04 August 2010

Rentrer En Soi~

ohayou minna!! xD
I'm so happy~! yey~ whee whee!!
okay, stop! >_>

It's all about my another favorite band that i just knew about them. hehe...
but, it's kinda sad to know that this band has been disbanded. T-T
oops. i forgot to tell you the name of the band. it is Rentrer En Soi...

members of the band:~
  • Satsuki – vocals
  • Takumi – guitar
  • Shun – guitar
  • Ryo – bass guitar
  • Mika – drums (that's me! ahaks! just joking~ :P)

I love their songs~! xD they're good and I love Satsuki's voice~
kyaaa!!! x3

My recommendations:
1) Unending Sanctuary (the best!!)
2) Last Scene
3) Sincerely
4) To Infinity
5) Secret Strawberry Garden
6) Just Mad Pain
7) Hamon Tsutau Memai
8) Stigmata
9) Ushinawareta fuukei no yume
10) Full Moon
11) A Prelude
12) Eyes of Forest
13) Secret Scars
14) JUDE
15) Sephiroth

NOTICE: to anyone who hate this Visual Kei (VK) band and their songs, just keep it to yourself... If you want to leave a comment or two about them, just leave it in a good manner.

I love them~ they looks just like Alice Nine a bit right? o.o
hm... >.< nvm that.

okay, that's all for now~ enjoy!
bye2! ^^

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