25 November 2010

I'm Back! :D (i guess.)

yo! hehe... konnichiwa minna-san.
so sleepy~~ nemuri... ~_~
i wanna sleep. can i? D':

o yea, long time no see everyone.
I'm not so into Blogger nowadays.
but, you can always meet me (if you want to) in Facebook. :)

this morning I've gone to the JJ.
actually, i wanna meet my bff at there.
but, something had happened to her.
she had a stomach ache. >.<
i guess, i can't meet her this week. T^T
but, i hope that she'll get well soon. i'm so worried about her.

okay, wanna make this post, as simple as possible! :)
i bought something that, for me it's cute. hehe.
let the pics to the talking~

it has been a very long time since the last time I ate Takoyaki, and Chestnut.
miss it...
so i bought both of them! :D
I ate the Takoyaki's on behalf of my bff. TwT

and I have a new handphone! xD
don't ask me what brand. it will always be Sony Ericsson. o.o
yey! >w<

that's all for today.

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