28 October 2010

Make-Up Tutorial 3: Uruha style~ :D

konbanwa minna-san! ogenki? ^^
mood: happy~
current wish: wanna trim my hair.

haha! hehe! xDD
Omigod, I just can't stop grinning. lol. ahaks!
woah! its 1:38a.m. already?? huhu... i juz can't sleep. :P

just now, in about 30 mins. I cut and trim my hair again. (juz can't get enough of it!)
and when I'm doing it, suddenly (lol), it reminds me of Uruha form The Gazette. dunno him? look below!
this is Uruha, and he is a guy. :D

there's nothing big about what am i doing.
just, I'm trying to wear make-up like he does. lol. xDD
I just love his make-up! what do they call it?
er... double eye-line?? er... I'm not sure. o_o
but it really suits him well right?
his eyes look so sexy~ xD

when I finish working on with the make-up and done my hair, I just love it! >w<
I don't know why but, I like it! :D
but, I'm not going to wear it outside of my room/house lorh...
just kinda hard and takes time to do it. >_<

hehe... but if you're interested to do this make-up, below is a tutorial video on how to style Uruha's style~ enjoy!
credit to Eemeraude from Youtube! ^^

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