28 August 2010


Konbanwa minna!!!
*looks at the clock* o my... 3:00a.m. already?? I didn't realize that! xD
hm...let it be~ :)

juz wanna write down something about Miyavi.
do you know who's Miyavi? dunno? juz google it. ahaks!

I don't know how I can really love him. xD
because, as you can see (if you've searched for his images), he's kinda crazy ya now.
but I really love to see him when he's with other VK bands in PSC Tours...
he's one funny dude! wearing fake big nose with fake mustache, n wearing glittery big bow tie. okay, he's so funny!
and somehow he looks like he's the leader of all of the other bands. big bro? i guess. :D

I love to hear his song titled, "Ekisentorikku Otona Yamai"
If you don't like VK or J-rock, don't hear it and don't complain over it.

hm... ya know wut? he has this kinda habit and every fangirls always love to see it.
what is it? hm... should I tell you? I guess... no. I shouldn't.
hahaks! I haven't listen to all of his songs yet, but I will try to search and listen to it.
well, everybody loves Miyavi~~
but maybe I'm the only one who'll freak out if one of any VK band members got married.
Miyavi's married and has a baby already! waaahhh!!! I can't believe this!!! Dx

uh... (=A=)
that's all for now~ bye2!

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