06 August 2010

Love and Puppet

Love is Fearsome,
"if you are in love, you're like a puppet. For the sake of your beloved one, you'll do anything for him.
So thus the puppet, it will do anything according to what it's master asked for..."
The life of a puppet,
"is about to make other people who watch it happy. Otherwise, it'll have no use..."
A 'human puppet',
"Never think any longer to do what others ask for. Just obey it without knowing it's result"
Love is like a Drug,
"A drug addictor will take drugs almost everyday. If he/she doesn't get any drugs, they will die..."
Sand Castle,
"Heart is like a sand castle. Once it has been crafted neatly, it will be so beautiful. But if the sea's wave hit it, the sand castle will lose it's structure..."

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