06 August 2010

The Rain Of Sorrow

it was raining,
the day when i look out through the window,
the pale color of the sky,
and coldness of the weather,
seems like the rain know this feeling,
or is it just a coincidence?

no, maybe it's not,
or maybe it's true?
i don't know,
let the rain of sorrow,
pour itself onto this miserable world...

I've remember something,
when I was a kid,
 I asked, why does the sky's crying?
they said, it's not that the sky's crying,
it's the tears of the world,
the world that need changes,
the world that need peace,
the world that hate tortures,
and the world that drown in the sea of blood.

it looks like the rain know this feeling,
or, maybe it's just a coincidence?
no, I believe the rain knows,
never let the rain of sorrow,
pour itself onto this beautiful,
wonderful, and peaceful world,
never, ever.

the rain of sorrow,
let us bury this sad memories of yesterday,
to make us feel better,
to make us live better,
out of those bad memories,
go, go the rain of sorrow,
don't ever come back,

P/S: I was writing this poem when I was in SPM and doing Chemistry paper. I just can't answer the paper so I'm doing this. ahaks! xD

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