06 November 2010

Masih Sedih.

uhuk. isk isk. T^T
stiap kali tgk gmbr die, msti x thn. sebak.
stiap kali tgk je msti nangis. sedih yg teramat.
smpai skang pun kesedihan masih tidak terubat.
asalkan tgk brg2 haiwan peliharaan (kucing), msti rs cm nk nangis.
x dpt nk thn.
xtau cmne nk berhenti.
I love my cat so much. it's a special cat that I ever saw in my whole life!
it's a cat, but he could act like a dog.
it can stand by it's own two feet, it can open the door by itself, it acts like a spoiled brat, it's so cute. only my family know about our cat.
but, maybe, i should just accept the truth that it's already leaving us to a better place.
hrp dimaafkan slh silap diriku ini. 

p/s: lps ni nk bela guinea pig plak kot? ntahla.

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