26 August 2010

Not Bad!

Salam sumer... (yikes! ms biler lak jd baik tb2 ni? xD)
huhu... konbanwa minna-san!
mmg btul la kan org kata, org yg brdarah AB ni ade 2 split personality.
Like me. sometimes I'm a good girl, and sometimes I can become a scary person.
which one do you prefer?
okay, that's not the topic here, duh! ('-_-)

Mika juz nk komen psl manga or manhwa.
huhu... mmg skang ni korg tgk org korea punye anime pn nmpk sm cm org Jepun kan?
mmg cantik la dorg lukis.
Mika ade bc satu manhwa ni, aduh! terpikat sungguh Mika dgn karakter utamanye~! xD
sungguh hensem n hot! somehow really cute! somehow really adorable and sexy!!! *nosebleed and faint*
*alive again* ahem! hehe... OMG! somebody pls stop me! once my fangirl mode is turned on, it really is hard to turn it off back! 
lagi2 kalo dlm manhwa tu or manga tu byk karakter llki. so dazzling! *faint again*
*alive again* huh! hahahaha!!!!

I'm gonna stop this topic now. or somebody will think that I'm crazy to death! xD
oh, I forgot. I mean it here is, manhwa is as fantastic as manga too! :D
that's all~
jaa ne!!!

p/s: Am I a pervert? xD no worries! I won't disturb any of you, readers. I'm just an otaku~ >:3

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lufkin said...

lol tsundere.. exactly my fetish..

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