26 October 2010

The Gazette~ (~w~)

konnichiwa minna-san~ :)
mood: The Gazette.
current wish: The Gazette. (lol)

uh...*sigh* so sleepy~ (~_~)
but it's not a time for sleep right now.
I'm watching the The Gazette's fan video right now.
and that makes me so jealous to the other country that was so lucky to have met with them. T^T
why??? why??? why don't they come to Malaysia???!!! uwaaa!!!! D'x
I wan't them at here!
I thought that Malaysia really love and appreciates music! but... why do they only call for english artist but not Japanese??? T-T
I'm so sad... sad... sad...

maybe, if I really want to meet them, I just have to go to Japan by myself. *sobs*
and watch their concerts there. *sobs*
but, that will not be enough for me. *sobs*
maybe I have to work with the PSCompany so that I can meet with them everyday~ (*-*)
maybe I can work at the backstage. to set their clothes, n other things. ooohhh~~~ (*w*)
or maybe.... I can...touch them? kyaaaa~~~!!!! xDD

now, that really sounds like a stalker. lol.
dreams will only remain as a dreams. (-_-)

the end...

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