28 December 2010

Please Spread the Love and Peace!

hello everyone. long time no see huh?
no one wanna see me too. *sits at the corner, cries*

i'm so hungry right now. haha.
but i can't eat anything except bread and porridge.
my stomach is killing me! It has been almost 5 days! and i'm suffering a lot!
but, even though i'm suffering, i can't rest myself from surfing the internet. ahahaha.
i keep on watching Tohoshinki's videos. I really miss them. don't you? T^T

i just finished watching their cooking video just now. they're making chocolate and cookies!
waaa!!! yummy!!! all of those cookies and chocolate they made looks delicious. and i can't stop drooling! lol.
seriously, Jaejoong looks like a head chef in there. i can see that he cooks with all of his heart! aww... it's for you, Yunnie~ LOLZ! XD

uh... then, i'm looking at those things that i've made by myself.
i'm started to drool again. i never knew that i can fall in love with my own works lol!
*drools all over the keyboard*
omg. i really miss eating ice creams! but i can't or my health will become worse! D:

suddenly i have an urge to make a tutorial on how to make these cute little things. but i can't make one now. since i'm in a bad condition of health.
so, maybe later. i hope that i will get better soon.
pls pray for me... huhu... x_x

and i really want to eat so many Japanese food!
like Hitsumabushi, sushi, takoyaki, teppanyaki, ramen, nabe, mochi, unadon, and.... aaaah!!! so many!!! and so delicious!!! wait until i go to japan an i will search for all of those foods! matte yo, Nippon!!!

and i have made up a group for peace in facebook.
it is "Peace for Indonesia and Malaysia".
if you're interested and really care about peace of this two country, i'm begging you. please please please, spread this love and peace together with us.
we're not an expert. but we all hate wars right?
please join us if you want to support this group.
please. do something even if it's small is better than do nothing.
Thank you guys.
peace's rocks, war's sucks!


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