01 August 2010

Kanon Wakeshima~

Konbanwa minna!
yey!! yahoo!! yosh!! hehe... xD
oops! overacted... >w<

actually, it's about 3 or 4 days ago when i was too bored on doing nothing at home. >_>
but, suddenly (lol) i was thinking about Kuroshitsuji II soundtrack; Bird sang by Yuya Matsushita and Shiver by The Gazette (they're the best songs ever! *w*)
I'm so excited to find and download the songs and also the lyrics.
so, i did it. but in the middle of those searching and finding, I saw something new about my fav. lolita artist; Kanon Wakeshima!

my expression really looks just like this---> (OnO) <---at that time.
you know why? it's because, she have has a new album now! and new songs!! i just knew about it!
the album was called 'Lolitawork Libretto'. so cute~ (=w=)

it's been a long time since she released her last album called 'Shinshoku Dolce'.

hehe... and now, she's back! xD

without thinking any longer, i went and searched through the internet for her new songs to download it! (sorry for not buying it. I've no credit card plus i don't know how to buy things online *sigh*)
yey!! found it! then, i download it... ahaks! so happy~! (o^w^)o

Kanon Wakeshima is a very good cellist. her voice are good too (of course!).
I have and love all of her songs. (~^w^)~ ~(^w^~) *whee*

hehe... i have a friend, and she really likes Kanon. but, she just can't bare to hear all of Kanon's songs because it was too scary for her. lol. o_o
well, she's a scene girl, not a lolita girl. haha! xD

oh, before I end this post, you can go to Kanon Wakeshima's Official Site for more information about her... ^^
I really love this site. It was made officially for her and the design really suits her.

okay, that's all for today.
until next time, bye2! 

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