25 December 2010

Currently Addicted to.... YUNJAE!!! xD

konbanwa minna san... =_=
mood: very ILL!
"am i going to die soon?" is currently on my mind.

today is a very worse day for me. just this night, i've gone in and out of the toilet for about 5 times!
urgh! please halp me~~~! i've ate the honey, i hope that it will make my stomach feel much more better after this. pls don't let me go in and out of the toilet for the 6th time! (;A;)

okay! forget about the illness!
i'm currently working on the paper clay artwork right now.
i started by doing ice-cream miniatures.
wanna look at it?
my DA friend said that it looks yummy. is it?? o.o

i really love doing this kind of things... i've been fall in love with clay artwork since a long time ago.
i started by watching videos about them.
and i was excited to make it one for myself.
so, i've searched for these clays for so many months! >.<
but i couldn't find anything like Fimo or anything the same as it is.
then, i don't any other choice but to use the paper clay.
than, those up there are the result! :)
it's kinda hard to use this paper clay because they dried so fast that it makes it harder to be crafted.
you have to work really fast with it! or it will dried out.
not like Fimo or any other have-to-be-baked-clay. they're so easy to work with. they're smooth and will only dried when we bake it. you don't have to be worried about it will dry out when you're working with it like paper clay.
but still, it's fun to work with these clays~ i love them! :D
i intend to sell these clay artwork someday. but not now. :)

hm... for about 2 days, i just didn't sleep so much. just a day before yesterday, i didn't sleep at all. because i was watching Youtube! haha!
see the title? yea, i'm currently addicted to YunJae right now!
you don't know who's YunJae? omg! you don't really like Dong Bang Shin Ki right? :P
YunJae= Yunho+Jaejoong. (hip hip hooray! xD)
haha! the fans really love to watch their relationship because they're always together like a.... Belangkas? what's a Belangkas in English??? ergh! too lazy to search it in the dictionary. xP
no... this needs a proof! okay, i'll show you~~~
not enough??? yea. i know!
They always holding hands~ xD
and they love to hug each other. OwO
looks like a damn real couple! xD
haha! Yunho really enjoy it~ xD
and Changmin always the victim!
 poor Changmin! YunJae is whispering to each other while he's in the middle of them~
 changmin was like, "oh, cut it out guys..." xD
 again~ Jaejoong can just hugs Changmin because he stand just besides of him. but, he still go to Yunho to hug him. so sweet! xD
 once again~~~ xD
 and again~
and, yes. Again! xD

aww!!! i just love this two lovebirds! haha!
i hope that they will be in one group again one day. i heard that it's in January next year but, i'm not so sure. hope that it will be a reality! (*A*)
and lastly, Yes. YunJae is REAL!
Love YunJae forever!!! xD

YunJae is LOVE!

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