07 July 2010

Cute Gadjet~~ xD

huh... it's getting hot in here. not just because of the summer, or what.
hm...maybe the earth has gone real mad with us humans. =_=
urgh! whatever!

i just wanna share with all of my friends in here about some gadgets and accessories that i've found in the internet.
i'm searching for cute and nice-looking gadgets like headphones, laptops, mouses (not the animal ok...), cellphones, and much more! xD
*all of the pictures are from Google~*
Up there is the one that i have. not so cute though. it's hard to find a cute headphones at here... i have to make my own DIY for this headphone soon. =_=

 i hope that i can have something like those three above. *sigh*

Computer Mouse
wonder how much does it cost? o_o


~Cell Phones
for this category, don't ask me why i just show you the Sony Ericsson and not others. it's because, i never have any interest in any other brands except this one! i just love Sony~ xD

this is SE910i. the one that i have right now. the black color.
i bought this before because i love to hear musics (it's a Walkman type). but now, i love to take pictures.
i will buy a cyber-shot after this. :D


--*Some Other Cute Cell Phones*--

Digital Camera
also Sony. xD
how pity am i huh? i didn't have my own camera yet. T^T
but i will have it soon! don't worry Mika!! >:D

--*My First Priority*--

whee~ i want it all~ sony, sony, and sony! xD

--*Some Other Cute Camera*--

I'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty, but, it's kinda cute for me. so, i like it too. and the last one is the result of a makeover that...er...someone have made that. not me... pretty isn't it? they called as Hime Gyaru Camera. (wonder if i'm right...) this type of DIY is kinda famous in Japan. i love it~ xD

oh my~ if i wanna list all of the things that I want, it won't be enough with only one post. >w<
have to make it two or three post of this type of topic. hehe...
but i guess, this is enough for now.

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