01 October 2010

My New Love... xD

konnichiwa minna-san!!!
actually, i wanna post this topic since yesterday.

tp xde idea. xP

haha! ari ni masih lg menonton cter You're Beautiful.
mmg bez giler la cter ni.
lbih2 lg biler tgk ekspresi muka lucu yg dorg wat.
and, dari ctu Mika ketemu sama my new love! xD
sape die???

Jeremy-chan desu!!! or Lee Hong Ki! :D
 looks like a girl. lol. xD
 Cute isn't he??? xDD
this picture cracks me up!
"ngeee!!!" haha! xD
 yey. he's face was just like, "^^"
 aww... cutey pie~ >w<
 Sweet Jeremy! :D
 "I'm gonna shoot you with this hose" xD
tehee...so adorable! x3 
"PEACE! :3" 
he has so many fans because of his cuteness. :D

Love FT.Island? you should love him.
I don't really love Korean bands, but I love him. :3
he's the cutest thing ever! xD

yey! that's my new love~ =w=

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