10 August 2010

My First Award~!

yeah!! I'm still in VK mood! wohoo! haha!
a, gomennasai ne minna. konnichiwa!
yosh! back to the topic.

1. Ucap terima kasih kat insan yang tag kat kita tu dan jangan lupa link kan
Tehabunnie! arigatou ne...!

 2. Tag 15 orang blogger yang anda pikirkan olalala tropika! fantastic bola bola! yaa reba ya rebba!
hm... even though i don't quite understand what does those weird words meant to be but, I think I know to what it refers to. ^^
well, anyone can take it if you want. don't be shy.
don't shy-shy cat okay? yeah, VK ROCKS THE WORLD!! xD

3. Kene bagitau insan-insan yang bertuah kat atas ni menerusi chatbox dorang
whoever read this, juz take it already. okay~

4. Nyatakan 7 perkara tentang diri sendiri
seven huh? can i wrote only five?? xD

1) I'm a Japan lover. yeah! xD
2) I love Lolita style
3) I love Japanese songs. mostly VK n Jpop.
3) Love to collect anything that's cute. x3
4) an anime and manga fan.
5) love to stay alone in my room and hoping that there's no one will ever disturb me.
5) (actually) I love gadjets or electronic things more than girly things.
6)  hate to see someone "tergedik-gedik" like monkey!
7) you know who I am if you know me well. don't judge a book from it's cover.

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