22 December 2010

I'm Deviously Deviant. lol.

hye guys! it's been a long time isn't it?
i really miss this blog. but, for some reason, i've completely forgot about it.
i'm sorry my blog...! *cries and hug the laptop*
lol. ehem. so many things happened and i couldn't forget about it.

owh yea. you knew that my cat died right? it's nearly 2 months now.
and i hope that he's living happily in Heaven.
okay, stop talking about this sad news. and i have a good news now!
i've got a new cat!!!! yey! it's white and so cute! still a kid though. :D
but, because of his white fur, he end up getting dirty so easily. geez... =_=
at least he knew how to take care of himself. *sigh*
(this one is not related to the title. ._.)

yep. i've became a Deviously DeviAnt right now. :P
check out my DevianArt if you're interested. it's: http://mikavklover.deviantart.com/
there's nothing much in there.
if you have an account in DA, tell me, and i'll add you for sure.
thanks. jaa!

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