06 July 2010

So excited~!

ouch! uh... since 2-3 days ago, my body doesn't feeling so well... =_=
hurts there, hurts here, ugh! am i going to die soon? nooo!!!! T^T

but, even though i feel so bad, but there's something that make me feel so excited! that is....
owh...I'm so excited!! Ciel's still alive!!! Sebastian too! and... and... everybody's there!! :'D
i'm so happy!! whee~! whee~! xD

oh my~ is this information is a spoiler...? oops. sorry~ hehe...
really, I've wasted all of my tears at the end of the Kuroshitsuji 1... *sigh*
I've been fooled! xD

but, Alois seems to be a crazy brat yer know... he's just like... er...
i will just say that, i like Ciel more than Alois. O_o
why? because Ciel seems to be more matured than Alois and much more kinder than Alois.
Sorry Alois, but Ciel is much more better than you.
Claude...hm... creepy, weird, and uncool! not just like Sebastian!
owh...i really love Sebastian's red eyes~ >w<
Claude's eyes are yellow in color. maybe it's because he's a spider? O^o

aww~~ i can't wait to watch the 2nd episode!!! x3
faster!! faster!! i wanna watch it! hehe...

that's all for now~ bye2~

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