15 November 2010

Make-Up Tutorial 4~

Yey! I'm back~! xD
How do you do, my friends? long time no see. hiks.
it's me who gone right? :P
okay, now I'm back with another make-up tutorial that I've found and really like it. so, I wanna share it with you guys/girls. xD
hope that this tutorial help you (and of course me) to achieve the Oshare/Visual-Kei look...
Good Luck! :D
remember, VK make-up can also be worn by guys. not juz girls. bcuz most of the VK artist are guys.
but, better think about it before you wear make-ups, guys.

credit goes to MakeupPiggy from Youtube. ;D
I just love this tutorial. hehe

p/s: yea, I'm a VK fan. so what? Rock on!!!! \m/(^_~)\m/

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