02 August 2010

I really want a new hairstyle! T^T

hello... today is a worse day for me. i hate Sunday and of course, Monday too. hm... >_>
i was just like, "ergh! why do we have a day called Sunday/Monday??!!" like that.

hm... before this i said about my hair. yea, i love n miss my old hair. my long hair. T-T
and now, I have a short hair. i hate it. really hate it. pergh!
but one thing that i like about my new haircut. that is, i have a bang.
i really want to get a new haircut soon... T-T

i don't mind to have a short hair. but i want it to suits my taste. but, it's my fault that I didn't choose it from the book they gave me. *sits at the corner and blame herself*
seriously, I really hate short hair because it doesn't suits me!!! I'm not as cute as japanese or korean or any cute girl in this world who suits well with short hair!! uwaaa!!! Dx
should i cut it myself? *sigh*

i hate it... hate hate hate!

p/s: shoot! i just hate my new haircut! don't misunderstand it as "i hate my hair and better to wear a wig", Okay?! read well!

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