13 August 2010

knp bez sgt??!! xD

salam ramadhan ea sume... ^^
oit! ingat peminat VK xleh bg ucpn slmt ramadhan ke?? O_o
huhu... juz joking about it. :D

hm... adeh. mula2 minat dgn Alice Nine (A9), n then The Gazette, n then Rentrer En Soi, n then SuG! akan dtg kin Vidoll n strusnye yg lain2 juga... :)
hehe...~ ape motif tulis entry ni? xde pe pun... juz for fun. ahaks!
Mika skang dh minat giler2 dgn Visual Kei (VK) skang ni.
well, kalo susah sgt, VK ni cm J-Rock la. tp x sama la jgak... >:3

sbnrnye kmpln VK ni mmg byk. byk sgt smpai xsmpat nk tau sume. o_o
tp yg plg Mika minat adlh A9 n The Gazette!
A9 mmg gler bez! biler tgk dorg nyer video2, mmg uh... xtau nk ckp cne. >w<
Shou is so cute!!! We all love him~! x3

Alice Nine
from left: Nao, Saga, Shou, Hiroto, and Tora

so cute! i wonder why he can't say "tofu". xD
"hofu...hofu...tofu...*cute smile*" awww!!!! >w<

haha! believe it or not, almost all of the VK groups acts like a monkey too (i mean, funny). xD
well, you'll only saw this in backstage. :3

(once upon a time) actually, I always think that VK group members won't laugh or they're always so serious and sometimes scary. but now i know that they're actually so funny and live like us normal human. xD
(what?? do they look like an alien? O_o)

that's why i love to watch their backstage videos. so funny!
and sometimes just silly (but that is why they have more fans out there~)

okay, yg td A9. skang tgk The Gazette lak.

The Gazette
from left: Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Kai, and Uruha

video yg strusnye ni... hm... Live concert dorg. lagu Filth In The Beauty, mmg bez gler lgu ni! mula2 dgr cm lgu korea je die nyer pmbukaan lgu tu. o_o
video ni mmg lucu bg Mika. xDD

lucu kan?? for me it is! Mika mmg trgelak habisla tgk dorg punye headbanging tu. they're cool! that's the best part of this song! even penonton pun ikut sekali! :D

hm... sbnrnye byk lagi yg Mika nk tulis psl dorg ni. tp Mika dh lupa. >.<
huhu... so, smpai cni jela rsnye. :)

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