28 July 2010


Konbanwa minna-san! ogenkidesuka? ^^

Actually, I'm so tired right now. I'm feeling so sick and want to vomit. ergh! i hate it.
but, i have to fight it. even though i feel like I'm almost fainted just now. =_=
today is still not a very great day for me but I try my best to forget about it.

ok! now, i don't wanna talk about my feelings or being emo in here. it's frustrating!
hm... well, I'm happy, but a bit kinda sad because even though I love Visual Kei (VK) but I never talk or know about them so much. but, I do know something about my favorite VK band that is, Alice Nine... ^^
but recently, I really love with a band named, The Gazette, through their song titled 'Shiver'. it's an opening theme for Kuroshitsuji II. The best! xD

And really love to know about a band called Versailles. so, I searched through Google and found something about this band. It's kinda sad to know that one of the group members have passed out. T-T
I found that, this band has a very unique style of fashion. they really love Victorian styled outfits. that really impressed me since I love Victorian fashion plus Lolita too. xD
And sometimes, with their white and pale skin, they looks just like vampires. >w<
from left: Teru, Kamijo, Yuki, Hizaki

hm... I love Teru. he looks just like a 3D anime character! white face, and so cute!! xD
Kamijo looks really like a real Prince... =w=
Yuki...er... no complaint. o_o
Hizaki! hey, this person looks really cute right? OwO

I really like Hizaki. I love the dress and the hair. can you give it to me~? xD
Guys... don't ever being fooled okay...?
Hizaki is not a girl. he's a guy. hehe... but I bet, he is much more beautiful than a girl.
below are some pictures of him...>

see, he's cute in those dresses, and his hair... oh my, he really looks just like a girl. xD
don't blame him or say anything rude about him okay...? or I'm gonna cut your throat. if not, his fans will. you better watch out... O_e
Actually, I want to put an original picture of him but, I can't find any. o_o

I love Kamijo too. for me, he's a real Prince plus Vampire. xD

Oh my!!! *screams in my heart*
I love you Kamijo!!! xDD
why does he look so outstanding??!! kyaa!! :D
I really love his eyes... I know that he maybe wearing contact lens but, his eyes caught me. :D
there's much more cool and handsome pictures of him. one that really makes me scream over it, is...>
I wish, I was that girl~! *faint* xD
oh, Kamijo-sama!!! I want your bite too!! xDD
kyaaaa!!!! I can't stop screaming! this picture is just too hot! >:D
don't say that i have a dirty mind okay...? It's just that, I really love vampires... =w=
hehe... vampires are so cool. but, why does his eyes aren't red in color? o_o

now, it's time to write something about Teru. xD
the cutest Versailles member ever! :3

I love him too. =w=
well, his face...no. i should say, he looks really just like a 3D anime character. i can't believe that he has such a flawless skin. o_o
I love to look at his eyes. so big and, cute. even though it's just because of the make-up, but, I still like it. he's cute. x3
oh, he also suits really well with Kodona outfits. there's so many pictures of him wearing this type of outfit but... I don't want to post it because of some reasons... heheh...
but below is a picture that i really like...>
Yey! a Kodona~ xD
hehe... love you Teru~! you're so cute! x3

for Yuki...hm... I have no comments about him. because, I don't really like him. ahaks! xD
sorry to all his fans... :)

okay, that's all for today. see you next time!
bye2! oyasumi~

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