14 July 2010

Lovely Chokers~

konnichiwa minna-san! kyou wa, atsui desu ne? hm... taikutsu na... :\
suguni ame ga futte narukotowo kitai... xD

oops! hehe... i love Japanese!! :D
too sudden huh? haha. lol. I'm kinda crazy right now. but I'm okay. xD
ok, time to stop those nonsense!

I just wanna share something about Victorian accessories... one of my favorite type of Victorian accessories are chokers. don't worry it won't choke you. but make sure it fits your neck okay? >:)
I love bows, roses and laces. and Victorian accessories have all of those things. of course it suits my taste. :D

here are some chokers that i found at Romance Remembered. it's an online shop. i really hope that i have so much money to buy all of this chokers. xD
they're so pretty and gorgeous!

 and below are from Nocturnis Gothic Jewellery.
I was so in love with these chokers... *w*
this is Gothic style. pretty isn't it? ^^

yeah! i love them all!!! but, can i buy it? the answer is, No. T-T
i don't have much money and time to go and survey these items.
well, maybe i have to wait until i have my own money and have my own time without being controlled by my parents or anybody. yep. that's it.
  okay, that's all for now.

matta ne~! :D

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