22 December 2010

When The Time Has Come...

where are you looking at?
the doors are always open for you
do you want to move forward
or do you want to retreat?

when the time has come
you have to choose your own way
when the time has come
no one can lead your way
except you

where are you looking at?
you have passed the first door
now you can't retreat
what will you do next?

no one will be with you
you have to move forward
no matter what happen
without knowing what trouble will you face
you have to move forward, don't look back

when the time has come
when you've reached the end of the road
nor you'll find happiness, or sadness
it's up to you on how you lead your way

never give up
because you have to remember one thing
that is,
your future.

*haha. it's some kind of...poem i guess. actually, i really wanted to write a song. but, this isn't going to be a song right? anybody wants to turn it to a song? haha. it will never going to become a song. :P
owh, i forgot! i guess, I'm back.
I'm back!!! *waving hands* lol. xD

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