16 November 2010

I Nedd A Guitar!!! DX

I want it!!! D':
but when will I get it?
I also don't know la... T^T
I really want the electric guitar but, it's kinda expensive. :'(
and my mom will kill me if I bought it.
she said that acoustic guitar is much more better than the electric guitar.
but, I love electric guitar more!!! D'x
hm... but I'm a beginner. so, better to wear the acoustic guitar. right?

but, you know? I've fall in love with Aoi's guitar.
so damn cool!
ergh!!! I really want it!!! D'x
but, really, it's expensive. T__T
I better practice with the acoustic guitar first.

so sleepy la. can I sleep?
no. I can't.


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