07 October 2010

Wake Up Fangirls! D:

konnichiwa minna-san! ogenkidesuka?
today's mood: kinda pissed with some crazy fangirls.
today's message: to fangirls out there, wake up!

okay, enough with the intro.
and as what I said, I'm kinda pissed with some of the fangirls out there!
I'm talking about the girls who seriously n fanatically love the J-rockers.
alright, I'm a fangirl too. I don't care if fangirls love to watch fanservices made by their favorite J-rockers. I love it too.

but the thing that I really hate about some fangirls are:

1. when there's some other human beings on this planet has the same name as their J-rockers, they will flipped off that person! don't believe it? I saw it with my own eyes! if I don't, I won't say it. they're also human beings (the J-rockers). they're not Gods! ow pls! If they're Gods, then you can be mad with that other person who have the same name as them! Wake UP!

2. some of them are just simply said that, "that J-rockers are mine! he's mine! that guy's mine! No one should disturb him! he's mine!" lol. helloo! are you crazy? of course they're not ours. and of course they're not yours! don't be stupid! you can keep on dreaming. but pls considers other people feelings. Wake UP!

Okay, enough with this two things. it may seems small, but it really disturbs me a lot! maybe not just me, but other fangirls that have the same mind as me.
I believe, if you're up there kind of fangirl, you'll really mad at me because of this post.
if you have your mind, than think logically from now on!
Wake UP, fangirls!

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