real URL code. :)

for those who didn't found the code, or don't even have the code i showed, i'm totally sorry.
i don't know how to do a real HTML code. :(
i'll soon learn how to make the real HTML code.
forgive me. uhuk.

okay, that's all! Enjoy using it~ :3
Visit my DeviantART if you're interested.

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